Why Has Trump Gotten This Far?

The following is, at least to me, a rather unsettling article. The writer, Dennis Prager, is a well-known talk show host who is viewed by most as a Conservative (although he’s been described as “fiercely independent”). In any case, whatever his political standing, he’s offered some points to ponder.

I’m no history buff — in fact it was my least favorite subject in school (many years ago). And since I’ve only been interested in politics for the past couple of years, I can’t offer any particular feedback on what he says. But I do find his perspective a bit disturbing.

I’d love to hear from those of you who are more knowledgeable on the subject. Do you agree with his analysis?

The Scariest Reason Trump Won



45 thoughts on “Why Has Trump Gotten This Far?

  1. I’m seeing Prager using a complete straw-man about the left. Classic stereotypical Republican finger-pointing. Trump can’t possibly be the GOP’s fault, so it must be those soft-hearted godless commies that are out to destroy America. They have to have somebody to blame, and it can’t be themselves, no sir!

    I’ve come to my own conclusion about how Trump happened, and I agree with Prager about one point: many Republican’s aren’t actually conservative. But that’s the GOP’s fault. They had put together an uneasy coalition of big business, big military, big religion, and bigots, and sold people on it with big doses of lies, hype, fearmongering, xenophobia, and Fox News. Their talking points have not been about responsible government spending and lower taxes, not for a long time. They are too busy talking about abortion, and gays, and gun rights, and illegal immigrants, and who loves god more, and they’ve gotten away from their central message. And now a huckster comes along who is better at lies, hype and fearmongering than they are, and he’s stealing their show. Well, they had it coming, is all I can say.

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    • And now a huckster comes along who is better at lies, hype and fearmongering than they are

      Fearmongering … To me, this is the biggest “gun” they have in their arsenal. Get the people scared at what might happen under a “leftist” government and they immediately see boogie-men.

      Appreciate your input!

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    • I agree ubi.

      I haven’t read the article, yet, but what I think has allowed Trump to get this far is exact what you said about Republicans not being conservative. The base that is voting for him does not care about a theocracy, abortion, smaller government*, gays, or who loves god more. What they care about is illegal immigration(and they don’t care about resolving it as much as they think they care about those criminals getting deported and getting a wall) and money. Trump is promising jobs and a stop to illegal immigration through isolationism(they believe). Ultimately what his supporters care about is “me, myself, and I,” and who better than Donald Trump to represent that? They don’t care that he lies, they don’t care that he might cheat on his taxes, they don’t care if he is a chameleon. They want what they think he represents – wealth.

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  2. What that article shows me is that traditional conservative Republicans are a dying breed. Their anti-Democratic nonsense has bitten them in the ass because they failed to adjust to a vastly diverse voting populace. Left-wing ideas have corrupted some Republicans into not understanding what America is “truly” about? F**k you Dennis Prager. The Republican party is corroding from the inside because it has lost touch with America and American values, not because people concerned with a woman’s right to her own body, socialized health care, and the well-being of the environment warped their twisted, sick, anti-American thought processes. Republicans created Donald tRump with conservative Republican ideology. They nurtured bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, anti-intellectualism, and theocracy until this piece of slime in a three-piece suit, tRump, became their nominee for the U.S. Presidency. Republicans convinced poorly educated, white, men that this type of person is what they needed to claim “their” piece of the American pie-something most of them simply feel entitled to because they are, indeed, white males born in America. Republicans are bullies by nature. We need look no farther than the actions of the Senate to refuse to even listen to Obama’s nominee for the SCOTUS to see this. Nothing can be more unpatriotic and un-American than this. It is shameful, disgusting childish behavior, just like tRump’s. Left-wing politicians and humanistic, liberal ideas have nothing to do with tRump’s creation.. Placing conservative, anti-American, right-wing, cruel, xenophobic, misogynistic ideas above those of a land founded by, and for, you AND me did. Live with it, a**hole, and grow up.

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  3. Ugh — and aww… The plaintive cry of a fundie who has (kinda, but not quite) discovered that most people in a civilized democratic world expect their governments to work for them and not for the ruling elite — and this discovery is Prager’s greatest scare.

    Pathetic, I’d say, but not at all surprising in a fundie.

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  4. Apparently the author is not at all familiar with the debates surrounding the creation of the Constitution. America has not been “small government” from the beginning, far from it. The drafters of the Constitution created more government that we had and what they didn’t claim for the federal government they ceded to the states. About the only thing the government ca not do is violate the Constitution but has managed to do that many times in our history.

