A Believer? Or Not.

Morgan-FreemanInterview with Morgan Freeman and Executive Producer, Lori McCreary, on the National Geographic special, “The Story of God”:

Morgan Freeman talks about his journey to becoming a believer”

So … is Freeman saying he’s a believer?

Or not …



32 thoughts on “A Believer? Or Not.

  1. I heard Morgan Freeman in an interview on Fox News a couple of years ago. Much as they tried to get Freeman to say he was a “Christian Believer”, he corrected them and stated he only believed in a “Higher Power” but refused to connect this “Higher Power” with any particular religion.

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  2. After reading both of those articles, I’m uncertain. Is he a believer? Kinda sounds like it, but it doesn’t sound like he believes in any one particular religion, as was mentioned above. Either way, at least he’s not condemning people to hell who do not believe exactly what he does, and his concern over what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is nowhere to be found. Thus, he’s a-ok in my book.

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  3. My thoughts too. I like to say that I’m an unbeliever, but I should clarify that that refers to a deity. However, I cannot ignore a permanent suggestion lingering somewhere under my cortex: … and what if there were, perhaps not a Higher Power, but a Creator?…
    At the end of the day, where do all those unmeasurable and interminable amounts of creative energy “come from” (between marks because I’m unable to find an adequate term, if ther is any, for such majestic relationships)
    But: I don’t feel any urge to kneel down, thank and worship any unperceivable Supernatural Being – least of all, the Abrahamic God.
    As a matter of fact, interminable energy is incorrect, I forgot that our Sun’s life cycle will end in some 6 billion years. A very very long timelapse but measurable!


    • And ultimately, the universe will expand to such an extent that if there WERE any lifeforms in the galaxy at that point in time, they would feel so alone, as the multitude of galaxies that we can see so readily with the weakest of telescopes now, will have moved entirely out of view by that time. Whatever is left here will have every reason to believe that the universe was made specifically for them, insofar as they can see, their galaxy will be all there is.

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    • Essentially, it doesn’t. I mean, it’s not going to turn anyone’s world upside down to discover whether he is or isn’t. It was just a question to mull around and “discuss.” Sorta’ like some of the posts you write. 😉


  4. I simply refuse to watch this new series. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and from the commercials it sounds like a bunch of god coddling hooey, it’s probably a duck.

    As far as MF? I have liked so much of his work through the years, and as mentioned he at least isn’t peddling Ken Hammish bullshittery, so I’ll give him a pass. For now.

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    • I would watch it, just to see what it has to say, and because I enjoy Morgan Freeman. With all due respect and good will, Shelldigger, to say that you’d refuse to watch is weirdly reminiscent of all of the theists I encounter who refuse to watch or read anything contrary to their own belief systems.

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      • Meh, I have no interest in some god hoo haw right now. I’m up to my ears in shit to do, and at the end of the day I just have zero interest in spending my time watching a (what I have perceived without watching) some puffed up creationist nonsense. Now granted if my life was a little less, well…occupied in a way that causes me to be tired from one end to the other, and have greatly aggravated my bad back, I might be more inclined to suffer through an episode 🙂 I’m sure it will rerun and I can force myself to get better informed some other time.

        I think though we might all need to step back a moment with MF. MF is/has been a narrator for a lot of good science as well as a lot of other stuff. He didn’t (I assume) write the show/s, he narrated them.

        I have no idea how much of this series, or his science work, he has any vested interest in. He gets paid to talk. And act. We might find it difficult to assess his actual feelings on the show he might br narrating.

        Just a thought…

        Oh, paint me with whatever brush you wish sir 🙂 It is appropriate as I have been 3 weeks taking an aluminum boat down to aluminum and painting it. I’ll be glad when this chore is over.


        • You make some valid points (as usual).

          Hope you get your project done so you can kick your feet up and relax for a bit. All work and no play … 😉


        • I have been 3 weeks taking an aluminum boat down to aluminum and painting it.

          That doesn’t sound like much fun.


          • I’m tired. My fingertips are swollen, one finger rubbed raw from days of sanding. I’m grumpy and my body aches. But hey I’m owning it 🙂

            Just for kicks, I’ll bet you a cold beer this whole series boils down to this: “There have been gods in many cultures through time, therefore jebus!” or “therefore some tenuous unidentified universal spirit thingy.” Toss in a few maybe’s, a perhaps or three, a couple of might have beens, and an “is it possible?” Tie in some nice scenery, some special effects, some great narrating and voila! I get a cold beer.

