The Eternal Question: Is There a God?

A blogger that I follow titled one of his recent posts, “Is There a God? Any God?” I started to write a comment but then changed my mind and decided to write my own post.

Actually, I’ve started several posts on this topic, but for one reason or another decided against publishing any of them. This time? Well, you’re looking at it. 🙂

The thing for me is I simply cannot even imagine there is a god … or even that there “might” be one. To believe a supernatural entity exists somewhere “out there” in some unknown reality? To my way of thinking, it’s simply beyond normal comprehension. Not only that, plain old common sense dictates the inconceivability of such a being.

Many who do believe in this invisible entity often ask non-believers this question: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” My response is, “Why is this important?”

As individuals, we are here on this planet for only a brief nanosecond. In fact, our existence is scarcely measured in the space-time continuum. With such a finite presence, it seems we would be far better served by directing our attention to our own existence rather than that of some unknown and unseen entity.

In other words, instead of using up our time trying to please and/or ask favors of some mute and invisible deity, why not enjoy the beauty of this world and stop obsessing about whether or not it was created by a higher power?

Of course, there’s little doubt the core reason many humans seek the favor of a causal agency is their innate fear of death. None of us want this life to end so we (humans) devise God/gods and give them the power to extend our lives beyond the grave.

Sorry, folks. It’s a pipe dream.

A far better outlook would be to accept our finitude and use the time we do have to touch the lives of others in positive and uplifting ways. But sadly, too many prefer to turn this responsibility over to a “power” that exists only in their minds.

P.S. While I do not believe in any sort of supernatural entity, I do sense a Universal Presence, which I describe in more detail in my book.


40 thoughts on “The Eternal Question: Is There a God?

  1. The answer to “Why is there something rather than nothing?” is because it there weren’t you couldn’t ask stupid questions. Well it would be if one were being antagonistic.

    Basically, at this point anybody who writes on this topic is just coming to the realization that they know the answer and are just seeing if they can express themselves out loud (even under a pseudonym) without getting blasted by a thunderbolt.

    There is no need to address the question “Is there a god?” anymore because it has been answered over and over. Continuing to do so is akin to beating a dead horse for poor performance. The situation is settled. The people who choose to believe that their god exists have chosen to “believe” for reasons other than evidence, so evidenciary arguments are of no use and no meaning.

    We are now in the position of the man who argued with a pig because he didn’t know that people looking on wouldn’t understand and that it really annoys the pig. We need to stop … except on rare occasions in which we offer up something for someone’s religious coming out (from under the shadow) party.

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  2. Nan, I don’t think this post was a waste of time at all. I think the most important thing you said was that we’d be better off not worrying if there’s a God or not. Also, a lot depends on what a person’s definition of God is. I completely agree with your position.

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  3. I just cannot identify with people who want to live in a dreamworld. The older I get, the more pragmatic I get. I have always been a realist – even when I was involved in church – and I find that my tolerance for absolute foolishness is diminishing. Perhaps I’m becoming an old cynic? 😉
    I always find myself nodding in agreement when I read your posts, Nan.

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  4. WHAT THA HELL Nan!!! Now you’ve RUINED my whole day!

    “A far better outlook would be to accept our finitude and use the time we do have to touch the lives of others in positive and uplifting ways. But sadly, too many prefer to turn this responsibility over to a “power” that exists only in their minds.”

    Love that paragraph! Take ownership for ALL of your words, thoughts, and actions AND stop blaming, judging, and manipulating levers and curtains! 😉

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  5. “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Forgot to mention my response to this idiotic question: I don’t know. These are words alien to the christian. To admit we do not know is terrifying, but, it is the only “truth” I’ve ever known. $Amen$

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  6. It’s never a waste of time to express your thoughts in a civil way, so good post. In regard to the question “Why is there something rather than nothing?”, I think it’s important (to me, at least) and think humans can provide a reasonable answer to it. We can never prove our answers because we can’t step outside of existence to see what caused it, but we can provide evidence for our ideas. The rationale I use to defend this thinking is that:

    1. “Why is there something rather than nothing?” is a metaphysics question.

    2. Metaphysics is the study of being and existence.

    3. The universe “be”s and exists.

    4. Physics is the study of the universe.

    Using this reasoning, it seems logical to say that the laws of physics must be derivable from the principles of metaphysics. What we can do is to use our metaphysical models of existence and of existent entities to build a physical model of the universe, which exists and is made of existent entities. This model can then be used to make testable predictions about the universe. I think this metaphysics-to-physics approach can let us at least provide evidence for an answer to the question. As an amateur, I’m trying to do this using 3D modeling software. It’s hard, but someday, humans will get there and answer this question. We just need to keep trying.


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  7. It never ceases to amaze me the level of intellectual and olympic sized hoop jumping needed to boot God out from His own creation. You have a problem with daylight or water? Who do you thank for such goodness? Oh I forgot, you thank no one. ‘Neither were they thankful, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…………….’

    Hey nan. Take away the internet. Take away your books. Take away your health. Take away your empires of dirt. What remains?

    Rest assured, God still is God, and you still cannot remove Him from your conscience. He made you this way. Case closed. You cannot come up with one argument against Him. Not one of merit. His word is very good, but wait, you already know that.


  8. In spite of my efforts, and even inspired by the 2016th Spring a.C., I haven’t been able to find a flaw in your no-waste-of-time writing, Nan! 🙂
    Why is there something rather than nothing, is not a stupid or wrong question, it is just unanswerable. A pity that many people do not accept that, and thus miss the joy of just being, rather than not.
    As for your Universal Presence: may Beethoven have sensed it when he invited a chorus to finish his Ninth Symphony?
    A final reflection: I live in an environment that fervently represents much of the shiny side of Catholicism (charity, employment, spiritual support – with positive effect on many people). So I don’t mind their belief in itself of God, but some of the negative consquences. How can we take away their inflexible adoration of eternal “values”, refusing to accept contraceptives, homosexuality? .-

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    • Hmmm. I found your comment about my “no-waste-of-time writing” rather interesting since my grade school teachers used to get onto me for saying too much! I guess I finally learned to write more “efficiently.” 😉

      Thanks once again for stopping by, Federico!

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  9. I suppose if I just had to have a god, as in it was a requirement, I’d go with the sun. It is after all our creator. In the sense that we are part of its solar system, and we’d also not exist without the heavy metals from the suns long dead exploded brothers/sisters. It is also pretty easy to show its existence.

    I’d be content with a sun god, as long as there aren’t any freaking dogmas/rituals/sacfrifice attached to it 🙂 The only thing we should have to do is be grateful for its existence, as we’d not exist without it. Good enough for me. And it doesn’t wreck my Sunday football/other assorted activities.

    All of those other man made puny little incompetent gods? Taking the credit for the suns accomplishments? My sun would fry them in an instant!

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    • I agree!

      And isn’t it interesting that many people at one time DID believe the sun was “God”? I guess over the years we got too “sophisticated” for such a simple (and sensible) belief.


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