    In addition, what “Left”? There used to be a left wing of American politics and now there is is only center, center-right, right wing, and far right-wing. The only true liberal left is Noam Chomsky and when he dies who will take his place?

    And besides, this is just a distraction. The real issue is whether we are going to continue to let the monied interests in this country run the governments (all of them) on their behalf and the rest of us can go to Hell.

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  5. As I was reading his “tribute to conservatism,” I was having some serious “wait a minute” moments. I simply couldn’t see how what he was saying had brought us to the point we are today. But as I said, I’ve only been sticking my toes into the political waters for a relatively short time. I wanted/needed some more rational input — which I feel I’ve gotten so far.

    Keep it coming!


    • Ubi said it best. He’s creating a straw man argument to divert attention away from conservative b.s. and place it onto “left-wing” thinking which has nothing to do with tRump’s creation. In other words, ya’ can’t blame Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.

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      • The worst part of his commentary? His followers will gobble up everything he wrote and consider it a rational and “true” perspective of those awful, horrible, socialist left-wingers. Ugh.

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        • Very true. What’s odd, being a socialist liberal atheist myself, is that many of us socialist liberal atheists are practicing cannibals-socialism, liberalism and atheism kinda go hand in hand with it-but I’ve yet to hear conservatives critique us for it. I guess they’re afraid we might eat them.

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  6. A couple of thoughts for everyone to ruminate on: (1) The monied interests in America actually control both parties and (2) Much of Trump’s success comes from Democrats who can’t stomach either Hillary or Bernie and crossed over in the primaries.

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    • I would daresay both of your points are accurate, altho’ I personally could never bring myself to enact the second one.

      Money (translated lobbyists) most definitely runs the government.


      • Many Democrats can’t stand Bernie and are voting for tRump? Where, oh where, are the statistics backing up that statement? I’ve read multiple articles about Hillary being despised and Bernie supporters NOT voting at all if she gets the nomination, but I’ve read nothing about Bernie being so despised by Democrats that they’re voting for tRump. tRump voters are predominantly, though not completely, Republican, white, lower middle-class to poor, males who are intoxicated by tRump’s xenophobia, bigotry, and misogyny. tRump has simple, quick answers to “heal” all that ails ’em. Only he, when you actually listen to him, simply has no idea what he’s talking about, and he rarely, if ever, says the same thing twice. If he were to become President, the country would simply stagnate for 4 years because, as was stated, lobbyists and wealthy corporations run America and tRump is NOT popular with them. Solution? Feel the Bern!

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        • Have you noticed? He’s also been back-tracking lately on some of his “solutions” to Make America Great Again. Yet his “fans” are so enamored with him, they just nod their heads and continue worshiping him.

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          • I’ve definitely noticed. The mindlessness of his minions is truly more disturbing than tRump himself. How bloody dense can people be? Trump will do as Trump wants if, and when, he becomes President. His concern for his minions will end the minute his head becomes swollen with the “power” he’ll feel when he becomes President. You know, kinda how Darth Vader felt when he embraced the dark side of the Force.

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  7. Well, as I began reading the first few paragraphs the immediate alarm for me the article set off was his sketchy history and governmental philosophies. They are not entirely wrong, but they are also not entirely correct either. He takes a narrow-lens microscope and places it over 1774 – 1779 on 13 fledgling British colonies in Northeast America… ONLY! There is problem #1 with Prager’s article.

    Problem #2 — and this is a MAJOR ONE! — is this…

    America stands for small government, a free economy (and therefore capitalism), liberty (and it therefore allows for liberty’s inevitable consequence, inequality), the “melting pot” ideal, and a God-centered population rooted in Judeo-Christian values (so that a moral society is created by citizens exercising self-control rather than relying on the state to impose controls).

    First, “the melting-pot ideal” functions as valid only in theory! In actual 1774 social-political-economic life in the 13 colonies, segragation was prevalent everywhere. Even in the extreme northern colonies, blacks DID NOT live the same or in the same areas as British-born or British-descended white colonists. Should I introduce Native American Indians into the “melting pot” equation? So, what in the HELL is Prager even talking about here with Melting Pot!?

