Heaven: Is It All That It’s Cracked Up To Be?

heaven-hellI’m sure you’ve noticed that a common theme among many Christian bloggers is the topic of “hell.” They seem to relish the idea of pointing out that “hell” is the destination of anyone who rejects God/Jesus as their savior. Often they include what they believe are the horrors of this “terrible place” (burning sulfur, everlasting fire, tortured screams, etc.). They seem to delight in pointing out what awaits you as an unbelieving, sinful, god-rejecting reader.

Then, at the close of their tirade, they switch gears and affectionately share the “gospel story” with you, urging you to to accept Jesus into your life (whatever that means) and avoid ending up in the fiery pit of “hell” … for eternity.

What I find rather interesting is how few write about the location at the other end of the spectrum. Of course, I’m talking about “heaven.” I wonder why that is. Let’s think about it for a minute.

Although believers tend to talk glowingly about their ultimate destination … how it’s going to be such a “heavenly” place and how they’re looking forward to worshiping Jesus/God for eternity … I can’t help but wonder if this is truly the way they hope/plan/expect to spend infinity. After living on this earth and experiencing so much of what “LIFE” has to offer, can an individual truly be content spending their eternal existence doing nothing but demonstrating their love and devotion to a deity? I mean, think about it. We’re talking 24 hours a day … FOREVER!

Many have speculated on what this existence will be like (they’ll be with loved ones who also “made it,” they’ll walk streets of gold, they will be forever “happy”) but in actuality, there is nothing in the bible that expounds on what will take place … except worship.

Let’s be honest here, Christians. When you say you aspire to reach “heaven,” have you seriously considered what awaits you?


54 thoughts on “Heaven: Is It All That It’s Cracked Up To Be?

  1. I think they consider all the stuff that they made up about what heaven is supposed to be like. Or what somebody else made up and told them. Probably lingering images of cherubs bouncing on clouds from their childhood storybooks mixed in there too.

    Then they get right back to FEAR AND THREATS, because that’s what the whole thing is really about, anyway.

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  2. Doesn’t sound like Heaven would be a place of “free will” to me. Singing praises 24/7 yawn

    My idea of Heaven would be ” to do anything you want and I mean anything without any consequences” . 🙂

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  3. Had this convo with my husband on a recent walk. He pooh-pooh’d the idea of eternal bliss as unbearable. As an agnostic, rather than a hard-core atheist, I’m somewhat partial to it. Somewhat, with modifications to be determined in the future; although that love and devotion to deity would definitely have to be scrapped — because, c’mon, boooring.

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  4. I’ve seen glassy eyed believers, lapping up the whole notion of basking in dogs glory forever. it’s kind of creepy.

    Apparently just being there as a condemned sycophant for a fucking eternity is the payoff for being a goddamned hypocrite here on earth.

    Praise Jebus!

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  5. As much as I’d like to imagine (which is exactly what Christians do) that it would be never-empty wine glasses, awesome music and endless laughter, I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that it’ll be perpetual sleep. But wanna know the good news? I won’t know! 🙂

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  6. I recall once at the end of a Christian retreat we had a very emotional time and I just sat down in my chair in the nearest I can recall to a state of bliss, just basking in the atmosphere. I thought to myself I could just be be like this forever.

    Later I reflected back on the moment and wondered whether that was what heaven was like.

    But as I reflect further back on the moment, the closest analogy I can give is to when one has just woken up and you realise it is non work day and you can stay in bed later. At that particular moment there is nothing you can think of that will give you greater pleasure than just staying in bed a bit longer.

    But of course we know these feelings are the body’s reactions to events of the physical world, so to that extent are not a good analogy to heaven with the ‘super body’.

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    • I recall feeling the same way on a couple of occasions, Peter. But of course, it was all related to the emotional prodding that was taking place in the moments prior. As I think you will agree, church leaders are very good at eliciting these rapturous feelings. However, to remain in that state for eternity … ?

