Suffer the Children

Courtesy of Stockvault
Courtesy of Stockvault

Parents Refuse Medical Help For Children
In The Name of Christ 

Senator Heider of Idaho asks …

What difference does it make to you?


28 thoughts on “Suffer the Children

  1. The sense of empathy and compassion, evolved by my ancestors long before any religion was ever established, makes me reach out to those in need who can’t help themselves – THAT is why it matters to me.

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  2. “those who believe that prayer is the only way to cure illness are exempted from this law,”
    This is nothing less than child abuse, and has nothing to do with Christ.

    OMGOSH, what a double standard. So, the law will intervene with an order to prevent taking someone off “life support,” and some fundamentalist Christians want the law to intervene for an unborn child, but they won’t allow the law to intervene when the life of a child is at risk?

    Makes NO sense to me.

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    • When the god of the Bible magically restores a missing limb – and with Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there’s no shortage of those – then I will agree with the power of prayer.

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        • I totally agree. Thank goodness I live in Oregon where they don’t allow this kind of thing (altho’ based on the article, I guess they used to).

          I just don’t understand people sometimes. When I was a Christian, I naturally believed in prayer (although I must admit, I didn’t see a lot of results from it). But never did I (or anyone else in the church) ever rely on it to the extent of avoiding medical help. To me, these people are completely off their bonkers.


          • Yep. You know my beliefs; I do believe in prayer. That said, I also believe God equips people with gifts of medical and scientific knowledge. Like I said – child abuse. I agree with their daughter. They should be prosecuted.

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  3. I will never understand, let alone accept, any religious belief that can lead to refuse medical help.

    Off-topic perhaps, but I would like to comment on the absurd and impertinent question:
    “What difference does it make to you?”
    One day I saw a young man getting out of his car, parked at a street crossing. I asked him – politely enough, I believe – if he realized that he was blocking a sidewalk ramp. Seeing that I was not in a wheelchair, he replied with the question cited above. Of course, the explication that it didn’t bother me personally at that moment but that it could be a problem for someone else, seemed pointless after such an insolence. Ignorance, self-defense? Perhaps, because the man was most probably not a US senator (or from any other nation for that matter).-

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  4. That was the first thing I thought. I’m still pro life, and they means out of the womb too. If the attitude is, what difference is it to you , it’s not your child… Then they better not care about abortion. If it’s not your kid, stay out of it.

    Hell, that could be used for anything.. My religion tells me to beat my wife, what difference is it to you?

    My religion allows me to stone an unruly child, what difference is it to you?

    What the FUCK??!!!

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  5. This mentality and erroneous “faith” is not too different than the Death Wishes (gambling with their life and others, etc.) militant extremists like ISIS, Wahhabis, Taliban, etc, also believe and follow. It takes no more “faith” (absurdity) than it does to play Russian Roulette.

    Sad. Very sad. 😦

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  6. I think the difference being some of us want to drag the fucking morons out of the stone age. Despite the fact they so love their ways.

    Refusing medical help on the basis of “the dog” is downright criminal, no exceptions for stupidity should be allowed or tolerated.


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