Reblog: Guns, Gender, and Refugees

Although this is a rather long blog post, I so heartily agree with the writer, I wanted to share his thoughts with my followers.

Towards the end of his post, he offers what he believes is the motivation behind many of the actions he discusses. I totally agree.

A Point of Contention

Let us take stock of this moment we live in. It is a moment of anti-government sentiment, racial tension, tenuous economic stability, and social change at a pace and of a kind not seen for several decades in our nation. It is a time made all the more volatile by a particularly contentious election season in which the Conservative Right is set to tear itself apart in a clownish cacophony where the one and only thing that seems to be agreed upon, across the Conservative Spectrum, is that Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to be the next President.

We live in a time when something as long-standing and effortlessly assumed as the Gender Binary is being questioned; a time when the oil and blood soak Middle East is hemorrhaging desperate refugees into the suspicious arms of a wounded West; a time when gun violence on a uniquely dramatic scale continues…

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4 thoughts on “Reblog: Guns, Gender, and Refugees

  1. I watched the 22-minute YouTube video Nan and though the music was a bit… umm, less complimentary(?)… the content was SUPERB, clear, concise, and spot on!

    Thank you very much for sharing it! I am now following Point-of-Contention’s blog and YouTube channel. 🙂


    • I’m not much of a video-watcher. Don’t know why, but I usually get bored by the time I’ve reached the 2-3 minute mark. I much prefer reading. To each his own, I guess.

      Having said that, I did watch a short portion of the video … and was under-whelmed. I thought his “essay” was much more powerful. But again, different strokes for different folks. 😉

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  2. I too, prefer reading at ease – on paper when the text seems interesting enough and it occupies (much) more than one screen. Environment-unfriendly, I know. But firstly, it helps me to understand the matter better and secondly, on the other hand I avoid print-outs of teller machines, accept electronic invoices and bank statements, and use blank backsides of forms and letters – dating from our pre-email past.
    Compatibilism? 😉

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