The Supreme Court vs Texas

scales-of-justiceIn reference to the recent Supreme Court’s decision to overturn restrictions that would have closed all but a handful of abortion providers in Texas, Hillary Clinton welcomed the court’s decision and called the efforts to curtail access to abortion as “politically motivated.”

(No. Not politically motivated. Religiously motivated.)

While there would still have been available clinics in large metropolitan centers (Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio), access would have been severely limited for many women. And one cannot help but portend that had the Supreme Court upheld this legislation, even these clinics would eventually have been shuttered.

Amazingly, Texas legislators claimed there was medical justification for their actions … that they were protecting women’s health (!). Thankfully, the majority of the Supreme Court judges did not see it that way.

I know addressing this subject is opening a can of worms and the anti-abortionists will no doubt come out of the woodwork to scream that a zygote is an embryo is a fetus is a human … and thus should never be aborted. But I stand by my long-standing persuasion that it is a woman’s decision. And similar to the right some people claim related to gun ownership, a woman, based on the indisputable fact that she is a primary factor in the perpetuation of the human race, has the right to choose abortion. And thus, safe and convenient medical facilities should always be available to her for this purpose.

22 thoughts on “The Supreme Court vs Texas

  1. I agree that a women should have a right to choose. I simply wish abortion wasn’t the first choice in some cases . If you don’t want a baby and you’re not practicing safe sex , this becomes troubling to me. Notice I said some cases as I don’t know how many this pertains to. I’m OK with rape, incest, and when safe sex fails. Maybe there are more reasons that being a male I just don’t understand.

    What does it matter what I think? It doesn’t. I’m a male and elected to remove my ability to father children when I decided I no longer wanted to raise babies. I believe more males should be making this decision than currently are. And I can and will shame them !

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    • Of course prevention should always be the first choice! But circumstances and conditions do not always lend themselves to this, which is why the alternative method should be available.

      There are hundreds of reasons why a pregnancy may not be desirable. Admittedly, some are more valid than others, but IMO this should NOT diminish the woman’s right to choose.

      And you’re right. If a male does not want the responsibility of fathering a child (in any circumstances), then he should take whatever steps are required to avoid this action.

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    • Give women adequate health care, sex education, access to birth control, increase parental leave and you’ll see abortions go down significantly. Make abortion illegal, and you change nothing except turn doctors and women into criminals and endanger their lives. And yes I think men have to step up to the plate more. And I am sure religions that don’t let children use birth control and/or have parents that are blind to the idea that their teenage son or daughter might actually have sex (because it is natural to do so) and not worry too much about the punishment from an invisible person in the sky

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      • From what I gather, two thirds of women who have abortions in the US are at or below the poverty level. This is a big reason why I’m pro choice.

        Texas once had 42 abortion facilities. That number was lowered to 19 and if the recent ruling went the other direction only ten would have remained throughout the entire state! Having lived in Dallas and traveled throughout it, I can tell you that’s a ridiculously low number in relation to the state’s size. It was so bad recently that women had to travel 300 miles to have an abortion. Many women were travelling to New Mexico to have one.

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      • I would modify your first sentence to “Give women and men … ” Too often, males are let off the hook when it comes to the topic of unwanted pregnancies. They may not need the “health care,” but it might be helpful to include them in more education and easy access to condoms (and how to use them).

        It just galls me that some religious groups want to prevent sex education classes! And then they’re horrified when their daughter turns up pregnant.

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        • Agreed Nan. You’re right. I did try to include men when I said parental leave as it may be more convenient for the father to stay home with the children in those early stages of development or they may not be a mother around and he is by himself.

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  2. This issue is, as you stated, Nan, about women’s rights to their own bodies. To stop unwanted pregnancy, I say, castrate all men who impregnate women out of wedlock. Let’s put ALL the responsibility for unwanted pregnancy on men and their precious testicles for awhile and see how that flies. John, did you get Mary pregnant? OK, sit back whilst we remove your testicles. We certainly need to teach you a lesson, now don’t we? Snip! Snip!

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      • Obviously, I’m exaggerating here, but could you imagine the outcry from “Pro-life” male supporters if castration of men who impregnate women out of wedlock were the topic and not abortion? “COME ON! That’s just wrong! Wadda my balls have to do with impregnating women, huh? Be serious! You don’t have the right to tell me what to do or not do with my testicles! OUTRAGEOUS!”

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        • Absolutely! These same people who push against abortion are the same ones who are negative about single parents, sex education, birth control, maternity leave, day care at jobs and schools, welfare, WIC and food stamps.

          I was heavily involved in the pro life movement while I was an Evangelical. I was apart of the moral issues ministry at my Bible School. I was actually its student leader one semester.

          For a brief time, I was the executive director at a Christian pregnancy center in Hawai’i. The mindset among conservatives is that sex is strictly for marriage between one man and woman…ever. If by chance a woman gets pregnant outside of marriage, she is to marry the man or have a Christian couple adopt the child. While I worked at the CPC, I could never bring myself to push adoption on any girl that came up pregnant. (Most girls who came in were not pregnant.) We worked with a private adoption ministry and I personally knew that adoption was not always the living option. I also refused to share rape stats with any sponsor. The consensus is that only 10% of all abortions are rape/incest survivors. I struggled with that number because I knew half, if not more, of all assaults are unreported.

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  3. If a Texas man doesn’t want a child 9-months after intercourse, then….

    A) Use a condom and/or birth-control methods, AFTER learning all the methods extensively and how… including financial and parental responsibility for an unplanned pregnancy/birth. Or…

    B) Get an irreversible vasectomy if you choose not to do “A” above. And…

    C) Continue giving women as much education as possible — though Texas legislatures in Austin do NOT want to provide it other than Total Abstinence (which for the last 20+ years has failed miserably!) — about birth-control, STD’s, parental & financial responsibilities which come with babies/children, AND give them the pro-choice options for rapes, incest, and Neanderthal boys, men, boyfriends, lovers, date-rapers, etc, etc. so that they are not punished for an act(s) they couldn’t control.

    However, being an 8th generation Texan and knowing too well Texas politics and the majority of Texas patriarchal systems and alpha-male postures, I realize my simple A-B-C solution is way too simple, way too inexpensive, and way too educated for Texans and Austin to enact these principles. 😦

    If I may Nan, I wrote an extensive 2-part blog-series on this subject relative to status quo Texas Conservative politics, I’d like to link to it for anyone interested in Texas statistics and facts: Out-of-Wedlock Babies and Influences Upon the Majority.

    Thanks Nan! ❤

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