“I’m Not a Bad Person”

Poor tRump. He’s so besieged by all those nasty reporters who write up his exact words. I mean, really! They should know he doesn’t mean any of it. Because, after all, he’s “not a bad person.”

Just ask him.

I’ve had stories written about me … that are so false, that are written with such hatred—I’m not a bad person.

And not only that, he has “many, many friends” so wouldn’t that prove he’s not a bad person?

If you can stomach it, go here to read about the interview with tRump by the Washington Post Editorial Board. (If you’re SURE you have intestinal fortitude, follow the link to the full transcript … it gets worse.)

BTW. does anyone besides me wonder about those “millions and millions” of people that are coming out to vote for him? Millions and millions? That’s a LOT of people.

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  1. I have found that if a person is a good person, is honest, and has integrity they don’t have to keep telling you that. You will know it by their actions.

    I also have found that if a thing walks like duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck it is extremely likely that it is, in fact, a duck.

    Also where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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    • I’m for Trump. I am not a Dem, never was. Very conservative. I do not like being 21 Trillion in debt. I do not like open borders. I do not like our jobs going overseas, to Mexico and to Canada, and everywhere else, where it is cheaper for American manufactures, and call centers to make the the things, and do the things, they sell and do for us. They profit on us, and we get squat.

      I do not like career politicians, telling us what we want to hear to get elected, then doing nothing.

      Trump is a business man. He is not a politician and he will not tell you things that soothe your ear like all politicians do. He is a self-made billionaire and he is not bought and sold like every other politician. There are NO special interest monies behind Trump. NOTHING!

      Sure, Trump and Cruz squabble like little school kids in the 5th grade, but I loved the 5th grade. The status-quo isn’t working. Trump, or Cruz, might can fix it.


      • That’s hilarious, Bobby. Ya know what? I’m angry our jobs have left, too. I’m just as aggravated about conditions of our country as anyone else. Our healthcare system is broken. It’s the number one reason people file bankruptcy. Even if you have insurance the stop losses and out of pockets can break you.

        But Donald Trump is far from a self-made millionaire. You can’t associate that term with some one whose “small” loan from daddy was a million dollars and whose daddy co-signed on the loan for the rest. Most of us don’t have that kind advantage and it’s hardly pulling yourself up by your bootstraps if you do. That is not self-made.

        Furhermore, no he might not have special interest money behind him. He is a special interest. He’s made some of those millions you think are bootstrap kind of self -made buying off politicians. That came from his own mouth. Do you really think he’s going to dismantle the system that he helped create and that continues to help him make millions?

        He has his own manufacturing companies. In China.

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        • Our jobs have left because greedy company executives didn’t want to share the wealth with American workers who demanded a fair wage, so they moved the jobs to sweatshops overseas, away from regulations in place to assure that workers were paid fairly.

          Now if Bobby wanted to break the strength of unions, creating the same wage slaves here, I’m sure the jobs would come back – whatever it takes to keep the fat cats fat (a huge plank in the Republican platform!).


          • Exactly. Maybe our corporate tax is high but that’s not why manufacturing left. And now that corporations are used to paying sweatshop wages people need to wake up to the fact that we’re never going to make blue jeans in America again. If we brought those jobs back here regular people won’t be able to afford those products. Or, as you said, unions would have to be broken up and the people performing those jobs won’t earn a living wage. They’ll be worse off than they are now. More people will be on welfare and cue the racist chants against more illegal immigrants who will do that slave labor.

            Damn lazy ‘mericans not wantin’ to be slaves. :/


          • Our healthcare system is broken because doctors, Big Pharma, and their pet politicians need to keep up the payments on their new Benzes and titanium golf clubs.

            There was a time when doctors went into medicine for the sheer purpose of helping people.

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            • Of course. The point is we’re angry about the same problems we just don’t agree on the solutions to those problems or how those problems were created in the first place. Republicans want to deregulate corporations, banks, and wall street and regulate my personal freedoms. I want to regulate those things to insure my personal freedoms.

