19 thoughts on “Trump vs. Sanders — Sorta’

  1. Hahaha! Fabulous! Loved the good morning laugh, thank you Nan. 😉

    Modern campaigning for President or other top federal/state offices aren’t too different than this spoof, IMO. Contrasting the words and behaviour in what takes place today during campaigns and then what goes on while they are in office… seem to be completely different people! I’ve always wondered these last 20-30 years WHY? Why has that changed?

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    • PT, long ago, way before I got interested in politics, I made the comment that even though wannabe politicians have good intentions, once they get into office, everything changes. Why? Because the lobbyists ($$$) take over.

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      • You DEFINITELY nailed one major reason right there: lobbying! Yes, I’m blogging (continuing post) on that very controversial ethical subject right now, but on the Zionist lobbies which garnered (trapped?) the U.S. in heavily supporting the Israeli Occupation of Palestine after the Balfour Declaration in 1917 thru today. Zionists here in America specifically used radical Protestant Fundy organizations as well. :/

        Legislation by monetary funding… the REAL form of modern democracy.

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  2. Hilarious. The guys do great impersonations. My guess is tRump will win New York, but still not have the number of delegates he needs to prevent a contested convention. Paul Ryan will be nominated and win; tRump will explode in rage and run independently, thus sealing the fate of the foul, despicable GOP for quite some time. In case I’ve not pointed this out, I hate the Republican Party and everything it represents. As astronaut Neil Armstrong once said, “Boy, the Republican Party is really made up of a bunch of a-holes.”

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    • My greatest concern in this whole fiasco, is will it give us a Democratically-controlled Congress – that’s actually as important as who wins the White house.


      • Even more so, I’d say. I’m hoping the idiotic behavior of the GOP as a whole hurts them all throughout the ballot. I think their strategy is to focus on Congressional seats and control the nation with their b.s. that way. I hates ’em.


        • I think their strategy is to focus on Congressional seats and control the nation with their b.s. that way.

          They’ve proven that for six solid years. What pisses me off the most about Obama – and don’t get me wrong, I like him – is that for his first two years, he had complete control of everything and did very little with it. Maybe he thought he had more time.

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          • Maybe, but overall, Republicans, IMO, are much more comfy slitting the throats of their opponents than Democrats are. Obama should have simply jumped all over the opportunity he had, but he hesitated. Republicans have their knives and guns out all the time simply waiting for the chance to kill with them. We gotta stop being “nice” and “fair”. There’s nothing fair or nice about what the GOP is doing to the country. Nothing nice at all.

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          • I like Obama, too. But it can’t be denied he lacked experience when he came into office. He probably relied way too much on his “advisers” and lost sight of the big picture.

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    • I’m not sure I like your prediction about Ryan. To me, he’s a wimp — altho’ far better than tRump!

      I read something recently that the major stink in the Repug party came about when the tea partiers started asserting themselves. Altho’ the “old guard” share some of their principles, they aren’t as fanatical. Cruz is part of their evangelical wing of the TPs.

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      • Oh, I despise Ryan, too. I just think he’s the “boy” the Repukes like because he fits in with the powers that be in the GOP. The GOP, by denying tRump the nomination, though he’ll have a plurality of the vote, will tear the party to pieces. And that is a good thing.

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  3. Just read that Clinton recently made the case in one of her NY ads that she’s the only candidate “tough enough” to defeat Trump in a general election match-up. She’s a dreamer!

    To refresh memories (or if you missed it), read this article that I referenced in a previous post.

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