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  7. I used to feel guilty when I read in the Book of Revelation:

    And whenever the living creatures give glory, honor, and thanks to the One seated on the throne who lives forever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before the One seated on the throne, and they worship Him who lives forever and ever. They cast their crowns before the throne, saying: “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things; by Your will they exist, and came to be.” (Revelation 4:9-11)

    I felt guilty because when I was feeling tired, the thought of having to constantly stand-up then fall to ground in praise, just made me feel very weary. But then I would chastise myself for being so self centred.

    The thought of being an eternal cheer squad bowing before God and telling him how great he is would surely become tiring after a few thousand years. Especially all the falling to the ground.

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  8. I have many thoughts/perspectives on a “Heaven and Hell” from any Abrahamic religion — surprise surprise, huh? 😉 — but I’ll just start my comment with this short 6-min video Nan. Perhaps you’ve seen it? I have it on my blog under “Dear Faith-Religious Believer”. It presents a good humerous dialogue about Hank, Heaven, and Hell, BUT also quite reasonable in its examination by the lady in red and man next to her… 😉

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      • It really is a legite conversation isn’t it? And as I’ve often stateed, when the “believers” want or try to backup their claims, their PERSONAL individual belief in “Hank”… the only decent(?) way they can do so is by going to the/their Canonical Bible. Once you get there, scrutinizing and examining those scriptures up, down, left, right, inside-out… their position becomes a House of Cards. 😀

        Feel free to share that video Jeff!

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      • You DO realize, Inspired, that that script was written long before anyone ever produced a video from it. In fact, the person who wrote it was the Reverend James Huger – this is an excerpt from his website, he sounds like our kinda guy:

        About Jhuger


        I’m the Reverend James Huber. This is my site. Here I express my opinion, blow off steam, and practice web site design; not necessarily in that order. Some people will find my opinions offensive. If you’re one of those people, you are cordially invited to fuck off go elsewhere. If you choose not to go elsewhere, you have only yourself to blame.

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    • I saw this video quite some time ago … and loved it! It’s so “right on.” Thanks for sharing so those who haven’t yet experienced it will get their kicks for the day. 😉

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  9. I am always amazed when these theist folks promise “everlasting life” when that is their major threat. Either your soul burns in Hell forever or is bored in Heaven forever. Everyone has an immortal soul according to these yahoos.

    And how is it the God of Infinite Good invented Hell to punish those who don’t do as they are told? That is infinitely good? WTF?

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  10. Hello Nan. Two thoughts on your post if I may? 1) a man I knew in church school once told me heaven would be horribly boring if it was the sitting on clouds things so many have stuck in their heads, he wouldn’t want to sit there drooling over the living if he couldn’t live himself… No we ( I guess I dropped out of the we category ) who went to heaven were to be God’s messengers! Yes the messengers of God. We were to travel the entire universe he created telling all other creatures and worlds of the love and greatness of God! We would hand out his decrees and pronouncements. We would be so busy, we would be the apostles of worlds!!! He was so looking forward to all the civilizations and different beings he was going to see and get to know. A real life star trek adventure he imagined for himself. 2) I am not sure if this is my idea entirely or was helped along by a “new age welsh man” I knew in the 1980’s, but the idea goes like this.. the human mind is so powerful in ways we don’t yet understand that we create the very afterlife we envision. In other words, whatever we think, we believe in, whatever afterlife we believe is the after life our brain creates for us. As no two people have the same idea of what heaven is for them, what would work for one would be hell for the other, our brains, our own ideas that we hold , create the very heaven for us. In that case you should enjoy your life, and try to make sure your thought of heaven is everything that makes you happy and you want. Don’t listen to or give any thought of someone else’s idea, as it is not your heaven. Your heaven will be whatever you want to make it. I know what I want to make mine… but I am not telling !!! 🙂 Many hugs

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    • Number two was spot on Scottie, I believe everything that is not of this world can only exist in the human mind. Unfortunately, indoctrination stimulates a powerful emotional state within an individual’s mind using a loving god and the reward of heaven.

      Once anyone is entrapped within this environment they emphatically believe they will go to heaven when they die and of course the emotional brain takes over creating the reality and no amount of logic or sensible debate will be heard or considered if it contradicts the ideology of the emotionally induced mentally charged religious trip they are on.