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        • Herr Trump was also allowed to borrow massive amounts of money from banks, default on the loans, then file for bankruptcy FOUR times. He considers this a good business decision. Who wouldn’t. Let’s see, I’ll borrow millions upon millions from banks, then, when my idiotic business ideas fail, I’ll simply declare bankruptcy so I won’t have to pay back the money I borrowed. Brilliant. IMO, ‘lil Donnie should be made to pay back every penny he ever borrowed from banks with a nice, fat 25% interest penalty tacked on to teach him how important it is to pay back what we borrow. You know, the kind of thing us normal, non-self-made people would be forced to do. Let’s see the self-made billionaire stay rich after that happens. Boot straps made of gold and lined with platinum from birth do not a self-made billionaire make. ‘Lil Donnie is a spoiled, petulant, narcissistic brat who wouldn’t know real, back breaking work if it came up and bit him on the arse.

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            • His supporters are voting for a man who cares for no one’s interests but his own. Very foolish individuals. I guess spewing hate, anger, misogyny, xenophobia, and racism are things his supporters admire. Makes them just a tad more scary than Herr Trump himself, IMO.


            • Yes, Inspired, there IS that. . . disheartening. I have said this before, on another blog (maybe this one?) that I have many FB friends, relatives, and blogging buddies who are American. Only one, out of that extensive list, is voting Republican (I’m not sure if she’s a tRump supporter – if she is, she hasn’t declared her support for him on FB) So I remain convinced that what we are seeing/hearing is a vocal minority of people in the States. Our daughter just got back from a trip to Florida, and she went out with my Aunt and her partner for lunch one day. They are both Democrats and just as appalled as we are here in Canada at the antics of the thug with a rug.


            • Yes. I think you’re right. ‘Lil Donnie has struck a cord with an angry minority of, mostly, lower to lower middle class white men who look at him as their savior. In the general election, I think Herr Donnie will not do so well, at least I hope not. Many Republicans are upset by him, too. The party created this guy, and now they can’t get rid of him.


      • Bobby, I’m glad you stopped by but I must warn you, you are in dangerous territory (as you’ve may have already noticed). The majority of people who participate on this blog are anti-Trump … as am I.

        All the reasons you listed are practically verbatim to what the people who support him say. It’s like a recording. But the part that’s left out is his complete lack of experience and (especially) temperament to be POTUS. Further, running a business is FAR different than running a Country! A good comparison would be the difference between playing with guns as a kid and being on a real battlefield.

        I urge you to look beyond his “platform” and see him as a person. Pay attention to the things he says about people (women, immigrants, protesters, blacks, Muslims, etc.). Further, listen for any solutions to the problems he continues to list. If you hear any, then you’ve got better ears than anyone else. (I suggest you visit my posting entitled “Trump Talk.” It is an excellent example of the type of gibberish he puts forth.)

        Of course, this is a free country and you can vote however you wish. But personally, this man scares me!

        BTW, if you haven’t already, I urge you to follow the link above and read the full transcript. THIS is a fine example of the man you think can run the U.S.A.

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  2. If I wasn’t already thoroughly convinced that Trump isn’t qualified to be President, that article would have done it all by itself. It absolutely boggles my mind that someone like this could even remotely be considered.

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  3. If the articles are quoting his actual words, and they are “written with such hatred”, then it’s pretty clear where that hatred is coming from.

    And somehow I’m remembering a certain politician who felt he had to reassure us that “I am not a crook”. I wonder if Drumpf has ever said that. I wonder if a reporter could get him to say that, it would be priceless!

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  4. I read the interview. This man is a deeply disturbed narcissist living in a realm of utter and complete fantasy. Ugliness, hate, bigotry, and self-adoration radiate from every pore of this man’s body. He’s gross, disgusting, vile, and a national embarrassment. He can’t even get his own party behind him let alone millions to vote for him. I’m just hoping people besides angry, white, lower to lower middle class men come out to vote in November. If they do, Trump will be sent home with his racist, bully tail tucked between his thick, nasty legs.

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  5. You know, I heard so much horrible stuff on the right about how awful Obama was. It was a frenzy. 8 years later, we are fine.

    I’ll be voting for Trump. Trump isn’t a dangerous man. No people have died that were close to him (check out death toll of the Clinton’s) . I’m glad Trump isn’t far to the right. I doubt he will do anything to change social policies (ie: gay marriage and abortion) . Most of the things he wants to do is with our economy and jobs.

