A Grand Conspiracy?

I have a friend on Facebook that is absolutely and unwaveringly certain the Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy. He has, over a period of time, offered “proofs” on why he believes this. Now he has included the Orlando shooting. This is what he posted today:

Israel hates Arab Muslims so badly, they wish to obliterate them. Israeli children are taught to hate Palestinians from Kindergarten up. Just take a look at what Israel is doing to Muslim Palestinians and the Gaza Strip. So Israel (ISIS) attacks under the fictional ISIS flag because they cannot attack under their own flag. Why else do you think ISIS has never attacked Israel?

Now the name of ISIS is being used in other areas, like mass shootings, in an effort to alter the 2nd Amendment. Ask yourself what a terror group would want with an insignificant gay club in Florida when there are thousands of gay clubs and bars across the nation and world? The answer is Nothing. But since Florida has NO regulations on the type of weapons claimed to have been used in the club shooting, this event would be the perfect excuse (largest mass shooting in US history) to enact legislation to heavily restrict guns. Just wait and see; but whatever you do, stop believing what the news is pushing down your throats. Use your logical brains out there. With ISIS being a work of fiction between the U.K., U.S. and Israel, the group can be made to take credit for any agenda that is out there.

He also claims tragedy donation and RIP webpages (for the teacher killed at Sandy Hook) were set up on Facebook, United Way, Red Cross, and others FOUR days before the shooting occurred.

He further writes:

Who knew 4 days in advance that a shooting was to happen? The fact that a Sandy Hook tragedy was in print 4 days early proves the event was staged and faked for a multi-purpose agenda. In reality, no one died at Sandy Hook. Stop believing what you saw on the news and the sadness they made you feel in your heart and LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELVES. Good Grief, Stop Being Propaganda Supporters. Now ask yourselves about the Florida nightclub and remove yourself from the shock that comes with the notion of a massacre and look at things objectively. I know you all want to believe that this many people could not possibly be in on a great deception; but you would be mistaken. I have studied Sandy Hook since the day it happened; and this one is unfolding the exact same way – as many other “shootings” have unfolded; with crisis actors and the works. 


48 thoughts on “A Grand Conspiracy?

  1. I think there’s a conspiracy to inundate the internet with asinine conspiracy theories until the minds of every man, woman, and child on the planet melt into a thick pasty goo. These shootings have absolutely NO effect on gun laws. The only group that does have an effect on gun laws is the NRA, and they, due to their great wealth and pocket lobbyists, will keep America armed, deadly to its own people, and filled with gun carryin’ good ole boys until the end of days. If gun laws haven’t changed yet, they ain’t ever gonna. And, quite contrary to what your Facebook pal believes, the shootings on Saturday had EVERYTHING to do with the fact the victims were gay. It was a hate crime motivated by idiotic, violent religious ideology, and it took place in country were any sociopathic, jihadist whack-job can purchase a semi-automatic weapon as easily as children can buy candy.

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  2. I can’t stand it when people post things like that. I really don’t get how people can buy into all the conspiracy theory stuff. The Israel-ISIS connection just sounds insane to me. And the “4 days before Sandy Hook” claim sounds equally crazy. To think that an entity could conspire to pull off something like that without any leaks, but they’re dumb enough to post about it 4 days early is just stupid. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the logic behind Google searches, but it’s far more likely that some error on their end or with the websites of aid organizations is to blame.

    Some interesting links:

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      • I’ve a psychiatrist friend who offers a deal on a variety of anti-psychotic meds. Your FB friend is in dire need of serious help. His or her behavior about this issue is deeply insulting to the victims of these horrible events. As I’ve said, nothing has, and nothing ever will, effect gun sales in the U.S. except the NRA. If there is some conspiracy to end good ole boys right to own death instruments, it is failing horribly. This situation gets worse each year. The violence and the number of people killed grows, as does the number of gun sales. If anything, I’d propose the NRA is behind all this to drive up the sales of guns. Create fear, and people buy more guns. See, crazy whacked-out conspiracy nonsense works just as well for my scenario. When empirical evidence is not required to claim something is true, anything can be true.

