Facebook Warning!



12 thoughts on “Facebook Warning!

    • You do know this is humor, don’t you?

      Facebook does have its drawbacks, but its participants often offer some pretty funny memes. And we all need a laugh or two in this crazy world … especially during the current election period.


      • You do know this is sarcasm, I assume. Facebook has so many drawbacks, its participants would shit themselves if they were savvy. We all need a laugh or seven in this crazy world…but the satisfaction of fully educating oneself before hitting the “I Accept” button has superceded the need for reparative laughter.

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  1. My three day stint at FB ought not cost me too much.

    I do like how the particulars of the message bounce around all over the place. Reminds me of many creationist screeds that makes no sense whatsoever.

    Free unicorns is a nice touch.

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  2. 🙂 I am often stunned by those who believe such things. Even a silly boy such as me knows Bill Gates is not giving me a bunch of new computers, nor is Disney World going to give me life time free passes to their parks for forwarding a money tree that some Fictitious God blessed. I figure that aught to be several first clues for anyone. Many hugs


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