      A bit similar to trying to talk a lovesick 14-year-old school boy out of trying to elope with his school teacher, except indoctrination can last forever ruining a lifetime.

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    • Not sure if you read Terry Pratchett but that was pretty much his idea of the afterlife. His Death character who helped people transition to the afterlife, basically told them they were going to see what they expected the afterlife to be like according to their own culture. So for everyone it was different. Throw in some comical British wit there, the novels with the Death character were always my favorite of Pratchett’s. 🙂

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    • We were to travel the entire universe he created telling all other creatures and worlds of the love and greatness of God!

      You’ve got to be kidding! OMG! What a tall tale — albeit better than eternal worship!

      … whatever we think, we believe in, whatever afterlife we believe is the after life our brain creates for us.

      Fascinating perspective. What if you don’t believe in any kind of heaven — as in, once you’re gone, you’re gone?

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      • The mind is a power thing, I bet it could create anything you want. Plus well we know there is black energy and all sorts of fields and even said to be strings of stuff in the universe, what if some part of us, that we have yet to measure, goes out to that energy and in it we find that which makes us happy? I like the thought of being with ROn for ever and being happy. DOn’t know how he feels about that LOL 🙂 Hugs


        • I believe our bodily remains are eventually absorbed into the earth and our energy (which never dies) goes back to the universe (“We Are All Star Stuff”). But that’s as far as I, personally, can take it. Nonetheless, I hope your eternity is all that you wish for (with Ron). 🙂 Hugs back ‘atcha!

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          • I agree and think we also give back to the earth that which is our body… but why can’t two energy’s that loved each other not go back to the universe together… or recognize each other after a wait? Hugs


    • Speaking of ‘many bugs’ – or that might have been ‘many hugs,’ I don’t have my reading glasses on – I just wanted to say, Scottie, not to freak you out or anything (well, maybe a little bit), but I found a tarantula in my house last night.

      I had only a candle on and was enjoying a drink before going to bed, when I noticed a spider-shaped shadow on the stand my TV sits on. I approached it rationally, a piece of something, a ‘dust bunny’ or something, had gotten between the candle and the stand and was projecting an enlarged shadow, but no, no dust-bunnies, not even a dust-gerbil – it could only be a spider, and a tarantula at that.

      I had a fly-swatter beside me (in case of burglars), but decided against its use, as who wants that much spider goop plastered all over their TV stand? So I quietly got up and got the bug spray, and gave him a blast – he quickly disappeared somewhere. The next morning (THIS morning), I found him on his back, with all 40 toes in the air (they DO have toes, don’t they?). Anyway, he’s no longer with us.

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    • This question: I mean don’t you remember getting up here and all the excitement of it? is great! I tend to think this is what many will be asking themselves after the first thousand centuries of singing and praising.

      Great story — lots of talent there.

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      • Thank you so much for your kind words, and the follow on my blog. 🙂 I thought you were already a follower though actually. The problem of eternity I have always found unsettling…and the way heaven was depicted didn’t seem any more enjoyable than eternal burning…outside of perhaps the first 1 year or so when it all felt a bit new. lol


    • “They” have answers for everything, don’t they? Even if one must twist and turn and reinterpret what’s actually “there,” the self-styled apologist/preacher will always have an answer. And most generally, one that will make his listeners happy because, after all, that’s what being a Christian is all about, right? Right?

      BTW, the comment was made that “sex was the greatest thing on earth.” I can’t help but wonder if some of the virgins in the OT would agree with this statement.


      • Well both Jesus and Paul seemed to encourage celibacy.

        As to these two experts – having listened to their dinosaur video I would see them as having very little credibility.

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  11. Have read the post—but Nan, have you considered that although the Christian heaven is all very nice … the Muslims have got it in one, and their’s (eternal houris—72 of ’em, wow—with all the booze you can guzzle, for ever?) knocks the spots of eternal harps and praises any day.

    There are of course others—Odin and Valhalla have appeal too … hah! Wouldn’t that be a real bugger for any Islamic ‘warrior’ who dies sword-in-hand and finds himself there instead?

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