    People are getting way too worked up over him. Blocking highways, walking around in his rallies, wearing KKK hoods, blocking businesses. He’s not the end of the world. If he’s elected, our country will be fine.


            • I’m more than willing to admit that I am wrong if it’s the case in 4 years. I was wrong about Obama. I bought into the hype. In the end, not much has changed. Shovel ready jobs? My parents still pay tons for health insurance. We still have terrorism. Our economy didn’t crash. Blacks and whites still fight. Nothing big really changes. I just think people are getting all worked up over Trump and he isn’t going to be as bad as everyone thinks. Idk….Maybe I’m jaded with politics.


    • I gotta disagree with you, Sally. The only person currently running that I think is more dangerous that Trump is Cruz. The problem with Trump is that there’s absolutely no telling what he would do. He’s a megalomaniac, and I’m not using that as an exaggeration. He’s the very definition of the word. And he’s not used to being told “no.”

      Remember a couple of years ago, when Cliven Bundy had federal agents trying to seize his cattle, etc? There was one point when Bundy was surrounded by the media, and he decided to dispense his wisdom about all kinds of things, not just his immediate predicament. He started one sentence with “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro…”

      No statement that starts that way is going to be good. But it was obvious that Bundy was someone who was used to being surrounded by people who thought exactly like him — or if they disagreed, they never voiced it. So he forgot that most of America would view him as dangerously misinformed.

      Trump is pretty much the same way. He’s been surrounded by yes-men for decades. He only gives respect to people who agree with him or praise him. He’s an authoritarian. And governments run by authoritarians tend to be dangerous.

      Hillary will likely be the Democratic nominee. She’s not perfect, but she’s at least rational, capable, and stable. I actually think she’d make a good President. She understands that the issues facing our country are nuanced, and she acknowledges that she’s not perfect. She’s always tried to surround herself with other capable people, and she’s reached out to experts to help her become more informed about complicated issues. She’s definitely made some mistakes — no question. But to me, there’s simply no contest this November. A Democrat needs to win. The only current Republican contender that I think would be decent as President is Kasich, and there’s very little chance of him being the nominee. I honestly believe that Trump or Cruz would be disastrous. I never felt that way about McCain or Romney, or even Bush… But these two guys really worry me.

      Anyway, I’ll step off the soapbox now… 😉

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      • Hillary has made tons of mistakes. Some have died from those mistakes. Who knows what intelligence was stolen because she chose to use her own server! Was what the US government provided for her not good enough? She’s a horribly flawed candidate. The death trail the Clinton’s have left behind makes them more dangerous than Trump, in my opinion.

        Seriously, what do you really think Trump is going to do? He’s one person. He can’t run the country like a king. He has to work with Congress. Obama had both houses and still had to fight to get through what he wanted. Is Trump going to fire our elected representatives?

        I got tired (and still do) hearing from the right that the left hate Christians, they are going to lock us up in concentration camps, they are going to collapse our economy…. And I’m telling you, the left is now doing the exact same thing right now with the Trump mania. Trump is just a business man. He knows how to get people excited to vote, a lot are new voters. Are Trump supporters going to Sanders rallies to piss people off? Are Trump supporters blocking roads? Are Trump supporters taking over podiums to spew hate towards whites? No, that would be BLM, moveon.Org , and Sanders supporters. What will happen if Trump is elected… Will we have riots ? Will stores be looted? Will those be Trump supporters doing that?


      • Well put, Nate. And I most definitely agree about Cruz! Which, in some ways, makes me glad that tRump is beating him.

        The thing about Clinton is her outlook changes as the tide changes. In some ways, this makes her seem not too unlike tRump in that she says what people want to hear. Nevertheless, she has a WORLD more experience and when push comes to shove … I’ll take her over him ANYDAY!!

        Actually, even though things don’t look too promising for him, I’m still “feeling the Bern.”

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        • I don’t disagree with you Nan, if I thought he had a chance, I’d support him, I just don’t think he’s electable, and in my mind, Trump must not win at all costs.

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      • Sally, the death trail stuff you’re mentioning is gross misinformation from right-wing groups. There’s simply nothing substantial there.