            Nevermind that most cultural aspects in society are borrowed, stolen, and made to fit for whomever happens to find the belief systems beneficial towards their desires and pocketbooks.

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  5. Morgan Freeman has always struck me as an out-of-the-box human being who does not feel obligated to follow the masses or his Mississippi family and community. I like that very much. However, I based this impression on the many quality scientific documentaries he has narrated, starred in, etc, with the exception of this current series — I haven’t been impressed much & I’ve lost interest. Its lack of depth and probing into the many human interpretations and creations of “God” falls short… so far, and the series is into its 4th or 5th week? In contrast, his role in Through the Wormhole demonstrates a much more intense passion for science than he’s ever shown for traditional (predictable) religion & God.

    In the August 2013 Huffington Post he was quoted when asked “Did we invent God?” replying “Yes.” then continued…

    Has anybody ever seen hard evidence? What we get is theories from our earlier prophets. Now, people who think that God invented us think that the Earth can’t be more than 6,000 years old. So I guess it’s a question of belief. My belief system doesn’t support a creator as such, as we can call God, who created us in His/Her/Its image.”

    To me that sounds like an Agnostic and he is almost indifferent when people attempt to pigeon-hole him into a label — another quality I personally like! There is no doubt, however, about his altruism, humanism, and philanthropy; more good qualities for/during the HERE and NOW.

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    • PT, I can always count on you for solid, well-researched, and well-thought-out comments. 🙂

      I’m with you re: this new series. I was very impressed with the first episode, but from there it’s gone downhill. Maybe it’s me and my personal bias, but it seems there’s been much more focus/time spent on the “Christian” viewpoint than some of the others. But again … I’m probably prejudiced.

      And I also agree that Through the Wormhole was a much more in-depth series. Almost too much at times … but I did learn a lot. 🙂

      I absolutely agree with his answer re: inventing God!

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      • I think I’ve watched 3 or 4 of The Story of God shows in their entirety if for no other reason than curiosity, but deep down (the prejudice?) I was hoping the producers and MF would explore the non-Christian cultures and their religions deeper, wider, and with the expectation ‘the journey’ would FURTHER illuminate how vastly diverse humanity truly is… on the scale of the 30-million different species we estimate to exist on this planet, yet readily admit there’s likely MORE than 30-million! LOL

        The evidence for incredible diversity — from the sub-atomic up to the macro-cosmic — is increasingly compelling and probably has no limits…. especially from 3,000 – 2,000 year old “holy texts/scriptures” which are bound by time to those years, that Era. If we deduce and infer ANYTHING from the Natural evidence surrounding us, it shows at the minimum and perpetually that all life (God?) is fluid and is never neatly and permanently ‘frozen‘ in one holy book or books.

        I had hoped The Story of God series could show this fascinating overwhelming diversity, but so far it simply isn’t going deep enough to cause any real shake-up. :/

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  6. When I first saw Morgan Freeman, he was on a pre-teen, after-school TV show designed for the older crowd who had graduated from “Sesame Street.” It was called, “The Electric Company,” and began each segment with the voice of Rita Moreno yelling, “Hey you guys –”

    Am I alone in remembering this?

    And yes he can sing!

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  7. I agree that it is the journey, not the destination, that is important. During the journey we have the chance to grow ourselves, improve our being. In the journey we get the chance to experience life, the good and the bad. We get the chance to have an impact on others, both for good and for bad. We basically get to become as close to harmony with the universe as we can be before joining it at the end of our time. I have to say that I needed all the years I have to find peace, grow my love, experience love from others, to be the very best person I can be. There was time to let anger go, to find a way to dry the tears, to see the grand things life has to offer. Life has so many wonderful surprises, I have not seen them all yet, and the journey gives me a chance to appreciate my place in the universe. Be well, Hugs

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    • Scottie, I hope that one day you will find the courage, on your own blog, to tell your life story, your history about which you have sporadically hinted. Yes, it will be painful, but I suspect that that will be when the healing really begins. No pressure, just a suggestion.

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      • Thank you Arch. I am sorry but I don’t feel strong enough to tell it all yet, to share my pain and the traumas of my childhood. Ron has worked so hard to make me feel safe. He does all he can to keep my thoughts, my emotions from going back to those times. Maybe some day I will feel strong enough, but for now I don’t want to undo the great work others have done on my behalf. I do appreciate your asking, your interest in me. I enjoy your comments and love to read the stuff you say on others blogs. Thanks again. Loves and hugs


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