Trump, Hillary, and The End Result



Trump supporters continue to chant how he’s going to “Make America Great Again.” They put their complete faith into these words and are certain the entire nation is going to become a political version of Alice in Wonderland once their candidate becomes POTUS. While the idea/thought/dream is enticing, just who is this individual claiming to accomplish this action?

As this election season has demonstrated, Trump has a dangerously erratic temperament and simply cannot tolerate criticism. He is absolutely and totally confident his way is the right way, even though persons with far greater education and experience have pointed out the flaws is his thinking. He has denied or tried to explain away negative comments he’s made about women, minorities, the disabled, war heroes, immigrants, and others. And finally, he has demonstrated time and again that he is simply unable to make informed decisions on complex issues.

Yet his supporters continue to believe he’s the man for the job … primarily because, they say, he’s a “successful businessman” (even though it’s been revealed his business dealings have often fallen below the standards of honesty, decency, and ethics).


Trump refers often to his opponent as “Crooked Hillary” and surely, there is reason to have doubts about her integrity during her time on the political scene.

For many, Hillary Clinton is seen as someone whose behavior in political matters is both irresponsible and capricious.  She seems to regard her past actions when serving as Secretary of State as simply “mistakes” when, in fact, many were borderline (if not outright) illegal.

She denies whatever doesn’t fit the image she wants to present and turns a blind eye to valid criticisms of her (especially as related to the Clinton Foundation). As one columnist noted, the inhabitants of the Clinton world are so accustomed to corruption they can’t even see it anymore.

Many have noted that Hillary tends to “go with the flow.” Although she presents a positive picture of her intended actions on how she will lead the country, many believe she will, instead, do what’s expedient.


The election of either candidate is going to bring consequences. Possibly less in the case of Hillary since she will tend to follow the political path of least resistance. Trump, however, will blunder through his time as POTUS with bluster and bravado while accomplishing little (except perhaps to put us into a Third World War).

It is truly sad that a nation as great as America is forced to choose between two individuals so completely undeserving to serve as Leader of the Free World. Perhaps we will do better next time. Hope springs eternal.

(And this, I promise, is my last political post before the election.)


40 thoughts on “Trump, Hillary, and The End Result

  1. Great article, Nan, though realistically despairing, perhaps? I do so loathe it when politicians try to mask their willfully egregious and flagrant attempts at cupidity and self-serving by later referring to them as ‘mistakes’. Who do they think they’re fooling with those disingenuous connotations of childhood innocence? No wonder they’re ubiquitously loathed in some degree. I slightly wonder about your closing point regarding one being more likely to trigger war than the other, and interestingly, Lord Richards, the former Chief of the Defence Staff (head of UK armed forces) over here, today expressed the opposite view in that ironically, Trump might make conflict with Russia less likely than would Clinton’s proposed no-fly zone over Syria, which has many quite concerned.

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    • I suppose one is as bad as the other when it comes to triggering a war. I picked tRump because of how he responds to those who disagree with him. He tends to “fly off the handle” quite easily. Perhaps we’ll be lucky and he’ll keep his tantrums limited to Tweets (!).

      But you’re correct. Hillary’s actions could just as well be the impetus.

      Perhaps our “hope” should be that there WILL be a next time …

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  2. On December 16th, tRump will be in court. He’s been accused of raping a 13 year old girl (two actually, I believe), and, he’s being sued by them over it. This has been going on since March or April. Why major media outlets have not dripped this story like sugary chocolate into the mouths of the zombie-like American public is beyond me. But, it may very well make headlines if tRump wins on Tuesday and the President elect is then on trial in December for raping a 13 year old girl. Oh, the pride I feel for my country and my fellow countrymen is so overwhelmingly strong, I’ve no words to describe it.

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  3. This article sorta explains why there hasn’t been more media coverage.

    Whether or not tRump did what he’s accused of, this comment by him is pretty inflammatory (speaking of the convicted pedophile who threw parties that he frequently attended): “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. (emphasis mine)

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    • Yeah, I’ve read that. Still, I’m shocked the mainstream media hasn’t fed on the story. Truth, smuth, it’s a juicy, inflammatory story. The media, IMO, cares only about that. And, they’d be free of libel because they’d only be reporting on the “alleged” events that someone else says happened. Also, after hearing tRump’s own words, and reading quotes like the one you cite above, I find little to doubt about the story. tRump is pure, unadulterated pond scum, a spoiled rotten brat who needed to be taken out to the proverbial woodshed a few times to be taught he is simply not as important as he thinks he is. The word “no” was never said to him, and it shows every time his despicable, uneducated, ignorant mouth opens.. I’ve never been more embarrassed to be American than in this past year. Actually, I’ve NEVER been embarrassed to be an American UNTIL this past year.

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  4. The POTUS doesn’t hold the power. Congress does. This is why the Koch brothers have taken their focus off of the presidential nominees, and have invested their millions, Bernie Sanders says a billion, onto keeping a Republican dominant house and senate. No matter who wins, it will continue to be Congress — state and local legislators, who determines the fate of our country, and it will most likely be the Koch brothers who are actually ruling the roost. As you will see from the article below, the Kochs have built an extensive operation at the state and local levels, recruiting volunteers in 35 states and building alliances across the country.

    You also might want to watch the short clip from Bernie Sanders. It’s chilling.

