Trump? NO! Please NO!

This article is a MUST READ for anyone even remotely considering voting for tRump:

How the Trump Organizations’ Foreign
Business Ties could Upend
U.S. National Security

Be warned … it’s a long article, but contains information that every voter needs to know and think about before heading to the voting booth.

(P.S. I’m hoping this will be my last post on tRump before the election.)


19 thoughts on “Trump? NO! Please NO!

    • What’s so totally unnerving is the number of people who will NEVER read this article. Some because they only listen to Faux News … some because they consider it “liberal propaganda” … and some simply because they can’t read.

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  1. The rest of the world is just as worried about Trump as you guys. The one eyed Christians will vote him in on a single policy regarding abortion and some because God told them too. Trouble is God did not explain that Trump is the closest thing they will come to that represents the devil.

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  2. Ok, what am I missing? According to the article, Trump sells leases the use of his name on foreign real estate projects. How is this nefarious?


    • I’m no expert on these matters, but I interpreted the article much differently. I got the firm impression that his “dealings” with certain foreign countries could, as the article put it, create legal bribery by overseas powers seeking to influence American foreign policy.

      Another quote from the article: “Any government wanting to seek future influence with President Trump could do so by arranging for a partnership with the Trump Organization,”

      Further, the article points out he has ties with political groups of certain countries. Seems to me this couldn’t help but create some conflicts of interest.

      IMO, there’s much more involved than simply slapping his name on a building in a foreign country.

      Besides, from my personal perspective, I would prefer POTUS to be more involved with his own country rather than building his personal wealth by dabbling in projects that involve foreign countries.

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      • Oh, come on! How can you distrust someone whose campaign slogan is “Help Make America Great Again”? 🙂

        But seriously, how is this newsworthy? Trump has been openly shilling himself for so long it’s hard to imagine anyone could have missed this feature of his personality. It wouldn’t surprise me if garnering free publicity was the primary reason he entered the GOP race. (Though I suspect he himself never envisioned getting this far.)

        So yes, there is a strong possibility he could be swayed towards policies that promote his own interests (just like every other wealthy presidential candidate).

        But how would he pull it off under the scrutiny of media and political detractors from both sides aisle? Moreover, it’s not exactly a one-man show; Congress still retains firm control over the public purse.


        • Just read this quote earlier today: “Trump will always put his own business interest ahead of the national interest – and has no trouble lying about it.”

          Related to him … “investigating potential business opportunities (in Cuba, 1998), which US law made illegal.”


          • What exactly is the “national interest” though? The phrase implies everyone within the country subscribes to some common goal, which is obviously not the case—especially in regards to the Cuban embargo.


        • I suppose if you were to get technical, what you say is true. We don’t all
          agree on how this country should be run. But I do think when it comes to the interests of the nation as a whole, the overall consensus is we want America to be a respected leader in the world. My gut feeling is tRump is more interested in himself and his own personal (pocketbook) interests than “making American great again,” … no matter what he chants.

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          • Does a presidential candidate who calls her political opponents “a basket of deplorables” and her millennial constituents “basement dwellers” induce a great deal of pride or respect for America?



        • Probably not. But IMO, that’s mild compared to some of the things tRump has said. Truth be known, this whole election has been a black eye for America. I, for one, will be glad when it’s over.

          I just hope that if tRUmp gets elected (gods forbid) he will begin to demonstrate the dignity and responsibility that goes with the office of POTUS.

          P.S. His continual antics makes me wonder if there isn’t something to this blog post by Neil Carter.


          • I agree that neither is fit for the job, but I’m more concerned with what Mrs. Clinton has done than with what Mr. Trump has said. He might be a con, but she’s a neocon. He might have got egg on his face, but she’s got blood on her hands.

            I won’t speculate as to why Mr. Trump is running, but there’s little doubt that Mrs. Clinton eyes the presidency as the crowning jewel of her political career.

            As for the TLS article, I wouldn’t want to go fishing with Mrs. Clinton either: her coughing spams would frighten away the fish. 🙂


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