The Political Scene: Words vs. Action

Well, I hoped I wouldn’t be writing any more politically-oriented posts, but this comment on Facebook by my right-leaning granddaughter was more than I could stand. I so wanted to comment back, but would prefer to keep peace in the family, so you, my devoted readers, will have to take the brunt of my reaction.

Her comment was in response to a video of tRump apologizing for his recently publicized comment about women  …

I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them. Anyone who knows me, know these words don’t reflect who I am.

I said it, it was wrong, and I apologize.

There was more, but this, in essence, was his apology. He ended his remarks with this:

I’ve said some foolish things, but there is a big difference between words and actions. Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.

This was my granddaughter’s reaction to the video:

Like my mother has engraved in my brain, “Actions speak louder than words!” Hillary’s actions are by far worse than Trumps words!

If I had responded, I would have asked, what exactly are the “actions” that you are referring to? Are you referring to Benghazi or the emails (which seem to be the topics du jour), both of which have been discussed ad nauseam?

And then I would have asked how these “actions” compare to a man who has verbally demeaned not only women, but Mexican, blacks, Muslims, etc.

I admit there is truth behind the statement made by her mother (my daughter), but words also reveal much about the belief system and temperament of an individual.

Further, while tRump pledges to “be a better man tomorrow,” what guarantees do we have that he will change? And why must we wait until “tomorrow?”

I so wanted to ask her — do we honestly want someone to hold the highest office in the United States who verbally assaults those who do not meet his personal standards … and praises someone who instigates attacks against humanitarian efforts?

And if we’re talking about actions, do we want someone who has declared bankruptcy four times? Does this reflect good business sense, as tRump declares? And what about the numerous times he has made a statement and then claims he never said it (or “didn’t really mean it”)?

More than anything, the thing that bothers me about political campaigns is how the candidates spend their time attacking their opponent and pointing out all their “bad” features. What I want to know (and I don’t think I’m alone in this) is what the candidate is going to do to improve our nation. (And stop telling me to visit your website for details!)

I will watch the upcoming “town hall” event on Sunday but I can almost predict what will happen. It will end up being nothing more than what has been going on for the last several months … She said, He said. The American people will know nothing more than they do today about either of the candidates.

I seriously dread November 8th.

55 thoughts on “The Political Scene: Words vs. Action

    • Me too. *sigh*

      She’s posted several anti-Hillary comments on Facebook and I’ve had to tie my hands behind my back to keep from responding. And it isn’t that she just posts someone else’s meme or comment … this is HER speaking out.

      Oh well. At least we live several hundred miles away from each other so we don’t have to deal with our differences face-to-face.

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  1. Trump could eat a baby on live TV and his supporters will rally to defend him. His problem is this: comments like the one he made in 2005 will not get new voters to rally around him. He’s driving nails into his deep, deep casket. He needs, at this point, to get more people on his bandwagon. That’s not happening. A literal bag of smouldering feces is less vile and offensive than this man, and, it would be far more qualified to be President than he is. He’s indefensible, as are those who support him. We can only hope he doesn’t win. If he continues to defend the misogynistic tripe he spews forth from his wealthy, spoiled rotten, privileged mouth, he won’t. That’s a hard stick for his supporters to sit on, but their boy is committing political suicide and no amount of asinine supporter is gonna get that razor away from his wrists.

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    • While I want to agree with you that he’s committing political suicide, I have this gut feeling that NOTHING he says or does is going to shake his loyal followers. They have heard the rallying cry “We’re going to make America great again!” and this is what they’re going to stand on … come hell or high water.

      All we can hope for now is the “undecided” and those who might actually have a lick of sense tucked away in their psyche.

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    • Today moral character is of small consequence what matters to the voters is how will this man benefit me , if he will then I will brush the rest under the table for my continued prosperity is far more important. Now we must ask ourselves what does this say about the moral character of millions who voted for Mr Trump? Secondly we must enquire just what is politics about? might I suggest its main feature is voter advancement .


  2. Facebook should be renamed Cookbook on account of how often it stirs the pot.

    I feel like I’m in a similar boat. My family reads stuff from Facebook despite me giving them no reason to do so. Politics has become this thing that I don’t feel good talking about because of how awful some people can get with it. Voting has become this thing that I know I’m going to regret. There are zero candidates on my ballot this year that I feel good voting for, and that’s even considering going all the way down the ticket.

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  3. Nan, have you removed the like feature in this post?

    “Further, while tRump pledges to “be a better man tomorrow,” what guarantees to we have that he will change?”

