Is the Republican Party Doomed?

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One of my blog followers recently left the following comment on this post. I felt it needed a wider audience and have duplicated it here.

Do you agree?

I’ve never seen anything like this in the 35 years I’ve followed politics. Never. However, the writing on the wall’s been here for some time. My theory is that the ultra conservative Republican Party is in its death throes, and is desperately trying to hang on to a belief that America is here only for conservative white males who feel entitled to have “their” country serve just them, the true, real Americans. Obama becoming President is, and was, a clear sign that the country is not made up of just conservative whites. Their anger and rage at Obama for pointing this fact out to them, by being elected, twice, is the fuel that now feeds the beast known as tRump.

The Republican Party consists, as it has for 20 years or more now, of bullies who refuse to follow the constitution unless, of course, it serves their conservative agenda. Republicans who wonder were tRump came from need look no further than the Republican Senate that refuses to even speak to Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. Bully behavior breeds bullies. There’s no surprise tRump is here. The Republicans created him, and now, they can’t control him. Good job fellas. Good job.

78 thoughts on “Is the Republican Party Doomed?

  1. Let’s hope so.

    I mean the GOP being doomed. And why shouldn’t it be? Isn’t it about time? Haven’t we — and I mean the world — suffered enough because of it?

    The GOP is not exclusively to blame, of course, but this is a party of the retrograde goals (enriching the rich and impoverishing everyone else, and wreaking general destruction and havoc) )pretending to be “values,” obstructionism, and obfuscation of reality.

    The sooner it hits the dustbin, the better. Enough is enough.

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    • I don’t think the Party will vanish, though personally, it wouldn’t bother me if it did, I just think the Party as it is now, and has been for the past few decades, is going to have to change to survive. Lightening up, and un-clenching its clamped, conservative sphincter would be a great place to start-learning empathy wouldn’t hurt either.

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    • Conjoining it with Christianity is what killed it – likely the brainstorm of the same committee that canceled Star Trek after only three seasons.

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  2. I’ve had similar thoughts but I wouldn’t have been able to put it as well as inspiredbythedevine1. 🙂

    I think the republican party will continue on for years and years because bigotry and bullies never truly go away. But the GOP will be increasingly seen as “out of touch” with reality, and I look forward to its growing irrelevance.

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  3. I agree, they brought Drumpf on themselves. I’ve watched their uneasy alliance for years, and wondered how they held it together. Big Business, Big Religion, Big Military, and the NRA, taking over and trying to share a tent. Bigotry and xenophobia had always been a part of the mix, but only by implication and not openly acknowledged. Then add the Tea-Partiers whose main goal seems to be total government dysfunction. The classic small-government lower-taxes conservative was lost in all of this. It’s finally coming apart at the seams, and what they manage to patch back together may well look very different in the next few years.

    I’m just hoping that the Republican core does run a third candidate, against Drumpf.

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  4. I think a lot of people, regular people, are fed up. The real estate bubble, the financial crisis, all the while the rich get richer. The system is rigged against regular people. It is tilted towards the insiders. The politicians are owned by special interest, Wall Street, and the rich, and have sold their souls for re-election.

    Since Obama was elected in 2009 the deficit went from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. That is totally unacceptable. 60% of the revenue the government gets from us goes to pay the interest on the debt.

    Take a look at the National Debt Clock. This should really piss all of you off. Each taxpayer owes $160,519.

    So you wonder why a businessman is so high in the polls? Really? A multi-billionaire businessman who has NEVER been a politician and does not have the Silver Tongue all other career politicians have.

    It is all very weird. Trump doesn’t need to be President. If I was him I would move out of the USA and let all the rats drown in their own stupidity.

    I asked my self, why. Why would Trump subject himself to all this BS? He does not need the money or the fame. So, why take on the heartache of trying to help people who spit in your face? The answer. He has kids and grand-kids. He isn’t really fighting to save you or me, or all the other hateful dullards, he is fighting to save his family.

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    • So you wonder why a narcissistic, sociopathic, billionaire businessman is so high in the polls? Really?

      No, not really – there are a lot of sick, sad sheep out there who would allow a strong alpha dog to herd them over a cliff.

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      • So you think America is doing just fine then x1?

        20 trillion in debt and open borders is just fine?

        Auto manufacturers moving to Mexico and Canada is just fine?

        Corporations moving overseas to avoid tax is just fine?

        I can produce a list a mile long. America is on a downward spiral to bankruptcy and implosion. Looting, riots, and terror is always a heartbeat away. Do you watch the news?

