21 thoughts on “Perception vs. Reality

  1. This — the staggering and growing inequality, with all its many ills (and there are many) — is the main reason why we have Trump now. Trump/ism is a symptom of the destruction of our society caused by this mind-boggling, but unmentionable and unmentioned, inequality. It breeds both hopelessness and rage, paving way for inherently destructive, pathological leaders like Trump.

    Good video.

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  2. I used this video-clip in one of my blog-series last year. Excellent clip but with sad facts. To better understand the dynamics of our American economy and modern economic policies, I’ve read several of Joseph Stiglitz’s books (among others) since I cannot claim ANY Ivy League expertise in the field. HAH! 😛 Stiglitz won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001 and says this in an interview by Jill Ward of Bloomberg:

    There are a lot of people that are described as angry and they finally figured out that they’re not doing very well, they’re not doing as well as their parents; some Americans aren’t doing as well as their grandparents. For most Americans, the issue is, ‘what recovery’? In my mind, an economy that is not delivering for such a large fraction of their citizens is clearly an economy that’s not working.

    Another good interview…


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  3. . . . and yet the American citizenry dutifully go along with a two-party political system that gives them a choice of one Neoliberalist set of values, as against . . . another! 35 years of Reaganomics and Thatcherism – which is what contemporary Neoliberalism is – have brought unprecedented inequality. That’s what people voted for, in effect.

    Whilst around 60% want a third-party, very few are prepared to vote for one that might become such a party. In any case, unless you take corporate money out of US politics, any potential or incipient third party is going to meet a sustained onslaught from the corporate sponsored other two – as well as from the media, which is inextricably bound-up within the corporate cartel. Yes, 35,000 corporate sponsored lobbyists in Washington says so.


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  4. *like*

    Again, I no longer see the like button on your posts, Nan. Only happens here, and just recently. Weird. Guess I’ll hunt down your post in my reader and like it from there.

    I saw the video about 2 years ago. Quite alarming, to say the least.

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    • *sigh* I have NO idea what’s going on! I can’t see the option either so I tried changing the theme (as you undoubtedly noticed) but it didn’t help. I’ve checked, double-checked, and triple-checked the settings. I’m getting email notification of “likes” so it may be visible to some … or they’re also using the Reader. VERY frustrating!!

      I wonder if the fact the study and the video are over 2 years old means things are even worse now. Probably. And if a Repug gets into office, the lopsidedness will most likely increase. Very sad state of affairs.

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      • Nan, if you haven’t checked it already, go to edit, but not from your post. Go to Admin, then click on posts, then edit from there. Don’t opt for the quick edit. At the top, right you will see Screen Options. Click that and see if the box “likes and shares” is checked. Then scroll down and see if the box “show likes” is checked.


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    Wow I had no clue. I know we are struggling and most people I know are also. I know those making more have no clue what is going on with the lower income. Basically the markets have priced themselves out of the reach of people like us. Basically we are keeping our van, it was fully loaded and expensive when we bought it, but a new one like it is way out of our ability now. It would eat up far too much of our income. Same with other goods. We have decided not to upgrade or replace as it is way to expensive. So companies keep jacking up their prices to give the CEO’s and other upper managers more money, while stagnating the lowest wage earners pay, they have lost customers who can’t afford their product any more. Sad place our country has come to. Thanks Nan for posting this. I found it very eye opening. Also very saddening. Hugs

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