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    • I hope Bernie keeps the pressure on idjits like the Koch bros. Those guys are pure evil. The despicable factor and the stench that tRump has rubbed all over Republicans who stood, and stand, by him will, hopefully, have some negative down ballot effects for the Repukelacans and their sugar daddy’s, the Koch bros. I hope so at least. A tRump loss would help this in future elections to come as well. It will take massive grassroots organizing and pressure by folks like Sanders and Warren to help move the country to a more progressive side. Can this happen? The rage and fury I see in the far too many large-foreheaded, buck-tooth, cave dwelling tRump supporters tells me civil war is probably an unavoidable event in America. If tRump loses, and I think he will, there’s gonna be bloodshed. Scary times these. Very scary times.

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          • “Yes, but … if the congress has the same political leanings as POTUS –“

            Yep. We are shit up a creek without a paddle, which is why I’ve held my tongue about Hillary. Too much is at stake.

            Thanks for watching the video.

            “You’ll never guess who I thought Leonard was representing.”

            Let me guess, it was congress? The GOP? Trump? Evangelical Christians, or all four?

            Seen this yet? She published it today.

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        • That was great. I love Chris Pine and Alan Tudyk. Funny and poignant video. Love it when talented folks use their gifts to help the good cause. Check out Star Trek Beyond if you haven’t. It’s really good, as is Hell or High Water with Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges. One of the best films I saw this year. Let’s hope this video helps get the right folks out to vote. tRump campaigning in Wisconsin and Michigan is sure to help Democrats, too. He made a bad call there. He needs to be in Florida, Ohio, and Arizona, not blue or mostly blue states. Idjit.

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    • As an Australian I find it quite scandalous that Congress in the US allows vacancies to persist on the US Supreme Court for political reasons. This sort of action is bordering on reckless. In Australia the Attorney General of the day appoints High Court Judges without the need for parliamentary approval, rarely does the other side of politics criticise one of the appointments.

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        • Hey Jeff … doncha’ know? They’re not spitting on the Constitution … they’re spitting on Obama!

          And they have been ever since he took office. What gets me is how Obama is slammed for being a do-nothing president when it’s really the conservative-run congress that puts the kibosh on just about everything he wants to do. They’re so blinded by prejudice, they simply can’t allow a black man to run the country.

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          • Or a woman. The bottom line with conservatives when it comes to Hillary is that she’s a she. Of course, they won’t say that in the same way they won’t openly say they hate Obama because he’s black, but it’s true. I’d respect them more if they simply came out and said, “A black guy should not be President nor should a woman. We’re white guys with cash, and we only like other white guys with cash.” I’d still think they’re the pond scum of the universe, but I’d at least have respect for their honesty. However, that ain’t never gonna happen.

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        • This … from The Guardian: Rich Republicans may have initially balked at Donald Trump, but pro-Trump billionaires are leaving the sidelines in the last week of the election to dump cash directly into crucial counties and swing states.

          You pegged it, Jeff.

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      • Indeed Peter. Like I said, Congress is the most powerful entity in this country. As Mark Twain said:

        “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

        Or as Will Rogers said:

        “A fool and his money are soon elected.”

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  5. As the day draws nearer I get more uneasy. I cannot feel sure that the people with good enough sense to see the what a terrible person Trump is, will out vote the swarms of pie eyed simpletons that think Trump is the sh*t.

    Make America Great Again is all they hear. They cannot see the slimy bastard for the excessive shitstorm that surrounds him. I might just dig a hole and not come out till Nov 9. Then only to take note of the situation and decide if I need to dig a better hole and stock up on food and ammo, enough to last the nuclear winter of Trump.

    I keep hearing the polls are much closer in the battleground states, I can only hope, we all can only hope, that D’s and other sensible people come out of the woodwork to vote.

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  6. You´ve had Obama for how long and the country is still at war …. somewhere.
    Will it really be different with one of these half-wits at the helm?
    I’m not American so you tell me?


    • Well, if I need open heart surgery, I could go to a heart surgeon, albeit one who’s a tad swarmy and uses email, or, I could go to a used car salesman to perform the surgery “just to switch things up” and see how that works out for me. After all, heart surgeons have been doing the same ‘ole shit over and over for years. It gets old after awhile, ya’ know?

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  7. Nan,

    Because I really really try hard to listen thoughtfully to all political points of view, I watched last night a documentary called “Trumpland”… which was an investigative journalist asking about 8 current Trump-voters from coast to coast, border to border about 6 to 8 current national issues and why they have decided to vote tRump. When asked specific questions about each of the national & foreign issues the U.S. is having to address, not one single tRump-supporter had specific verified data or support for their vague opinions. The majority of them were basing their decision purely from the 1or 2 media avenues — mostly television — they prefer.

    As much as it made my stomach turn and that lumpy blob in the gut to rise, I watched the entire one hour documentary. One particular woman, in her early 60’s I believe, from Midland, Texas and deep inside the oil business out there had always been a staunch Republican going back to her days with George H.W. then George W. Bush… and she particularly shocked me. Being interviewed inside her home it was glaringly obvious she had never known (no clue) what a non-opulent, even low-middle class life was really like. Yet, she talked as if she totally understood everything about Black Lives Matter, Gun Control and why Texas has one of the highest incarceration rates, terrorism and immigrants… she just had no clue with no factual or verifiable data/info to convincingly explain why tRump is her candidate! I was amazed, but then again not surprised one bit.

    The current generations of today’s U.S. voters reflect at least two decades of generally POOR education/critical-thinking skills taught… by global standards! A large number of U.S. voters simply cannot objectively critique issues and candidates! Period.

    The next four years, maybe eight, are going to be monumental Nan. 😮

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