        If it isn’t Trump then it has to be someone else. Someone who is from the outside of the good-old boys establishment club. Someone who has their own billions and runs their own campaign and takes NO money from the rich fat cats.

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        • Oh my. Have you been recording tRump’s speeches?

          I suggest you do some research on some of the claims he’s made. You may be surprised that not every word he spews is the truth and nothing but the truth.


        • Open borders are perfectly fine with me, if fact, I look forward to the day when Canada, the US and Mexico will be known as The United States of North America – that is, if Canada and Mexico will have us.

          Auto manufacturers moving to Mexico and Canada is just fine?
          Corporations moving overseas to avoid tax is just fine?

          Tax or tariff the hell out of products entering the country that were manufactured overseas under the auspices of those money-grubbing fatcats, and watch how fast they move back.


        • I agree with you Bobby on every point.

          I like my country. A country has to have borders, have to have laws, has to live within our means.

          Out of the Republican candidates, Trump should be the one that the left likes the most. He’s not a fundamentalist Christian, he’s not conservative on social issues, he’s worked with Democrats and has donated to the them. Out of all of our candidates, he’s the most left leaning candidate.

          I’m ready for an outsider. I think that’s one reason why Sanders has done well with the Democrats is because they know, Clinton is an insider just like most of the Republicans.

          The Republican party isn’t falling apart because of a bunch of angry rich white guys, it’s falling apart because a lot of us are tired of the usual politics, the pretend fighting with the other side, being bought off by corporations. I don’t want a socialist country, so I wont support Sanders. I want a country that loves itself and wants to do what is right by it’s citizens.


    • Bobbie, you are wrong about the deficit. Do the research. I did.

      … in the Obama era, the deficit has shrunk by $1 trillion. That’s “trillion,” with a “t.” As a percentage of the economy, the deficit is now down to just 2.5%, which is below the average of the past half-century, and down from 9.8% when the president took office.

      Also, you need to understand that “debt” and “deficit” are two different things:

      The country’s annual deficit is the difference between what the government collects in revenues and spends in one year. The national debt is the net of annual deficits minus any annual surpluses.

      As for why tRump is “subjecting himself” and “taking on heartache” — read this Time magazine article and you’ll understand.

      You would have done well to have written your first paragraph … and then stopped. From there on, it goes downhill.


      • The Time article is a liberal hit piece.

        Trivializing Trump’s narcissism to the old “well, they’re all like that”. I don’t think you really understand narcissism at all. In fact, their egos are not extremely strong — quite the opposite, their egos are extremely fragile, which is why they constantly seek affirmation for their inflated egos and have a very hard time tolerating criticism. That FRAGILITY, NOT STRENGTH, is very obvious with Trump.

        Some politicians are at the milder end of the scale and some are more severely impacted, but the reality is that an individual who actually wants the job of being President HAS TO have a grandiose sense of self-worth, a feeling of superiority, and an astonishing imperiousness to criticism.

        In order to run for that highest of offices; all we common citizens can do is hope that ALL the candidates, ALL of whom are narcissists, also have a conscience, a sense of ethics and morals, and at least a rudimentary capacity for empathy and remorse… In other words, all we can do is hope to God that they are not also psychopaths.

        Your linking to MSNBC, another totally liberal biased slant to untruth.

        x1, please read a real financial news outlet like Forbes.

        There is a huge deficit under Obama, as well as a doubling of our debt.

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        • Re: tRump’s narcissism — it doesn’t matter what definition you want to hang on it, it’s a detrimental trait for someone who wants to be POTUS.

          If you sincerely believe that a person who has a grandiose view of his own talents … has a craving for attention … is unable to take criticism … gets upset when people disagree with him … refers to women and other people in derogatory terms …

          If you truly feel such a person should be running this country, then by all means … vote for that person. But when you do, be prepared to suffer the consequences because they most assuredly will occur.

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          • You have to take a step back Nan. Trump is not a Silver Tongued politician. He wasn’t raised one, taught to be one, aspired all his life to be one, and will never be like all the other “politicians”. You get a little regular guy, with Trump. The regular people who are very pissed off at the politicians bought by the rich. You know, the rich people running this Country, spending our money, growing theirs, and running up the debt to keep all of us commoners slaves.

            All those seeking the Presidency are narcissistic to some degree, like I said, “If it isn’t Trump then it has to be someone else. Someone who is from the outside of the good-old boys establishment club. Someone who has their own billions and runs their own campaign and takes NO money from the rich fat cats.”