    It’s highly unlikely. I was reading today that the RNC has called an emergency meeting in case Trump “decides” to step down.

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    • Nope, haven’t changed anything, but I see the option is missing. I’m getting post “Likes” in my email notifications. Checked my settings and it’s still there. Very strange.

      The RNC has been talking about “doing away” with tRump for quite some time, but nothing ever happens. Gawd forbid they dump him and pass the baton to Pence!


      • That’s not going to happen as tRump is not quitting. If it did, Pence would not have a chance with it being only a month out from the election. What might happen is tRump wins, gets impeached within a year or so, and THEN Pence takes over. That would REALLY suck as Pence is a right wing Christian idjit. Let’s just pray to Veles that tRump loses. Please. VELES, you hear me? PLEASE!!!

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    • CNN reports this: “Donald Trump on Saturday vowed to “never” drop out of the presidential race as a growing chorus of Republicans urged him to do exactly that after sexually aggressive remarks he made in 2005 surfaced a day earlier.”

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    • Our characters are largely laid down before we are twenty and we’re all contain various mixtures of good and bad. Can we change ? well it’s a leading question but I believe given the right circumstances some can reassess themselves. They do not dispense with their faults but they learn to handle them. The alcoholic walks past the bar , the abuser of women keeps his hands to himself , the self centred selfish man begins to think of others. Human nature is never cured ; Steven Pinker put it well in his book ‘ The Better Angels of Our Nature.’

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  4. Condolences on the right-leaning granddaughter – not that she’s right-leaning, but that her comment leads us to believe she gets all her news from echo chambers such as Fox and Limbaugh where it is repeated every single day, without end, that the Hilary Clinton “has done things.”

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  5. I too have family that leans a little too far to the right. That is why I gave up FB after 3 entire days. The third day was searching for a way to delete my account, they don’t tell you how at FB for some reason.

    I still love my family, but certainly do not want to be exposed to the idiotic crap (politics/religion) they identify with on a daily basis. NO THANKS! I would rather say hello when I see them in town, or when I call to say “happy birthday.” That is all of the interaction I can handle.

    …and Trump? Teflon Don. I don’t understand it, he really could shoot someone and keep his voting bloc. These people are absolute idiots! My family likely among them… I feel your pain.

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    • Fortunately, only a couple members of my family are on FB — and this granddaughter is the only one who gets “political.” Because of the distance, I have minimal interaction with the others so quite frankly, I’m not sure where they stand politically — although I would say it probably “runs in the family.”

      Thanks for the sympathy. 😉


  6. Nan, I obviously have no idea as to your daughter’s political leanings, but in isolation her statement regarding Hillary could well have come from the mouth of one with a Socialist perspective. Words are of course incredibly important, and one candidate is at once a master demagogue and psychopathic imbecile, whereas the other is a slick and savvy operator in political and media spheres. Behind that, the latter is also an advocate of the disastrous Neoliberalism that continues to be pursued since the inception of Reaganomics and Thatcherism, and is very heavily funded by Wall Street through private speaking engagements – and some would justifiably claim far too hawkish militarily, too. These would be views from The Left, where I stand. I’m English, and live in England, but my support would’ve been with Bernie, and in his absence, Jill Stein. America desperately needs a 3rd. party, and surveys indicate the majority of the citizenry want that too. As it is, it’s a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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    • America desperately needs a 3rd. party, and surveys indicate the majority of the citizenry want that too.

      Truer words could not have been spoken (or written) my Friend. Living in an existence that is anything BUT binary, black or white, Democrat or Republican, for too many centuries this country’s citizenry have persisted on an “A or B” political system… and in several/many other “systems of operation”. Yet, if this American population had only TWO CHOICES at grocery stores, book stores, car lots, theaters, restuarants, everywhere only two choices… complete and utter anarchy would quickly ensue! Riddle me that one Hariod!? 😮

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      • Thankyou professor, and it would be interesting to see the stats of an updated poll, such as these from two years ago:

        Given the unprecedented degree of disenchantment with both current candidates, one would imagine a poll taken today would perhaps suggest as many as two-thirds or more in favour of a new 3rd. party.

        The problem is, your US Corporatocracy has bought the system and likes it just the way it is. The mere fact of there being 35,000 corporate sponsored lobbyists in Washington itself ensures nothing will change soon.

        It’s a mess here in England too! 🙂

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        • Great points Hariod. And I do hope that Third-Party-Needed “trend” continues to climb! Though I do understand the paradox between “United we stand stronger” vs. “Individual freedoms and rights” and the two often DO NOT coincide… it is becoming glaringly and nauseatingly apparent that our 18th century political system(s) need more updates, modifications, or an overhaul! However, I see another depressing problem even with THAT solution/action Hariod.