        The private server thing was stupid, granted. But does anyone expect Hillary to be an expert on servers or IT security? I work in IT, and I’m no expert. That issue does not lie solely with Hillary. Other people in the government who actually know more about IT should have insisted they not use a private server. It’s an issue, but to me, it’s nowhere near the issues that could come up in a Trump or Cruz administration.

        Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what Trump would do. But that’s part of the problem. You’re right that the Executive branch is confined by the other two branches, but it can still wield an awful lot of power. I’d prefer to not test out the scenario.

        I agree with you that it would be best if protesters would leave him alone. He has the right to speak, and his supporters have a right to gather. But moths are drawn toward flame, and the reason he’s getting so many protesters is because of the inciteful things he’s saying.

        I honestly think it’s great that you see the problems in both parties. I couldn’t agree with you more. But that’s why I have a hard time understanding why you’d support someone like Trump. To me, there’s just not much substance with him. Like the Douglas Adams article says, he’s simply playing on people’s emotions. It’s a power-grab. That’s all.

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        • “He has the right to speak” And where has his “right” to speak been destroyed? The man has media coverage like the second coming of Mohammad, and his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic message has been heard by people all over the world loudly and clearly. Trump is a girly man. A little girl who simply cannot stand the fact people don’t like EVERYTHING she has to say. She’s the definition of a spoiled rotten brat who has no idea of what the word “no” means. Protestors have a right to protest. If they’re loud, so what? Violence, which tRump advocates, should not be tolerated, but, loud sounds of protest against a racist pig are, IMO, totally acceptable. If tRump had any idea what it was to be an adult male, he’d welcome the protestors, engage them, and counter them with his strong opinions and policies on how to make America strong. He doesn’t do this, because he can’t. His policies change mid-sentance because they don’t exist. The ultimate sign of a narcissistic person. Most spoiled brats, when confronted with the word “no” toss a fit. And this is exactly what tRump is doing. He’s a little, spoiled rotten girl who’s never heard “no”. Poor thing. I feel so sorry for her. No wonder why her penis size is an issue so “large” it’s appropriate to her to bring “up” in a political debate. F**k you, tRump! Sink in the muck you rose from.

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  6. It seems the big narrative of this election cycle is a desire of many people to vote for candidates that do not represent business as usual. Bernie Sanders is as much an example of this as Trump.

    There is a real message here for the political elite that a system only works if sufficient of the population have motivation to continue to support it. It seems that the destruction of the middle class and the rise of the working poor has given rise to this support for candidates who will rock the boat. So Sanders and Trump are different sides of the same coin, the supporters of both have more similar aims than they realise, to some extent the difference is less their aim than the means they that aim should be achieved.

    Because the Trump supporters want to change the system they are less prone to change their votes when their candidate is attacked by the media than supporters of a status quo candidate (Mario Rubio being the prime example).

    Whilst Trump has a solid group of supporters, there are more people who dislike him. So he should not have a chance of election provides the Bernie Sanders supporters are prepared to hold their nose (so to speak) and support Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils.

    What really causes me despair is the rhetoric from Sanders supporters that they would rather not vote than vote for Clinton. That is the type of thinking that could deliver a Trump presidency.

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    • Finally! Someone who thinks as I do – an Australian who knows more about American politics than most Americans. I’ll bet ten people couldn’t even tell you who the Australian Prime Minister is. We’re pathetic.

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    • My not voting for HRC is a voice by saying #enoughisenough with the corruption and lies. I posted a video in comments below from anonymous, the hacktivist group, warning of HRC warmongering ways and lies which should give you a glimpse of what bs she spews…

      She bought her votes with the DNC and she says whatever will make her seem popular. A narcissist like Trump.

      And really and truly anyone would be better than Trump; other than HRC 😉 Which they are friends by the way- it won’t take you much searching to find photos of them being chummy together.
      Look up Bilderberg conference- you will also see the Clinton family and Bush family in attedence. Just a bunch of rich assholes feeding their egos and trying to take over the world. Been in existence since WWII…really all time. There’s always rich assholes in every generation really lol- but these decided to play war for fun- and that is where I stop laughing at their stupid games.