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      • …emotionally incontinent, a man wholly without—you should pardon the expression—any psychic sphincter.

        The author of that piece really has a way with words!


  5. Bobbie, as the owner of this blog, I am asking you to discontinue referring to archaeopteryx1 as “x1.” Either use his entire handle or refer to him as “Arch.”


  6. Nan,

    For the most part I agree with your Commentor Nan.

    However, after browsing through the current comments here, I feel many good points have been made and I don’t need to repeat them or repackage them.

    Furthermore, there are always risks of oversimplification regarding American political, social, and economic matters/issues THAT… without a doubt MUST be kept in context of their history — a more comprehensive method that is all too often well beyond most American voter’s private Time-n-Energy Investment, i.e. ‘give it to me in 5-10 minutes.‘ Hah! In a word, insufficient. Obviously, many American voters do not want to do their time consuming Civil Homework because the SAME voters have allowed our U.S. policies, legislation, government officials, the Constitution, and electoral process to become SO FREAKING convoluted… the majority of Americans, 70.2% according to 2010 U.S. Census Bureau statistics & 2013 stats, over age 24 do not even have their high school diplomas! In 2013 only 31.7% Americans had their bachelor’s degrees! 😮

    Is it ANY SURPRISE what average Americans have allowed to happen? Seriously.

    Why these are the hardcore American stats/facts is way too complex to get into here, a comment section where unfortunately emotions often override civil dialogue, at the certain risk of more oversimplification on my part… the “lack of higher educated Americans” (e.g. with capacities for simple & abstract critical-thinking skills) represents antiquated Capitalism perfectly.

    With that oversimplified closing 😉 … there are several successful political, social, and economic models in the world for America to learn from and mimick, e.g. most of the Nordic Models. My guess is, however, that those Americans ‘in power’ doing extremely well, will do EVERYTHING (legal or illegal, moral or immorally) possible to KEEP their lifestlyes and status.

    Oh, and if my implications haven’t been clear… I never had the least bit interest in watching that 2004 abusive TV sitcom “The Apprentice”. There’s way too much alpha-male testosterone in the world already; just look at what those hormones have done in the Near and Middle East. :/

    Good post Nan! Thank you.

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    • Excellent comment. I know you were responding to Nan, but I very much agree with you. Education, and the time it takes to actually learn what’s going on with the politicians and figures we vote for, are things not enough people have or do. Americans are poorly educated, as a group. Reasoning, intelligence, and the hard effort it takes to develop these things are simply not valued here. Money, the deification of the wealthy, and the blind worship of hate-mongering, misogynistic, xenophobic, petulant spoiled, lazy brats like ‘lil Donnie tRump have been embraced by far too many Americans. Our nation has, deservedly so, become a joke across the world because of this. Trump has the charisma and intelligence of a sea shell and the arrogant, angry, “this land is my land only” rhetoric spewed by the minions of, predominantly, white, poorly educated people who worship at his altar reflect this ignorance outwardly to the world. It is anti-Democratic, anti-American, and a stain on the greatest nation on earth that this garbage continues to go on. But, as long as hard work, education, reason, compassion for others and empathy continue to be things so many Americans seem to simply not care about, and as long as we seek simplified, hate-filled rhetorical answers to very complex issues, this brand of politics, and this show of stupidity we’re putting on for the world will go on unabated. It is an embarrassing, sad time to be an American. We should be a beckon of hope, light, and goodness to the world. We have the wealth and the power to show the world what it is like when intelligence, reason, compassion, and kindness are valued above all else. The popularity of tRump has shown me this pretty much is a lost cause. The sewer of fascism has opened its ugly head in America, and like Germany and Italy before us, it will take pain and bloodshed to close it ,if it ever does close. The idea of freedom and liberty for all is quickly fading from the American landscape. Welcome in now the age of tyrants.

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      • Americans are poorly educated, as a group.

        Have you seen tuition costs recently? Colleges – even state-supported ones – have priced themselves out of the market for the average American, and the poor American (economically) hasn’t a chance of getting a higher education, yet we wonder why the crime rate is so high.

        I’m in the process of trying to help a young man get into college after he graduates high school this Spring, and I’m getting a rude awakening as to how much things have changed since I was in college.

        I stole a penny piece of candy when I was 7, just to see what it felt like to steal, and I’ve never stolen a thing since, but bank robbery looks to be my only way of getting that kid into school.