          This country’s educational system (as a whole, public, charter, or private!) for its citizenry/voters has been failing or NOT keeping up (evolving) either! I’m afraid that what you are pointing out with statistical and scientific data merely falls upon below-average educated American ears; overload on intellectual and critical-thinking capacities of most voting (or unregistered voters?) Americans. In 2013 only 29.8% of Americans attained a high school diploma and just 31.7% attained a bachelor’s degree — and naturally the percentage of population for post-grad degrees attained is MUCH smaller. Three years later Hariod, these numbers have not changed in any significant way. My data there comes from the U.S. Census Bureau and I can provide the links if necessary. My bigger point? Hariod, though as wonderful as the math, statistics, graphs, polls, science, etc, are for revealing a huge need for political change(?)… sadly the majority of Americans rely on emotion, hype or propaganda, one-party tickets, and 2,000 yr old paradigms to make critical decisions, NOT broad reason, collective intellect, or what the “data” shows. You’re asking TOO MUCH of the American 90 – 99%. 😦

          On another note and to touch on your valid poignant point on U.S. Corporatocracy… The 2nd (perhaps 3rd?) Presidential debate on television tonight — I honestly do not know the details — once again, has only Hillary and Donald debating, none of the other candidates! WTF!!!? Hence, I don’t watch. I haven’t watched. No need to; according to corporate television executives and political debate-creators, my (Independent) vote is irrelevant.

          And sorry it is such a mess over there too. 😦

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  7. Not understanding US politics much farther than what I read in Blogland or see on movies , the thought of ”President Trump” actually makes me smile.
    How much worse than Nixon or Bush could he be In real terms?

    You have had a lot of idiots at the helm who have conned people into believing they are clever.

    Trump is an idiot who could never convince people he is clever and I think an outright inept president has little opportunity to practice guile or to try to be clever.
    Congress will see right through him.
    Bring on the Giant Nob!

    How much worse could it get? I mean , really?


    • The U.S. political system is a three-legged (legislative, executive, and judicial) stool, but the main concern is who’s appointed to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court because it’s a lifetime appointment. Under Article Two of the United States Constitution, the power to nominate those justices is vested in the President, but the appointments must be confirmed with the advice and consent of the Senate.

      Naturally, this process runs smoother when the President and Senate share the same political affiliation. The Senate is (and most likely will remain) controlled by a Republican majority. A Trump win would result in the nomination and approval of candidates sympathetic to the religious right, whereas a Clinton win would create a filibuster.

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      • I’ll would be prepared to venture a wager that even with a republican dominated senate, many would turn against Trump.
        It’s not just atheists that eat their own. 🙂


        • True enough, Ron. He’s not smart enough to make his own decisions. But I guarantee you he’ll take credit for any that turn out good — and take to Twitter to condemn anyone that advises him towards unpopular actions.

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  8. Ugh… There seems to be no way to avoid the political campaigning circus this month as elections near. For me, this can overshadow the BEST month of the year: Halloween. I love October, the costumes, the parties, and making a mockery of man’s creation of religion and good vs. evil!!! 😛

    But as I’ve read the latest tRump-stupidity, I am reminded of what few differences there are between Bill Cosby and Donald tRump. And soon — as any average human cognition should process what goes on in our “democratic process” — I conclude that tRump, like so many men before him in various forms throughout all historical epochs, is simply another Megalomaniac… only tRump has not crossed that line of genocide (yet as President?) or been legally indicted and convicted of sexual assault or rape (yet?). For the latter, much closer than the former… for now.

    And yet, this is the man so many millions of Americans (and corporations) have nominated for their party. There are no words for this level of logic. The rest of the world laughs at us. 😦

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    • Sorry Nan. Meant to give you my sincerest deepest condolences about your granddaughter’s misguided political posture. But hey, anything is possible (it seems) — remember, I use to be a Evangy-Fundy Xian counselor in seminary and all church programs! Hah! 😛

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    • Yes, ‘megalomaniac’ is perhaps the better term than my ‘psychopath’. Tell me though professor, does the former necessarily connote the latter? Let me think this through – can you have a deeply empathic desire to rule the world with an iron fist? XD

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  9. Without going into detail, I recently asked someone who leans quite far to the right why they didn’t like Obama. As I consider this person fairly intelligent, I was supremely disappointed when they responded with nothing but rhetoric. No facts. Just the same old “crap” that the “right” uses to condemn anything Obama. (This person even brought up the Muslin connection!!??!)