      It would be nice to see a female in the WH just not her or Palin; or any other puppets of this house of cards. HRC voted for the war in Iraq (biggest mistake in American history). Sanders was against it always.
      That’s what Sanders stands for to many of his supporters- this is more than an election- it’s a revolution for true democracy.
      You are most likely witnessing a catalyst in American history for progressives. Washington cannot ignore us anymore.😎✌🏽️
      No matter what- things will change- and I can only hope for the better ❤️

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  7. I can’t stomach it because I believe I live around the “millions and millions” who follow his sorry ass lol. It’s a reality for me unfortunately. There are still Trump signs in every other yard; not to mention the Trump bumper stickers on their diesel jacked up trucks (ick). Not that the trucks are bad- just the sticker- but the truck stereotype certainly fits the supporter stereotype in most cases 🤔 Lol
    I just learn to keep my mouth shut surrounded by the evangelical fundamentalists who support Trump just because he “says what he thinks” and “believes in God.” Probably why I vent all that anger on my blog because I have no outlet in the bubble I live in lol. I will be burned at the stake for stating any other way lol.

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      • HRC is one and the same as Trump unfortunately…😰
        This is why I am #StillSanders and #Bernieorbust
        I think we are watching history unfold. We thought Bush was bad- I have a feeling as we say in the south, that “we ain’t seen nothin yet.” 😢
        My family and friends who are in the military say what Morten Storm (the CIA double agent) said about HRC is true “she plays Russian roulette with American spies” and she’s a “warmonger.”
        Being a pacificist with family in the military, I cannot in good conscience let another Bush or Iraq War happen 😟 So that’s why if Bernie cannot pull enough votes to beat HRC buying out the DNC- then my happy ass is going in survival mode and I will go in political hibernation mode 🙈 I have done what I can by casting my vote in the primaries so that’s all I can do in my will power other than #educatethepublic

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  8. You know, I’ve made the same argument Sally is making. A President only wields so much power, right? But here’s the thing with Trump that sort of scares me. He’s filthy stinkin’ rich. That’s his platform, right? That’s what he’s running on. He makes deals. We all know money talks and bullshit walks. Those politicians whose pockets he’s been lining? He’ll keep lining them to get whatever he wants. Only as President he has a whole lot more power than as a private citizen, even a rich one. The rules are out the window with Trump; as is evidenced by his entire campaign.

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    • But then HRC isn’t far behind Trump in the cash flow. She bought the DNC virtually that’s why Tulsi resigned as vice-chair (and to support Sanders) to show we are operating in a corrupt system.
      She scares me because she just says what she thinks will make her popular and look good- just like Trump- a true narcissist 😟

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      • I just don’t see Hillary that way. I can see why some do — it’s just not how I see her.

        Is she opportunistic? Yes. Has she changed her position on things? Yes. She’s a real politician. But I also think she cares about this country, deep down. I think she honestly believes that she can do some good things. Look, she’s definitely ambitious. But I doubt we’ve ever had a President who wasn’t.

        Trump, on the other hand… I think he’s only out for himself. Instead of recognizing that “with great power comes great responsibility,” I think he would combine great power with great ignorance. Not that he’s stupid — I just think he’s ignorant about what it takes to be President.

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        • But don’t you want to stop settling and have a person for once who has told the truth and stood up even if he seemed crazy for what is right? 😉😎❤️
          Bernie’s your man then…
          He was arrested in the 1960’s for protesting segregation meanwhile HRC was campaigning for Goldwater (a republican) who was for segregation 😮

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          • Look, I’ve loved Bernie for a long time. I read his book The Speech a number of years ago. My wife and I took our 3 (young) kids to his rally in Birmingham on MLK day. I really do like him. I’d be fine if he were the nominee. But I also like Hillary. I like them for different reasons… Bernie appeals to the idealist side of me, and Hillary appeals to my realist side, I guess.