        I spent a month in California as a teenager, and attended high school there, and one thing I learned was that the first two years in a state college there are free. I don’t know if that has changed since then or not, but I suspect it has. It would seem we simply can’t afford to invest in your youth anymore, and they are the future of our nation. Just imagine what could be accomplished if we could use our military budget for education!

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        • Another great point archaeopteryx1. You’ve given FURTHER evidence & support to antiquated-Capitalism epitomized.

          From that point-of-view it is no surprise that the highly educated (who can afford the elite educations & lawyers in most matters; lawyers who also represent the same social-class) can CONTINUE to keep this nation nearer an oligarchy (many would argue it already is) …than an egalitarian democracy, which Lady Liberty was intended to represent.

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        • Agreed. Tuition is so high only the wealthy can afford to go to college. Keep the poor dumb. It helps the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Deify the wealthy. Teach the poor if they but work really, really, really hard they too can be rich. BUT, make school tuition so high they can’t afford to go and become learned enough to see they’re being f**cked over and…the rich get richer, the poor deify them while keeping the belief that one day, too, if they try really, really, really hard, they’ll be just as rich as them. Welcome to the conservative Republican world of America. It’s the one our citizens voted for, or, didn’t vote for at all. Either way, it’s the America far too many of our citizens seem to be OK with.


      • Could not have stated it better inspiredbythedivine1! Bravo! 🙂

        One minor mention… don’t forget that there is ALSO a rising trending contingent in “lowly educated” America of a passionate desire/conviction to make this entire nation a Theocracy — ironically, quite similar to many nations in the Middle East that enforce Sharia Law. That is EXACTLY where those type of ‘religious leaders’ thrive. That is also extremely disturbing to me. 😮


        • Indeed. This is why The Bless’ed Ted Cruz, surveyor of the coming apocalypse and welcomer of the Second Coming of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ is right behind Herr Trump in votes. Remember, America was founded in the early 1950’s by Jesus, 3 very wealthy white dudes, aged 55-79, and Ronald Reagan. God bless America because…..GOD!!!! and because…..AMERICA!!


  7. The founding generation of Americans (those who brought us freedom from England and the Constitution) spent a great deal of time discussing public virtue and the corrosiveness of unbridled quests for financial gain. Both political parties, but more prominently the GOP, have helped bury any social responsibility that corporations may have felt they needed at least to pander to, and have made “Greed is Good” a motto for our finance system.

    Is there any wonder why so many of us want to burn the whole corrupt structure down and start over?

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    • Steve, excellent point! Agree 100%!

      Have you heard (I’m sure you have) Senator Ted Cruz’s “version” of America’s Founding Fathers and that in his words “clearly” this nation was created as “a Christian nation”? I mean… WOW! 😮

      I am constantly blown away by elected officials, on the level of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s intelligence, or any group of American citizens shout this VERY erroneous history! If I may Nan, I wrote a semi-short blog ATTEMPTING to re-educate a few American voters of BAD HISTORY! Here’s my humble post of corrected American history that the U.S. was NOT founded as a Christian nation…The Mistaken Identity of the U.S.

      Thank you Nan. 🙂

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  8. This question is for Bobbie …

    Did you watch the GOP Town Hall last night on CNN? If so, please tell me how you think your guy did because all I heard was a stream of rambling. Compare him with the way Kasich responded to questions and you’ll understand why so many of us think tRump is a total loser.

    P.S. Anderson Cooper pointed out that tRump was acting like a five-year-old in the Melania/Heidi antics. What are your thoughts about that?

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  9. Nan, I came back to familiarize myself with Leroy.x10, who I THOUGHT was involved in the discussion here; he stated and countered on my post The Mistaken Identity of the U.S. there that he was here. He mistakenly advocates that America was founded as a Xian nation. But I don’t see him anywhere. Was hoping I could learn more about his political position here.

    Are you familiar with him? Where are some of his political comments?


    • I had to ban him (for several reasons), but you can find some of his comments on the “Reality of Satan” post; however, this post wasn’t speaking to political matters.

      He also comments on John Zande’s blog so you might check there as well.


      • Oh my. I am very sorry to hear he warranted banning. I’m very glad I asked. Thank you Nan! 🙂

        And thank you for the info. He hasn’t responded yet to my counter-points over on my blog-post.


