Ritual Abuse

Good stuff that Christians (and others) would benefit from reading and taking to heart.


17 thoughts on “Ritual Abuse

  1. Nan,

    You and Sirius Bizinus are right, anything or anyone that empowers fear much much more than is healthy or needed, has ripple-effects that the instigator(s) have NO IDEA the destruction rought. The effects are always way beyond their sphere of perception. And ironically, that initial fear is not real or never existed in the first place! That is where I REALLY see the sadness and utter waste. 😦

    Good share. Thank you Nan! ❀

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  2. Interesting viewpoints.
    Im opening this up to y’all for some feedback.
    I’m in spiritual “purgatory” at the moment. Shaking a belief in hell is frightening for me because it is so ingrained. My parents were not the ones that indoctrinated me, it was an ex husband. He was a preachers son (Pentecostal church). I loved him so much I converted and I have felt crazy since. Even my family wonders whAt happened to that fierce, determined, assertive and confident girl they raised! They do not believe in such nonsense and rituals and the judgmental nature of their institution.
    I am an anomaly on many levels.
    I don’t want to believe in it but yet the fear of it still motivates me, damnit. What if this is hell? I mean there are places on Earth right now that the conditions are so poor one could argue abandonment by the divine.
    I have no idea what to believe or what I even believe.
    I had to share this to stimulate some positive discourse because it sounds like some of y’all have been in similar circumstances to me.
    I feel like an abused person and the only thing I can attribute that to is my ex and my religious experiences and the abandonment and rejection I have and continue to experience.
    Living in the Bible Belt, it is difficult to make friends or have friends unless you go to church. And if people find out you aren’t involved, they put a scarlet letter on you and no one wants to talk to you, because they assume you are atheist. To them, an atheist is Satan. There’s no in between.
    That being said, I believe in something- not sure what and I can’t explain why or how but I know it’s none of the evangelical bs I have witnessed and experienced. 😒

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    • AintNobodyGotTimeBlog,

      I can SO EMPATHIZE where you’ve come from and where you are currently! I’ve been there too… yet today, regret NONE of what I’ve experienced! ❀

      I have much I could share, but equally am happy to listen to you and your unique experiences. But there are PLENTY of women out here — in cyber-land — that can offer the same. I guess my background could be "sort of" from your ex-husband's POV… but with me, HOW to get out of the programmed brainwashing; an "Exit" if you will.

      Let me know.
      Professor T

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      • This is why I am so glad for blogging and social media. I can connect to others that understand my plight despite the fact I am living in what feels like alien territory and I have a big “x” on my head every time I walk outside- waiting on one of the fundamentalist sorts to spot me and attack me through their vicious scrutiny and judgement (which has happened and is not just a perceived it is actual)- whether verbal or maybe even physical (which I was in an abusive relationship).I was not paranoid or depressed before my religious experiences and terrible relationships. I look forward to being the me I used to be which was confident, positive, happy and fun. I know I can get there again- it is a learning and growing experience and I hope through it I can help others, like you are, who are are going through the same struggles.
        Thank you for your outreach and kind words and I look forward to connecting and reading your blog more and interacting more on WP 😎✌🏽️❀️

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        • Absolutely ANGTB. I really get it. I live in Texas, currently the Hill Country (Central) and know EXACTLY what you are talking about — it is practically a DAILY occurence around here, sadly.

          I will wait for your continued reach-out in questions, etc., but I also give you the time and freedom to talk, ask, listen, read, etc…when YOU are comfortable. πŸ™‚

          And for the sake of full open disclosure — raw honesty — though I don’t need to mention this about myself, in your situation I do feel it is best… so… here goes…

          I am also in the SSC BDSM lifestyle — have been for 26+ years — as well as the Open-Swinger-Polyamory lifestyles. As you might deduce… this can sometimes put my initial ‘perceived’ character in a slightly or hugely different light! (chuckles) But I assure you, as all of my female friends and ex-girlfriends would too, I am a total gentleman. They would tell you my private personal intimate life… has nothing to do with my public internet ‘life’. I would agree with them and that’s how I truly behave. Nevertheless, there are of course those who are just too afraid to manage me and my WHOLE self… my whole very life-experienced self. πŸ˜€

          There you are… full disclosure Ma’am. ❀

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    • I soooo appreciate that you’ve opened yourself up. There are many who participate on this blog who can offer advice/suggestions/sympathy. In particular, Victoria (Neuronotes) is a great one as she lives in Mississippi and is very familiar with the situation you describe.

      As for shaking the belief in “hell” — let me assure you THERE IS NO HELL! I did extensive research on this for my book and can assure you it does NOT exist. If you can see your way to purchase my book, I think there are several points in it (besides hell) that will help you through your situation. (This is not meant as a commercial … just a suggestion.) However, if hell is your primary concern, drop me an email and I’ll send you a copy of the chapter I wrote on the subject.

      We’re all pulling for you!

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      • Thank you 😊😎❀️ I will definitely check it out. I am very open despite my brainwashing at the moment lol. I recognize the brainwashing yet I can’t shake it- so that’s the problem- like a bad habit or something.
        I will continue to interact and converse in the blogosphere as well and look forward to keeping up with your blog and others ❀️

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    • I think even the staunchest Christian will agree that without a ‘Devil,’ there could be no Hell – perhaps this look at the history of the devil will allay your fears —

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      • I just don’t understand how a loving creator could create such a defect and construct as the Devil who rules a place called hell. Yet a part of me wants to believe in it because there are certain people (murderers who kill innocent people) that deserve to be there should a place exist. Then there I go again- judging others when I don’t want to be judged myself 😳 See what I mean! I am driving myself crazy lol
        I suppose it will take time and a lot of therapy lol…


    • Something that might help a little with getting over the fear of hell – look into other religions from other parts of the world, and specifically their versions of hell. Then think about how little sleep you have been losing over those other hells, and how little the believers in those other religions worry about one you were indoctrinated with. Why should where you were born determine what afterlife you fear?

      And from what I’ve seen from people’s discussions online, getting over this usually just takes time. Humor helps too, laughter can be healing.

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