Negative Politicking

One of the things I’ve noticed in tRump’s politicking is how he negativizes (made-up word) everything Hillary or Obama have done and then leaves it at that.

Rather than point out their faults and failures (which he, as an opponent, is entitled to do) and then follow that up with examples on how he would do things differently (and better, of course), he simply focuses on the negative and then repeats his worthless and over-used slogan on how he’s going to “Make America Great Again.”

Of course, this has been his modus operandi since the beginning, so why should we expect things to be any different now?

Obviously, there is a segment of our society that identifies with this style of politicking or he wouldn’t have made it this far. (Just say the things that sooth my soul and I’ll follow you anywhere.)

All we can hope for now is the saner part of the population sees this jokester for what he is (someone who hasn’t a clue on how to run a country) and will abstain from punching the hole by his name.

And we can pray … to all the gods and goddesses that exist in the imaginary dimensions of time and space.

P.S. I promise this will be my last political post. (But don’t hold me to it.)


18 thoughts on “Negative Politicking

  1. Trump is a pathetic empty little man. I have yet to see a positive attribute in the guy. He is a puffed up personality, there is nothing on the inside that isn’t overshadowed by his ego.

    Make America Great Again, has turned otherwise normal people into shuffling zombies wondering about. They really think Trump has some magic power to fix something that isn’t broken. I got to tell you I am amazed at the power of that slogan and what it does to the desperate simple minded populace. With all of the negatives hanging off of Trump like kudzu in the forest, with all of the scandal, the misogyny, the lies, the entire nasty package, they still stumble about mumbling “he will Make America Great Again.” It blows my mind.

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    • And to think that this whole disaster started with a typo…

      Trump never wanted to be president. He just wanted to see if he could pull an ultimate prank on Americans.

      Unfortunately, the Chinese, who were commissioned to mass produce Trump’s red campaign hats, misspelled “grate.”

      The rest is history.


  2. “Make America Great Again” Nobody can do this, not even a god. Realistically it may be possible to stabilise the economy and lower unemployment by a few percent however the debt is beyond any help as with many other countries. The economic rise of China along with other economies is levelling the playing field as far as global power and influence is concerned and America will never dominate as it did a few decades ago. Unpredictable Trump may be considering military power as his vehicle to make America great again.

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  3. In the debates he also just falsely attributes every negative thing to Hillary (and/or Obama) and never mentions the fact that nothing is all bad or good. Everything is a disaster. There is no nuance to anything he has to say. He just feeds into that divisive, black or white mentality that is killing us right now. We need more politicians who can carefully way out the good and the bad and talking about improvements rather than a throw out the baby with the bathwater mentality.

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  4. …..Obviously, there is a segment of our society that identifies with this style of politicking…..
    In a philosophic essay of an unknown (Argentine) writer, I liked this sentence, in free translation:
    — Things in our society happen this way or another because there is a suffcient number of people who want them to be that way or another. Not necessarily a majority, just a “sufficient” number. —

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  5. Trump is the inevitable product of the Republican Party’s political agenda and practice. He is what Republicanism has become today in the US.

    How can this be?

    The Party of No and its Faux News mouthpiece has prepared the Ground of Stupid for the emergence of just such a deceitful megalomaniac to receive widespread public support from the very worst kinds of citizens – the ignorant. Being a Republican supporter today is now a public pronouncement of being so ignorant and so stupid and so disrespectful of what’s true that one’s gullibility to Republican talking points has become one of the highest of Republican Party virtues. Hence, The Donald and his millions of supporters.

    Tens of millions.

    Stupidity and ignorance are a potent and dangerous combination when exercised by a large portion of the nation and this population is a fertile source for exercising extremism by some other name, for enacting the unreasonable, the irrational, the ill-advised and ill-informed.

    So here’s the most disappointing aspect to this entire gong show of an election: I hold in contempt those who treat The Donald’s politicking as if reasonable, rational, and informed deserving of reasonable, rational, informed exposure and public consideration – when by any reasonable, rational, and informed standard it hold no respect for any of these. I hold them in contempt because treating Trump as a viable leadership option accomplishes one thing: it offers legitimacy to him and his delusional rantings free of what’s true, free of any reasonable, rational, and informed restraint to align with what is true. Thinking that what’s true matters and is deserving of any respect by political leadership is the real victim here, the intended target of the Republican Party, the enemy of Faux News and all its talking heads. Respecting what’s true is getting trampled by treating mouthpieces of ignorance and stupidity with equivalency, with any consideration at civil discourse. Treating this kind of stupidity and ignorance with attention, with a modicum of respectful treatment, is doing the real harm here. It is empowered by a misplaced, misguided, and a misapplication of respect for people who respect delusional thinking BECAUSE it comes from millions of gullible people rather than dismissed from the arena of rational discourse by intentional disdain and avoidance for breaking the fundamental rule for civil discourse: a willingness for all parties to respect that what’s true matters more than what is believed to be true.

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    • Of course you would post something like this, Ron. It just goes to show you how awful Hillary supporters are, right?

      First, these people don’t represent every Hillary supporter … just as those who act out tRump’s prejudices and hate are not necessarily representative of his total supporters (altho’ one could debate this). There will always be the nut cases who think they have to step in and go after other people just because their beliefs are different. (This is why we have mass shootings, suicide bombers, and wars throughout the world.)

      It’s unfortunate they picked on a homeless woman, but bullies don’t segregate their victims.

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    • To be quite frank, I spell his name the way I do to emphasize that I think he’s an ass. If you’re looking for “legitimate arguments,” I invite you to read some of my other posts about him. And don’t overlook the various comments as there are several individuals who “legitimately” point out his failings.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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