    Unfortunately, this is exactly what we’re dealing with in this nation (especially when it comes to tRump). The majority (even when they have the intelligence and ability) do not take the time or effort to investigate what their party (or their party’s candidate) actually stands for. Instead, they swap opinions with their friends (who believe as they do) and swear by what Faux News puts out. If they do any type of research at all, it’s never PolitiFact or FactCheck … or even Snopes!

    I suppose it bothers me more deeply than some because I research. It doesn’t matter if I’m buying an ice-maker, a new car, or a dog! I read the pros and cons and try to make a learned decision.

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    • So, what you describe sounds like an after-effect of ubiquitous Social Media, Nan. There’s an overloading of (uninformed) information, and it’s all being passed around, regurgitated, subjected to the Chinese Whispers effect, and used to build ignorant biases. Even the mainstream media is shadowing that kind of activity and reporting it as news. Investigative journalism as it was is almost dead. Got a Pulitzer? – Two a penny! We’ve become slaves to our distractedness, dumbing ourselves down as we bid to keep up with the deluge of unreasoned nonsense flowing through our digital accoutrements. This suits the media-political-corporate cartel just fine, as the more distracted and dumb we become, the less critical we’ll be of their agenda. Chris Hedges deals with all this kind of thing brilliantly in his book Death of the Liberal Class – but it is rather bleak for those like us, who have children and grandchildren, and who care for their future.

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  10. But the thing is: (1) What’s on that tape is not just words, it IS actions. His words are describing his actions; how he has treated women with his physical actions (forcible kissing, grabbing them, etc.). That is sexual assault.

    The only way they are “just words” is if he was lying on the tape. In response to a question in last night’s town hall, Trump denied he ever actually did these things. He wants us to believe that this was “locker room braggadocio,” claiming he did these things when in fact he didn’t. But there are plenty of women already on record saying he did assault them. I believe them. I think his character in this regard was clear long before now, but this tape has starkly and viscerally shaken up people who’ve somehow been able to push this issue aside until now.

    And (2) even if he never committed these acts himself, words also cross into the sphere of actions when they condone and incite others to perform reprehensible actions — when they are part of a culture that condones the objectification and sexual assault of women. If you incite a crowd to burn down a building you don’t get to say “hey, those were just words.” And when you are part of a male subculture that makes jokes about assaulting women, you become responsible for your part in shaping a world in which that sexual assault happens. A person of character says, “That’s not cool. I’m not OK with treating women (or anyone) that way. Let’s not joke about sexual assault.”

    I hear what you’re saying shelldigger about “Teflon Don” — the idea that this, like everything he’s said before, will not harm him. But I really think this tape disclosure (reinforced by his predictable defiance after the fact) represents something new. I was getting worried about the polls before the first debate, but I am now much more encouraged by the number of Republicans and evangelical Christians and others who are finally coming forward to denounce him and in some cases reverse their endorsement and withdraw their support. I think this will hurt him enough that his base will be all he has left, and that’s not enough for him to win.

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    • … his base will be all he has left, and that’s not enough for him to win. *fingers crossed*

      What’s so mind-boggling to me is “his base” is so hornswaggled they can’t see beyond the rhetoric. They believe everything that comes out of his mouth with all their heart and soul and will argue/fight with anyone who thinks otherwise. Sorta’ reminds me of the way some Christians defend their beliefs … but then I suppose it’s not surprising since they’re part of his base.

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        • That may be so Ron, but the folk doing this have picked the worst possible candidate to support. They should have rallied behind Bernie Sanders instead.

          Human nature is such that people can feel that the system is so bad it must be broken. But that is a very dangerous path to follow and could result in things getting very much worse for those who are already struggling.

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          • Bernie Sanders had a great deal of support but (as WikiLeaks confirmed) the DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Mrs. Clinton. So now his supporters are (rightfully) pissed off and have split into three camps: some will vote Republican, some will vote for third parties, and the rest won’t vote at all.

            Again, it’s not so much a vote in favor of the opposition; it’s a vote against the corrupt Clinton campaign.


    • That is a great comment Brent.

      Hopefully this whole saga will lead to some soul searching among Christians, but I won’t hold my breath.


  11. I have been following various Christian sites and see that there is a real crisis in the Christian sphere regarding Trump. There is a lot of internal bickering on the matter and much chagrin about how they allowed themselves to get to this situation of embracing a person who seems to epitomise the exact opposite of everything taught in the Sermon on the Mount.

    The Christians are turning upon themselves in this matter.

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