    Second, “God-centered population rooted in Judeo-Christian values” is very vague. Many of the colonies like New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, practiced vastly DIFFERENT versions of ‘Judeo-Christian values’ than those in the southern colonies. They CERTAINLY practiced very different social, educational, and business practices than the southern colonies! Is that Prager’s definition of liberty: slavery, segragation, and lack of education for all?

    Lastly, on a philosophical AND moral-ethical standpoint, John Adams often fiercely opposed Thomas Jefferson about Prager’s last statement in parenthesis! They debated the topic so heatedly sometimes, they wouldn’t speak to each other for weeks! Adams always advocated fairness and equality through efficient government on the simple grounds that not all men are of fine upstanding character — i.e. they CHEAT, always looking to take advantage of another or the system — and there must be law-enforcement! Jefferson, on the other hand, saw the majority of mankind (Americans) as innately good with characters beyond reproach. HAH! Ironically, Jefferson’s posture on the goodness of mankind stands in opposition of biblical “Judeo-Christian values”. But Prager doesn’t seem to know that.

    As I read more of Prager’s article, I began laughing more…

    America was founded on the belief that in order to maintain a small government, a God-fearing people is necessary. The Left opposes God-based religions, particularly Judeo-Christian religions. Secularism is at the core of Leftism every bit as much as egalitarianism is.

    That is utter nonsense! Period. I’m not dignifying the ridiculousness there with a time-wasted comment.

    Those who do are called “conservatives” because they wish to conserve the unique American idea.

    “Unique”? Umm, wrong Prager. The idea and practice of liberty and democracy was practiced very well by the ancieent Greeks. The United States version is practically (in essence) British. Yet, Prager’s article is extremely vague on what that “American idea” should’ve evolved to be 241-years later… outside of God-fearing Judeo-Christian ideals (theocracy?)! Uh, NO!

    * * * * *

    One of the biggest reasons (t)Rump has won the Republican nomination is money… lots of it, for media & press coverage (and ratings?), pandering to a wealthy powerful corporate white-man’s nation and government… and sadly over a poorly educated general American public ‘Melting Pot’ that isn’t specifically Caucasin in key private and public sector positions.

    1776 America is nothing like the United States of America today; they can’t even be compared in the least Prager, despite your sketchy history!

    Thank you Nan for raising my blood-pressure abnormally high. 😛

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    • PT — as usual, you offer well-thought-out and valid points. Always enjoy hearing from you.

      After reading some of your thoughts, it occurs to me that Prager doesn’t even know American history. It’s more like stuff he just pulled off the top of the pile and wrote a piece on it. Methinks he needs to do some research instead of pandering to his audience.

      Sorry about the blood pressure — but I do appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

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      • After reading some of your thoughts, it occurs to me that Prager doesn’t even know American history.

        Not surprising Nan. For the last 2 or 4 decades American public education has continually de-emphasized the Liberal Arts and Humanities/History curriculums in favor of Mathematics and Science (or rather versions of science) in our secondary schools, ESPECIALLY in the South. I won’t even get into what America’s increasing-growing private and charter (religious) schools have done to the broad arts and humanities curriculums. Scary shit, to be honest. 😦

        Hence, Prager is just one in millions of now adult Americans who have inadequate broader (non-existent?) educations. We have lots of highly hyper-specialized citizens now… without broader lenses to perform civil duties. Sad really.

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          • Thank you Jeff. I just hope I’m not the only one recognizing this. Seriously, the broader an education — i.e. the digestion of more broader knowledge — equals more wisdom, or at least better informed decisions, life-choices… right!? 😮


            • Absolutely right. Problem is we value money and fast, simple answers more than a hard earned, well-rounded, liberal education-an education that teaches people to THINK for themselves, to use their reason, and to understand the complexity of human life. The worship of wealth and the wealthy has replaced this, I feel. Proud, arrogant boasting of ignorance and anti-intellectualism is rampant in America, especially in the Southern Bible Belt. When material wealth and those who possess it are more valued than compassion, reason, learning, and basic human dignity for all, you’re lost, and, I fear, we are lost.

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            • A very good assessment Jeff. Now, to be an optimist rather than the eternal pessimist…

              Like the frog in the frying pan, we completely have the ingenious intellect and abilities to overcome & detour this direction, evolve WITH the fluid never-ending organic and Quantum changes, and leap out of the pan and BEYOND the old antiquated (religious) methods & paradigms… or the fire that is Judeo-Christianity, or any Abrahamic religion for that matter. Hah!