        • He usually responds to posts and comments in the evening, my evening time, CST, and not always the next day. He’ll vanish for a bit, then come back angry that people aren’t responding to him exactly when he wants them to. BTW, he loves Jesus very much. 🙂

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          • (chuckling)

            Thank you Jeff. I’m in the CST zone as well so that works. Thanks for the additional info as well. Loving Jesus is fine too — many people also believe in Peter Pan, Santa Claus, the Tooth-Fairy, and Ghosts too. As long as people keep those things strictly individual in their own private homes, while also respecting the rest of the immeasurably diverse people in the world… all should be just fine, eh? 😛

            Sadly, that hope is still centuries away as long as ill-founded intolerance exists and/or is perpetuated, more concisely the doctrine of John 14:6. 😦


            • Oh, Leroy won’t keep his Jesus love to himself if you engage with him. You’ll get one bible quote after another from him in response to every question or point you bring up. AND, they won’t be related to a single thing you’re talking about. You’ll also get lectures on stock investments, whether you ask for them or not, and they’ll also have nothing to do with what you’re talking about. So, yeah, lovin’ Jesus is fine, if kept to oneself, but when it interferes with EVERY conversation you’re having, it’s a problem. That’s why I’m starting J.A.- Jesus Anonymous. It’s for those trying to kick their life-stopping addictions to invisible things that no one else sees but them. $Amen$

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            • Hahaha… though I shouldn’t be laughing, but that was a funny assessment. 😉

              I am very familiar with the type Jeff. I’ve managed them many times for the past 25 years. Fortunately, I am extremely familiar with their bible, theology, and apologetics — I was in seminary for 3.5 years myself, Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS to be exact… and due to their own Canonization adherance, nothing they present is new or has been since the 4th century CE. 😀

              Btw, I love the idea of J.A.! There is a SERIOUS need for it!

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            • Ah, but according to the TC (TrueChristian) you don’t really KNOW the Bible unless, like them, you believe exactly as they do. Spent 12 years in Catholic school meself. 🙂 I still kinda like the Jesuits. I swear, most of ’em are atheists.

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            • Indeed, and your point is valid. If I had a dime for every single time a TC told me that or referenced the “Holy Spirit’s confirmation” of my intellect & heart… I could pay for my doctorate education in full! (laughs)

              “Believe exactly as they do”? As Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Calvinists, Armenians, Amish, Mennonites, Pentecostals, or Seventh Day Adventists? Or in your case, Jesuits, Franciscans, Celestines, Dominicans, or the some 33,000 various Christian Orders and Denominations out there? And I realize Jeff you most likely know all this & get where I’m coming from. This is why in utter frustration 28-years ago I just narrowed down all Xian variants to John 14:6… yes or no. If it’s yes, you’re an (elitist) Christian; no, and you’re not. Simple.

              And yeah, most ‘Catholics’ I’ve ever met I have utterly enjoyed — they don’t take things which can’t be proven… so serious. ❤

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            • Right. That’s what I was getting at. A TrueChristian believes it is his or her particular take, sometimes their individual take, on Christianity that’s the true one. Catholics aren’t true Christians cause they’re Papists, etc. This is what finally convinced me the whole boat-load of this stuff was nonsense.

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            • Agreed. If one would just take the unbiased TIME to do the scrutinizing homework, especially on the bible’s veracity, they would also have to agree with you Jeff. I always recommend to hardcore Xian Fundamentalists to start with independent sources (i.e. any non-Xian) of the 1st and 2nd centuries CE about the said events…and they must concede, there are SERIOUS embellishments and forgeries going on in the New Testament.

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            • I’ll bet many of them, if not most, probably do not take you up on that suggestion. They need but one book, the true book, the real book, God’s book: The Bible. I contour them with quotes from the Koran and say THIS book is real and theirs isn’t. That always stops the conversation dead.

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            • Hahaha! But ironically your logic merely mimicks theirs. A lot of the time, for them, it is really a question of WHAT they really trust emotionally (less so intellectually) as reliable, and HOW that trust is built for themselves emotionally & less so intellectually. That’s were the out-card or Get-Out-of-Jail card of “faith” comes in. Now, I wonder how faithful they’d remain if only 15% of the world’s population were Christians, or 5% or 1% like Judaism or less than 10,000 people? Most all studies and research show conclusively that ALL humans embrace their parent’s beliefs first, then their community, and maybe to varying degrees their region. In other words, how best does this ‘belief system’ serve me & my own interests today and the next 8-12 months. 😉

              Anyway, apologies Nan that we’re taking up all your comments with this tangent, though important, and I’ll stop here and ask Jeff if he’d like to continue it over on my blog. Thanks Nan for your patience & courtesy! ❤

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          • +Nan

            I did not watch the Town Hall. You have to realize there are three men who REALLY want to be president. They are FIGHTING for it very hard. Trump is just a rich business man. He does not have years of politics behind him and he is not blessed with the silver-tongue all politicians have. If he becomes Pres I really think he can get the right people around him to really turn things around. Secure our borders, make us safer, reduce our debt, fix the tax code for individuals and businesses, bring Corporations and jobs back, deal appropriately with ISIS and are allies.