            All I know is that I want one of them over anyone from the GOP. 🙂

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            • Yep I respect that I do. Especially running against a bum-eff like Trump lol.
              But I tell you as a history and political science major (pre-law) that our history is about to change and I feel that I am part of a larger movement than a campaign or an election; I feel I am on the side for positive change for democracy and I am letting that idealist you speak of in every one of us “trump”(lol) the realist and it seems a lot of other people are too- and that’s just awesome! It’s invigorating to be so United and to have friends add you on FB because we all want the same things- he truly is a Uniter not a divider and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life in an election especially…
              And ’bout damn time lol…
              The electoral college is and always has been bogus- and Citizens United allowing Super PAC’s was a huge KO on democracy…😔
              That’s why I’m so fierce because I look at my two little girls and I want to tell them mommy was a part of something that helped them have a more peaceful and progressive world; and more democratic 😉😄
              Yes, dreamy optimist I know- but one can only hope right?!
              One things for sure- in the very least- Bernie Sanders just showed how pissed off America is at the system and I feel that’s a step in the right direction 😎❤️

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        • This has been my contention all along. Many feel that because he’s a “businessman” and not a politician, it’s a good thing. To me, this is very flawed thinking. The “job” of POTUS is NOT like running a “company” and putting your name on buildings.

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            • Due to the fact he was born to a filthy rich man manned, Donald Trump Sr. It’s irrelevant what $ you make if you make it from mommy and daddy’s money. tRump has made money from daddy’s $ and from the $ he’s borrowed from banks that his spoiled rotten ass has not had to pay back due to bankruptcy laws. tRump is an effeminate spoiled bitch who has no concept of real life. He’s a girl. A small, little, spoiled girl who’s muscular fortitude is, at best, effeminate, and whose knowledge of politics are no greater than that of a 6 year old girl. tRump is an asshole. An asshole whose stench has permeated American politics so deeply it can’t be expunged. F**k Donna Trump, and f*ck Donna tRump supporters. They’re Anti-American monsters who’ve failed Democracy and who’ve failed humanity. F*ck ’em all to hell!


        • He is stupid. I’ve just read the transcript of his WaPo interview. Dog help us.

          I feel as though I should not even make fun of him any more (not that I have been much), because it’s almost unfair to ridicule someone so obviously impaired.

          But, dear god, this man is a moron. He should choose Palin for vice president and the two of them would make America grate again.

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          • He should choose Palin for vice president and the two of them would make America grate again.

            What’s Dan Quayle doing these days. Frankly, I always wanted to see a Quayle-Palin ticket.

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            • Oh dear, I forgot about that one.

              I’m sure Danny is doing well. Once you make it into the golden circle of money and power, you’re secure for life, no matter what you do or how badly you do it.

              Speaking of which, I believe now that Drumpf is dumber than Palin. I know, unthinkable — but his evasions (in that WaPo interview) are even clumsier, and certainly more pathetic, than hers back in the day.

              I do not think he has a chance in the general election.The violent zeal of his supporters does not make up for the necessary votes, and, thankfully, a majority of people can see through him. But then I thought the same about Bush — and look how it turned out.


      • Oh, I realize that. But he can’t pass legislation on his own without an Executive Order(which is limited in it’s scope). He can, however, funnel a lot of cash to senators and congressional representatives to buy support for whatever legislation he wants. Just like he already does, except with the guarantee that it won’t be vetoed. He can also pay those same politicians to shoot down any legislation he doesn’t want before it ever even hits his desk for a veto, ensuring that during his presidency it will never pass.

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      • He’s already bragged about being able to buy politicians. People who don’t think he’s part of the establishment don’t seem to realize that he’s helped to create it. Do you really think there’s going to be any meaningful anti-lobbying legislation under his tenure? I don’t.


  9. Andy Borowitz (for those who don’t follow him on FB):

    This is actually on my bucket list. When Trump talks about how he would smash ISIS, kick twelve million people out of the country and bring China to its knees, just once I would like a reporter to ask, “How did your career as a reality show host prepare you to do these things?”

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  10. To make threats against China is incredibly dangerous for the whole world.

    This is why I repeat that if it comes down to a Clinton/Trump contest then the Sanders Democrats could be playing with the future of the world if they fail to support Clinton. I know the Sanders supporters don’t like Clinton but spite is no reason to put the whole world at peril.

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      • So yes then, we are different. I’ve always been a conservative, voting republican. But it really hasn’t done us any good. All politicians are crocks. Dems or Reps, look at the mess the lot has gotten us into.