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  3. Personally, I think it’s too soon to tell what happened. Most of the news coming out are bare accusations that can’t fully be vetted, or obvious facts, or opinion in the guise of facts.

    Specifically to the conspiracy theory itself, we’re talking about a government that can’t keep Clinton’s email servers private, but can somehow orchestrate a mass shooting to repeal gun laws? This is the same government that couldn’t keep a botched firearms sting (Operation Fast and Furious) from the public eye.

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    • It’s true the news media can get carried away at times, but to claim the whole thing as a fake shooting is mind-boggling to me. And I agree with you about the government. I think sometimes they don’t even know whose butts they’re wiping.

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      • That is exactly the case – these folk consider the government to be totally incompetent in every area except subterfuge.

        But then again its seems many Bernie Sanders supporters feel the same way about the Democratic Party.

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  4. There are many conspiracy theorists (paranoia-ists?) who STILL feel all the NASA moonlandings were staged too. Certain personality types thrive in hyper-drama, externally created and/or self-created, and it is a form of attention-seeking behaviour if not worse.

    That said, in my personal opinion, identifying or distinguishing “groups”, ideologies, nationalities, races, merely to set themselves apart from those deranged people/groups is the always the wrong approach to these sorts of horrific crimes. Setting apart only deflects or distorts the real issue(s) at hand. The homicidal or genocidal behaviour is a mental-pathological problem AND/OR a familial-communal problem of hate-education. BOTH should be and can be addressed clinically-neurologically and/or educationally. These sorts of crimes CANNOT be adequately addressed through or confronted by direct-opposing (inflamming?) “groups”, ideologies, nationalities, or races. Orlando, Sandy Hook, Aurora Colorado, Columbine H.S. Colorado, etc, etc, are all serious mental health, mental-social education issues! They are often/sometimes economic issues too.

    I also don’t think it is necessary to get into the cyclical debate of tighter gun laws, or status quo gun laws.

    The bigger MORE CRITICAL issue is the mental state & pathology of these killers or killing groups. Not what your Facebook friend is ranting about Nan. Where and why is this hate-education being perpetuated? People are not just BORN with this type of neurological wiring! Confronting these issues on a psychological, neurological, and purely cognitive basis has the chance for better success and reduction of these trends, IMO.

    To close, I think your Facebook friend Nan, is someone to be quite concerned about based on what you’ve quoted. I see the potential of him ‘snapping’ or taking retribution on a people or political-religious groups. YIKES! 😮

    But these are just my intial thoughts. 😉

    P.S. My heart and sincere painful condolences go out to ALL of those families effected by Orlando and the other past shootings.

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    • I’ve never met this person. I was asked to befriend him by another FB friend (an author). Most of the time, he simply posts pictures of his kids, videos of his motorcycle rides, snippets from a book he’s written, or music that he’s re-mastered. But every once in awhile …

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    • It is psychopathological problem, indeed, as well as one of social pathology. I have a post in the works on that, and maybe will manage to finish it this week; but this one, on narcissistic rage, may be of use — because the shared pathology of mass killers, religiously motivated and not, is almost always that of extreme (often psychopathic) narcissism: https://medium.com/@Elamika/hell-hath-no-fury-like-a-narcissist-scorned-d0e0186ea332#.kgnebtfaa

      It is compounded by our narcissistic culture, which makes this problem “invisible” and thus impossible to address. We go on and on about “mental illness,” but the mentally ill are by and large decent and placid people.

      The ones we should pay attention to are narcissists and psychopaths — but we don’t. We have normalized both conditions to such a degree that they don’t even register as pathological; see Trump as an example — we still take this man seriously as if he were a normal person (because he is “successful” = rich).

      We are sick, and it shows in so many different ways.

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      • A good breakdown of our complex mental-illness in the U.S. Emma.