            Why do you call him tRump? I know you do not like him but do you disrespect everyone you don’t like?

            You don’t really need to ban me. I mean really, isn’t it interesting to get another mind, someone different, weighing in. Someone God loving, blood bought kind of different? I was on topic, you just didn’t like what I was saying, and I never cussed. Bobbie, Roy, Leroy, Nathan, VidasDeCristo, LoveMonkey, and more.

            Anyone can have dozens of WordPress logins. You can even name yourself after a late Jurassic cow-sized bird-like reptile if that pleases you.

            I’ve been at John Zande’s blog for 4 years and never strayed, until you invited me hear. With John it’s always a post about God/Christian bashing. I’ve gotten to know John, not personally, but I’ve gotten to know him. He knows Scripture, front-to-back knows it, so every post is a twisted view of Scripture. I love studying the Word to see exactly why what he says is wrong. Sure we get off topic a little now and then, like in the 3 second fart post…


            True – Central Standard Time, USA.

            I do work all day and my wife needs attention. The house , property, and cars need attention. I guess I could hire someone but I like doing it. We have to cook dinner and I have to check on my investments. We rise early and go to bed early. I’ll check in daily if possible.

            I don’t really get angry Inspired, in fact I’m still waiting for the police to show up to arrest me for child porn on my hard-drive. Remember that? Still waiting. HaHa. After that I found to never take anything you say seriously.


            Professor T,

            See you commented to my reply, I’ll read it and formulate a response at


            Thank you Nan, Arch, Inspired


            • DUDE!!! Can you spell narcissist? I was NOT talking about YOU! Neither was Professor Taboo. I was referring to the person I named in my comment, Leroy. The comment has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with you, just like the rest of reality. Learn to read. Pay attention, and STOP thinking the earth revolves around you and invisible sky fairies. This is the most ridiculous comment I’ve EVER read. Good Zeus! What narcissism! PAY ATTENTION!!!

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  10. Apology accepted. 🙂 From both of you.

    BTW … can’t figure out why the smiley isn’t showing at the END of the sentence … ?? Very strange.

    BTW … based on the above discussion, here’s something you might want to check out. It’s an outstanding post by Captain Cassidy.

    You might also enjoy how one blogger responded to her post … and how SHE responded to Him.

    OK, now back to the regularly scheduled topic. *smile*

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    • Sorry about bitchin’ at Bobbie, but my Thor, what a narcissistic ass. He’s reading comments that have NOTHING to do with him, with another person named in the comment, and replying as if he were the topic being discussed. No wonder he likes tRump. Narcissists attract one another.


  11. Bobbie, first, before commenting on your comment about tRump — it appears you got caught in the middle of a discussion between Divine and the Professor and, as Divine pointed out, the banning remarks were not related to you. He perhaps got a bit harsh, but it does help to pay attention to the ongoing conversation before you jump in. At this point, I have no reason to ban you so any further discussion on that is unnecessary.

    Since you did not watch the Town Hall, all you had to do was indicate that. To continue on with why you support “His Majesty” was just repetitious and unnecessary. I already know why you think he’s god’s gift to the U.S. What I wanted was your reaction to his and Anderson Cooper’s comments at the event I mentioned.

    Why do I refer to him as tRump? Because you’re right. I have absolutely NO respect for him. I think all the negative ways he has been described fit him to a “T.” And no, it’s not my practice to show my disrespect in this way. tRump is most definitely the exception.

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  12. Just a note to my blog readers … after a fairly lengthy discourse related to the identity of someone who commented on this post … as well as an incident that took place “behind the scenes” by this person … I have deleted all relevant comments and that person has been banned (a second time).

    Please, if you haven’t already, read my Blog Rules as they will be enforced.

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    • I’ve been reading stuff like this for awhile. Personally I don’t think anything is going to change — at least in the short term.

      Although it pains me to say this, there is one good thing that tRump has done — he’s manifested the people’s dissatisfaction with their party … and Congress in general.


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