        Trump has his flaws, yes. But the one thing he is not is a politician. Maybe that’s why why so many people like him, he isn’t the same old BS we had before who can’t get anything meaningful done.

        With Hillary expect nothing changes, the debt continues to increase, perhaps we go bankrupt as a nation and we continue on the downhill slide.


        • I know this thread is a couple of days old, but I just caught up with comments. The one thing I want to add is that one of the many reasons I vote Democrat is because of the debt. In the past couple of decades, while the Republicans have promised to drive down the debt, they’ve done the opposite. They promise tax cuts and spending cuts, but only deliver on the former. At least Dems tend to pay for their spending.

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          • But to hear them tell it … it’s ALL the Democrats fault.

            Both party participants act like little kids.

            “You pushed me!”
            “You pushed me first!”
            “I did not! You pushed me!”
            “I did not!”

            And on and on it goes.

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            • Yeah, but no one can throw a childish hissy fit better than the Republicans. “Let’s refuse to even TALK to the guy Obama nominates for the Supreme Court. We HATE Obama. He’s a Democrat AND he’s black! How the f**k did THAT happen!? Yes, it’s our job to talk with the person the current President nominates for SCOTUS, but we won’t. And no one will care. Geez, where the f**k did Donald Trump come from? How did this happen in our party? We’re SOOO confused!” I’ll accept that both Parties are exactly the same when someone can show me empirical evidence that Bernie Sanders is no different than Ted Cruz and tRump. A tRump could only have risen to power within a Party of bullies like our current batch of Republicans. As well, Sanders can only exist as a complete independent or within the current Democratic Party. The differences between the Parties and their voting constituents are vast and, to me, clearly illustrate how polarized our country has become.

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            • My 75-yr-old uncle was here for a visit this morning. He lived in Florida for 25 years. He’s watching the Primaries with a keen eye. He is astounded at the shenanigans and feels that it’s the beginning of the end of the Republican party. . and he thinks it can’t come too soon. (Although he doesn’t like Hillary, either, but wouldn’t vote for tRump)

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            • I’m not a huge Hillary supporter either, but, I’ll vote for her if she’s the nominee. I agree, as well, that the implosion of the Republican party has begun. It’s become a Party that primarily represents only the richest people in the U.S. We need a redistribution of wealth here desperately, and we need a democratic government that plays by democratic rules, not oligarchical ones. It’s time for the bully mentality to end, and a more reasonable and compassionate one to take its place.

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            • Did you notice how long it took Romney to finally concede? SOMEone had clearly convinced him the election was in the bag, and he was in shock – it had never even occurred to him to write a concession speech in advance, just in case.

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          • “The differences between the Parties and their voting constituents are vast and, to me, clearly illustrate how polarized our country has become.”

            Thing is … I don’t recall it being this bad over the years. Sure, there’s always been contention, but it seems to have gotten worse during GW’s term (Iraq and Cheney) and then, of course, as you say, when that “black Democrat” took over.

            And now? Well, you know and I know who has stirred the pot.

            But I’m no expert. It’s only been in the last several years I’ve even had an interest in politics. I was like the proverbial ostrich for most of my adult life. Sad, but true.


            • I’ve never seen anything like this in the 35 years I’ve followed politics. Never. However, the writing on the wall’s been here for some time. My theory is that the ultra conservative Republican Party is in its death throws, and is desperately trying to hang on to a belief that America is here only for conservative white males who feel entitled to have “their” country serve just them, the true, real Americans. Obama becoming President is, and was, a clear sign that the country is not made up of just conservative whites. Their anger and rage at Obama for pointing this fact out to them, by being elected, twice, is the fuel that now feeds the beast known as tRump. The Republican Party consists, as it has for 20 years or more now, of bullies who refuse to follow the constitution unless, of course, it serves their conservative agenda. Republicans who wonder were tRump came from need look no further than the Republican Senate that refuses to even speak to Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. Bully behavior breeds bullies. There’s no surprise tRump is here. The Republicans created him, and now, they can’t control him. Good job fellas. Good job.

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            • To tell you the truth, I refer to him as my irascible uncle. Who else could get away with telling me, “You look good fat!”

              What can I say? I luv the old feller. . .

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