Trump: The Evangelicals’ Choice Because …

This one takes the cake:

Some Evangelicals Think Donald Trump is One of Theirs  … Because of How He Points During Rallies

At one recent meeting with Trump, evangelical leaders noted how he often flashes a signature hand gesture, with a thumb out and a finger point to the sky, as he enters and exits rallies.

“You see athletes do it all the time and it’s their chance to point to the sky, to thank God for their success,” said Pastor Mark Burns, CEO of a Christian television network based in South Carolina. “Trump does this all of the time, too. He’s giving reverence to the man upstairs.”


16 thoughts on “Trump: The Evangelicals’ Choice Because …

  1. Kcchief, don’t know if you happened to see the ‘sign’ a young mother got last week. In her baby’s diaper. Holy sh*t! (And I’m not kidding)

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  2. Oh damn! And here I thought he was making the “L” sign… for “Looser”, but he just didn’t know where his forehead was! :/

    Que the very apropos Smash Mouth song. This one’s for you Donald and Pastor Burns…


  3. There is a good article here looking at how in 1980 Evangelicals Christians switched their support from the committed Christian Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan.

    I wonder if Jesus was running for President he would probably have a better chance of getting votes from atheists than Christians.


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