God? Impossible!

As I was doing my daily blog reading, someone (can’t recall who) referenced this blog. When I clicked through, I read this story (edited for clarity):

A young man working in the army was constantly humiliated because he believed in God. One day the captain wanted to humiliate him before the troops. He called the young man and said: “Young man come here, take this key and go and park the Jeep in front.” The young man replied, “I cannot drive!” The captain said, “Well then ask for assistance of your God! Show us that He exists!”

The young man takes the key and walked to the vehicle … and begins to pray.

He parks the jeep at the place PERFECTLY — just as the captain wanted.

The young man came out of the jeep and saw them all crying. They all said together, “We want to serve your God!”

The young soldier was astonished, and asked what was going on? The captain, crying, opened the hood of the jeep and showed the young man that the car had no engine.

Then the boy said, “See? This is the God I serve. THE GOD OF IMPOSSIBLE, the God who gives life to what does not exist.”

I couldn’t stop myself … I had to comment:

Oh. My. Thor. If anyone TRULY believes this tale, they have been brainwashed beyond repair. Even when I was a Christian, I would not have put any credibility in such a tall tale.

(At this point, it’s still in moderation.)

While several people agreed their “impossible God” could accomplish something like this (one said they drove their car about 120 kms with no gas), one of the more sane ones wrote, “Please tell me no one really believes this.” That’s pretty much my sentiment.

There was also a comment from a woman who said she and her husband have been in the military for over 31 years (not combined), and the details of the story simply couldn’t have happened based on military rules and duties.cake

I’ve heard a lot of stories through the years of what “God” can do, but this one truly “takes the cake.”



30 thoughts on “God? Impossible!

  1. In the About of ImpossibleGod I read:
    …I KNOW that unless Christ is our center of interest, our life will be out of focus….
    How confusing it must be for Millicent (this blogger) to know that I’m perfectly happy leading a life out of focus!

    Searching the web, I found a website named http://www.thenamemeaning.com, that offers several curious meanings of that girl name:

    French meaning: Of a thousand saints
    German meaning: Industrious
    Greek meaning: Ambitious
    Teutonic meaning: Strong and industrious

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  2. She hasn’t been active since March 2015, but the link below was her last post. I’m not sure if she has recorded over 300 revelations in journals that she said the “lord” gave her, or if the revelations have been recorded in over 300 journals. She shares how god gave her revelation of how that young soldier story can be possible.


    The post “Clearing the Waves”, dated 12/6/2014, is also creepy bizarre to say the least, but this doomsday stuff is on multiple religious channels here all the time — 24/7.

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        • You don’t know about Hilde?. For shame. Required for a nasty brute like me (exploring the history of Important Works of feminism). Specifically, my comment is about using her using religious ‘visions’ to elevate her credibility (with the credulous, of course) but in Hilde’s case first to gain political and economic power and then to do as she wished and fend off critics with them.

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            • Well…. I don’t know about the ‘lesson’ part but she is one the first major woman writers whose works and letters contribute to a better understanding of just how insidious the Church’s influence and power was at bullying anyone who drew outside its approved lines. Hilde managed to stay within the line by changing them, and so fought fire with fire, so to speak, when it came to speaking on behalf of transcendental causal agencies!

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            • Carmen?! Tildeb’s not a ‘nasty brute,’ as long as you’re not at the end of his gunsights –! Besides, he’s Canadian – from the land of the terminally nice —


            • Losing your eyesight, Arch?? Didn’t see the wink at the end of that sentence? I was teasing him and he knows it. . . 🙂

              (Besides, he’s intimately involved with a Maritimer; he ‘gets’ us!)

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            • My ‘tone’ reflects what’s being directed at me. As for the ‘gunsight’, I just try not to be seduced into getting diverted. That’s usually what people do – go after my character, my apparent motivations, my tone – to divert me – and others – from sticking with the unanswered and/or inadequately accepted criticism. I am very polite and nice almost all of the time; it’s a nationalistic failing but one that I can conquer when being fed bullshit and told to smile and be honoured and say thank you for the privilege.


            • It’s safe to assume that all of these people are adults, and if they can’t stand the heat, they need to get out of the sauna.


  3. I met a young lady who insisted that she saw a miracle … on video. God assembled a passenger airplane from nothing. Pieces just flew through the air to assemble the plane and then when it was done God blessed it with a big flash of light.

    Apparently this young lady never considered the video had been played in reverse. Even the idea that a plane can be magically assembled out of thin air, qualifies someone to be an air head, no?

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  4. This fits perfectly into the victimhood/siege mentality of modern Christians. The movie God’s Not Dead 2, plays to the same sentiment. It contrives a persecution scenario that is never likely to happen with an evil scoffing atheist and a humble Christian who is vindicated by a loving ‘God’.

    It is in essence a Christian wet dream.

    But in reality this ‘God’ which is prepared to vindicate a humiliated Christian did nothing to stop the eradication of whole Christian communities in real history who prayed for protection that never came.

    It is just like in the Old Testament book’s where foreigners and their kings are said to acknowledge the Israelite god as the one true god. Yet these people apparently continue to follow their own gods despite this acknowledgement.

    For years I would ponder why these foreigners who say the power of the ‘one true god’ and even seem to acknowledge that god, did not become followers. It was only after I deconverted that I realised these were just like the tall tail you referenced. Made up stories that pander to the insecurity and incredulity of the faithful.

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  5. Wow. If only they’d make it more subtle they’d hook a lot more people. The one I heard growing up ran roughly as follows:

    “The platoon mates of a Christian soldier were constantly ragging on him for his faith. One night after an exhausting patrol the platoon came back covered head to toe with mud. Most of them fell directly into their bunks to sleep, but the Christian soldier knelt down at his to pray. This exasperated one soldier so much that he took off one of his muddy combat boots and threw it at his head. He didn’t stop praying, so he took off the other one and threw it too. He still didn’t stop praying, so he gave up and went to bed.

    “The next morning when he woke up, at the foot of his bed were his combat boots, perfectly cleaned and polished. That broke him. Weeping, he went to the Christian to ask him how he could love someone who had hated him so much, and how he could find what this man clearly had.”

    See, if you only include non-miraculous stuff, your urban legend is a lot more believable.

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    • Too bad more believers don’t act like this. Instead, (too) many would rather berate the non-believer and threaten them with the “fires of hell” if they don’t change their ways.

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  6. Adolf Hitler also believed in an “Impossible God” that saved him from several assassination attempts. The imagination of the human brain with our neuroreceptors are brilliant and flawed at the same time. We are capable of spectacular works of fiction or non-fiction, equally. 🙂

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  7. So, the soldiers all wanted to “serve” this dude’s god after this happened, eh? I like the way Charlemagne used to get people to follow his god much better than silly stories like this. He told folks, at sword point, that they could follow and serve his god or they could go meet him. That’s a more direct, and honest approach. And, it’s actually rather believable, when ya think about it.

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