Logic vs. Creativity

thinkingThis blog (Nan’s Notebook) has pretty much been centered around logical thinking because discussing religion from a non-believer standpoint, as well as politics and other topics of the day, is usually the work of the left side of the brain.

But deep inside, I’ve always enjoyed creative writing — although I haven’t done any for several years. Then I read some creative works by a blogger I follow and it prompted me to reinvigorate the creative (right) side of my brain.

The result is my new blog: Where Are We Going Today? It will be a collection of poems, prose, haikus, and perhaps some visual creations. Most of it will be mine, but I’m inviting others to participate as well (see new blog for details).

Please stop by and let me know what you think. Become a Follower* … and a Contributor if you’re so inclined. Be sure to read what’s already been added to the Creative Pathway.

*NOTE: To be notified of new postings on the new blog, you must visit and “follow” from there. 

10 thoughts on “Logic vs. Creativity

  1. Oh Nan! What a GREAT idea, not just for inspiring creative pieces/contributions, but for a nourishing (more)HUMAN side; a biologically, psychologically, neurologically, etc, etc, NEED our bodies have, thrive within, mature, and push us to become more whole!!! Love it Nan! ❤

    Hopping over there now.

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  2. Congrats! I do both, too. But please do not reinforce the rather bogus idea of left and right brains. There are no such things. Modern science on brain plasticity show that unused parts of the brain, such as the vision centers of blind people get remapped to do other jobs. There is no creative side v. logical side of our brains. I learned this from Spock, the left side of my brain!


  3. I wish you the best of the world in writing. I know it is a dream many of us have had, and I love it that you have reached for it. I know it will be grand. I have come to really respect the “science” side of your writing, now I look forward to following the new blog. You have already written one book I really enjoyed, So I feel I will enjoy the new blog as I do all your work. Best wishes. Hugs

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