              But will we? Or rather, will ENOUGH of us do it? It just takes courage, collaboration, empathy, and a healthy self-esteem on purely HUMAN levels to take the first few steps!

              And as you aptly pointed out Jeff, it also requires dropping the pretense, arrogance, anti-intellectualism, and self-righteousness to achieve the progressive evolution of our species! What’s funny is that there are already other Earthly species doing it and they are thriving!!! Hahahaha! 😛

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    • “America was founded on the belief that in order to maintain a small government, a God-fearing people is necessary.”
      — Prager —

      “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such a school has no religious instruction and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith … We need believing people.”
      — Adolf Hitler —
      April 26, 1933, from a speech made during negotiations leading to the Nazi-Vatican Concordat of 1933.

      “How can you have order in a state without religion? For, when one man is dying of hunger near another who is ill of overeating, he cannot resign himself to this difference unless there is an authority which declares ‘God wills it thus.’ Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.”
      — Napoleon Bonaparte —

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  8. Basically Prager’s article is calling Trump a RINO while having sour grapes that Trump doesn’t pander to the party’s stereotypical rhetoric. Additionally, it’s a dog whistle to members of the Republican base to withhold support from Trump until things are actually decided at the convention.

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  9. Saw this in an editorial this AM (written by Kathleen Parker, Syndicated columnist):

    Trump was never about principle but about winning, the latter of which he kept no secret. What this means, of course, is that his supporters have no idea whom they nominated. He simply paid to read their minds and then invented a drug that would light up the circuit boards corresponding to pleasure and reward.

    Does that say it all? Or does that say it all?

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  10. This is not just an American issue. The Philippines have just elected as president their own version of Donald Trump, indeed in some areas President Duterte makes even Donald Trump look good.

    More than anything I see the election of these mavericks as a reaction of voters who feel the system is not working for them and consequently they are prepared to roll the dice.

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    • Personally, at least in the U.S., I don’t think tRump’s supporters look at it as rolling the dice. I think they truly believe this guy is going to turn things around … in their favor. They aren’t hearing anything but his words. When anyone tries to point out why his plans can’t/won’t work, they simply stick their fingers in their ears and sing.

      Someone that can make even tRump look bad? Oh my. That’s really unfortunate!


      • His supporters may not look at it as rolling dice, but that is what it is.

        I heard a report yesterday that showed in great detail how Trump has flip flopped on essentially every policy issue. It is actually hard to know what the guys policies are as he is constantly contradicting himself.

        The other day he raised the prospect of the US defaulting on its sovereign debt. Lets hope he flips flop on that, because otherwise the resultant crash in the world economy will make the Great Depression seem like a ,mild economic downturn.

        Anyway why would the US ever default? The only countries that default are those that issue debt in other than their own currency, like Latin American countries that issue debt in US dollars. As long as the US debt is in US dollars there should never be a default, all the government needs to do is print more currency, that will lead to inflation but it will avoid default. The only folk that cause a US debt default would be the Tea Party crazies who might vote against an increase in the debt ceiling, because those folk are probably crazier than even Trump.


        • I’m not well-versed on financial/economic issues so I can’t really discuss the potential outcomes of tRump’s policy. However, I do feel he’s viewing this entire area from a businessman’s perspective. Some have said this is good, but I disagree. Running an entire country’s economic program is far different than simply running a business. The one thing he seems to overlook is what you mentioned … the effects his policies would have on the global market and how this would affect the U.S.

          In any case, let’s hope he doesn’t get a chance to put any of his “grand” ideas to work.


        • I agree with you on the Trump flip-flops. I don’t know if he’s ever said the same exact thing twice. His followers are blind to this and blindly believe, as you say, that Trump = change and this, to them, is all that’s needed to improve things. It isn’t. Not like this. It is a dice roll, as was putting Hitler into power in the 30’s, a dice roll that turned very bad very fast. I don’t think Herr Trump will be able to do what Hitler did, at least I hope not, and I doubt he cares to. He cares about himself. Only about himself. That’s the most consistent thing about him, self love. He truly is a bag of festering slime in a suit, a deeply repulsive human being. Let’s hope he doesn’t gain any power through an idiotic roll of the dice by fools too blind to see how little he actually cares about them or their real needs.

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  11. Trump won because people were fed up with 28 years of government run by insiders (Clinton/Bush/Obama). Most people didn’t vote so much for Trump as they were voting against Clinton.


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