        Reminds me a lot of the osterich head in the sand analogy. I’ve been around more people who are “trigger happy” — i.e. who feel a show of STRONGER force, tit-for-tat — is the first most effective way to deter psychopaths or psychopathic groups! I kid you not. There are a LOT of Wild West gun-wielding Texans here that are primed to shoot anything that is “perceived” as a threat. Ask them for specific symptoms of “a threat”(?)… and they quickly show how grossly INADEQUATE their psychiatric/psychological skills and training are in dealing with “a threat” — shoot first, ask questions at the ER or victim’s grave site. And should I even get into their own levels of proper law-enforcement training and licensing? 😦

        More often than not, I am more afraid of “normal” gun wielders, than I am mental-health patients! The latter I know how to deal with!

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  5. Somewhat related to the shooting, I just read this:

    [T]he Constitution of the United States guarantees me the right to bear arms. This right is not for hunting. This right was given to me by our founding fathers so that I can protect myself from a tyrannical oppressive government.

    Hmmm. Is that really what the Second Amendment says? Protection against a “tyrannical oppressive government?” I must have mis-read.

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  6. I know a guy, I took a 10 dollar bet, he claimed a while back that Obama was going to enact martial law at some point before his presidency ends. He also convinced me to look into chem trails a while back. Won’t surprise you to learn he is an avid Faux News watcher, a Trump supporter, and somewhat of a stockpiling survivalist type.

    If he wasn’t a good drummer I’d have just walked away a long time ago. Well that and I have 10 bucks coming. In all honesty I really don’t go out of my way to talk to him much anymore. So it goes in the south.

    But the thing is we have people like this on every corner. In every community, in every church from here to Timbuktu. Widespread lunacy.


  7. Unfortunately a disturbingly large number of people are prepared to accept uncritically various conspiracy theories if it reinforces their underlying prejudices.

    I find that it is exceptionally difficult to reason with these folk.The internet has provided a fertile ground for feeding this type of thinking.

    I do think that Hollywood movies have something to answer for in this regard. The movies portray government agencies and security services as far more capable and competent than is the reality. The movie ‘Enemy of The State’ is my Exhibit A in this regard.

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  8. Without offending anyone intentionally, most Australians, and I believe most of the developed world generally think American gun mentality is a joke and supporters of the NRA are absolutely deluded and bordering on stupid. Arming school teachers, armour plating kids school bags and giving every Tom, Dick and Harry more guns appears to be the answer so when will the NRA suggest packing a gun in with the kids sandwiches?

    We had a mass killing called the Port Arthur massacre on 28–29 April 1996, Deaths 35, Non-fatal injuries 24 and held the record of number of deaths until the Orlando shooting. The outcome from this tragedy bought in strict gun controls and Australia has not had anything happen that has come anywhere close to that event since. We still have the odd nut job shooting numbering about 5 or 6 since then and the deaths total is not much more than a dozen.

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    • As a fellow Australian I agree. I tried to comment to this effect to support your observation over at Isaiah 55. I will interested to see if my comment there sees the light of day as I think I am still banned on that site.


      • I am surprised, I have previously been banned but recently I am allowed to post on those sites. Maybe they like me and think I am worth saving?


        • My comment did eventually appear on the site, though not immediately. So this would mean I am now subject to moderation but not banned.

          Do your comments go through moderation?

          Back last year James justified banning me because he claimed I asked ‘endless inane questions’. That was not how I saw it, but I suppose it is in the eye of the beholder.

          It is good to see you commenting at James’ site please keep it up.

          My comment today was the first on his site for more than six months. It is not my intention to return there. I only offered a comment because it was a non Christian related post. Which meant I thought there was a greater chance of a reasonable exchange of ideas, I don’t have that confidence in regard to the Christian themed posts.


  9. It is so terribly sad that we even have to question this. The very possibility of this being true could make anyone lose faith in humanity. Therefore, we have to believe that it is not and try to stand in solidarity against every form of negativity in the world today. Perhaps it sounds naive but what else can we do. And the fact that we are still standing and moreover, that we still possess hope is incredible and speaks volumes. Our instinct is that the world can heal and therefore there is hope.


  10. Peter, My posts always go to moderation on any of those sites, mind you I have had to argue with James a bit to get them on. I cannot understand them wanting to post to the public if they do not want any scrutiny.


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