A Trump Rally Visitor

The following was written by a young man named Jordan Ray Correll after he and his friend visited a tRump rally in Fayetteville, NC.  It is such a powerful narrative I felt it needed a wider audience so I’m posting it here. The original can be found at the Daily Kos website, where it was published with permission from Jordan.

“So, if you know me or my friend, Seth Quackenboss, then you know that we often get ourselves into ridiculously wacky situations, especially when we’re together. Yesterday was one of those days. We decided to drive down to Fayetteville in order to hear a certain orange politician speak. Yes, you guessed it. We went to a Donald Trump rally.

Now, I am not a supporter of Mr. Trump in any way, shape, or form. I’m quite inclined to a certain berning sensation that I’ve been experiencing for some time. But that’s beside the point. The point is, we thought that we were in for a time of jokes and hilarity. And at the beginning, it was. There were a few speakers before Trump came out and they were not well organized at all. They were comical. One man, a veteran, said that he had shed blood on 7 continents. And unless I missed the great Antarctica War, I highly doubt that’s true. Let it be known for the record, that I am not against veterans in any way shape or form. I just thought that particular comment was funny. Because I doubt he actually wounded someone in Antarctica. But a more plausible explanation would be that he was doing penguin research and accidentally pricked a penguin and it bled. Anyway…

One speaker also said that we needed to get rid of 911 calls and we all need to handle our problems ourselves. Well…that’s highly unlikely. I can’t imagine that people will start forgoing 911 calls when their house in burning down in order to try and extinguish the fire themselves. But, ya know, it’s a nice thought.

So those were my laughable moments. Trump was about to come out. We had our signs ready. We were going to go all out. Yelling and screaming and whatnot.  Because, why else were we there if not to join the spectacle? He comes out. People go crazy. For the first twenty to thirty minutes I sat there with high expectations of hilarity. After half an hour, my feelings turned extremely grim. I was scared and upset. Let me explain…

Trump basically said the same few things the whole time. He knows exactly what will get a cheer from the crowd and he says it. He mentioned his wall several times. About five or six if I can remember correctly. At one point he said “We’re going to build a wall. And who’s going to pay for it?” And the crowd yelled, “Mexico!” and then they lost their minds. Now, we all know exactly why this is stupid. So I won’t elaborate. It was just very unsettling. He mentioned ISIS several times. About ten. But not exactly how to stop ISIS. Just comments like, “We’re gonna get ISIS,” and “ISIS is going down.” Blanket statements. He did say that for America to win again (any sort of winning, not just against ISIS) we have to go outside of the law and he isn’t afraid to do it. And that’s unsettling for several reasons. But I’m just reporting the facts. And that was all he said on policy. Completely void of content or substance. Just statements that would get the crowd cheering.

Now, let’s talk about the protesters. There were many. I think throughout the hour long rally, there were roughly 15-20 groups of protesters. Some of them were individuals and some were in groups. They popped up throughout the rally here and there. And some of them were yelling and causing a raucous but some of them were just standing there with their anti-Trump shirts or their pro-whoever else shirts. They were all removed. Peaceful or violent.

One man had a shirt that said “Love is the answer,” and he was thrown out. Trump’s comment on this man was, “And love is very important but I mean, who’s making love to that guy?” And my stomach churned. A few minutes later, a woman stood up not far from where the other man was and starting protesting. She was removed. Trump’s comment was, “She was with the other guy. They’re actually a couple. A *clears throat* beautiful *gagging noises* couple.” And the crowd laughed and cheered. It was horrifying.

But out of everything I saw, the crowd was the worst part. I have never seen more hateful people in my life. Everyone was just filled with so much hatred. If a protester had a sign, even the peaceful ones, they would take the sign from them, rip it up, and throw it back at the protesters. Whenever a protester would get removed, the crowd would yell horrible things. Once, after a protester was removed, Trump said, “Where are these people coming from? Who are they?” A lady, sitting not 5 feet from me, said, “Well hopefully when you’re president, you’ll get rid of em all!” Get rid of them? Get rid of anyone who opposes Trump? It was sickening. I felt truly nauseous. And these people loved the protesters. They loved the drama and the chaos. And Trump fed upon it. It was easily one of the strangest and uncomfortable things I’ve ever witnessed. I could just hear the horrible things being spoken around me and it made my skin crawl.

Needless to say, there was very little laughter on my part. I thought this was going to be joke…and it was, but for a very different reason.

I implore you, if you’re thinking about voting for Trump, reconsider. You are only promoting chaos and hatred. I witnessed it firsthand. And trust me, this is not something you want to see in person. This is not what you want to happen to our country.”


50 thoughts on “A Trump Rally Visitor

  1. Oh dear. Sickening. And these people live only an hour+ away from me (I’m on the N Carolina coast)! And now I’m starting to see Trump signs everywhere. But I guess it’s not just here, it’s all over the country. 😯

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    • Anyone who thinks the above work by Emma is a fluff piece and not worth reading, would be doing themselves a great disservice by not going to read it – something I highly recommend!

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        • Do you want to hear something really strange? I get email notifications of comments and “Likes” from blogs I follow, and in each instance, it will read, Nan, or Ark or whomever “liked your comment on A Trump Rally Visitor,” just to give an example.

          Only when YOU comment, Emma, do I get: “Someone liked your comment on A Trump Rally Visitor” – not Emma – never Emma – but “Someone”. Strange, huh?

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          • It is strange. I’m probably doing something wrong. WP perplexes me, and 3/4 of the time I have no idea what’s going on or what I’m doing on it.

            I also have and used two different addresses and avatars. I started this adventure with my real life e-mail address, but panicked when realized that it makes me instantly identifiable. So I created a new one just for the WP use, with the picture of Orion in the ava.

            Maybe that has something to do with it? Though I don’t see how.

            Or WP just does not like me and wants me gone (sniff, sniff)… Well, I’ll show’em when I become preznit! 😉

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  2. Trump scares me. Well, not so much the man, but the fact that such a man can be so popular. I’m a Republican, but if he wins the nomination I think I shall have to vote against my own party this time.

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  3. The mass/ mob is stupid and unthinking. Once one single person has insulted a protester, it becomes quite easy for others to act in a similar manner. I actually don’t find Trumpf supporters strange, it is what you would expect, what is strange, from where I sit, how can so many people be so filled with hate that they would rally behind such a person. To answer myself, I look back at history and realize Napoleon did the same thing. Was hailed a great leader for his killing expeditions.


  4. Had dinner last night with a Liberty student. He’s been to a Trump rally there. He’s not a supporter. Apparently they had a mock election and out of 15000 students fewer than 100 voted for Trump. I don’t know more details than that.
    In trying to confirm this I found this about Bernie Sanders and Liberty. He spoke there last year.


    • When the great tRump spoke at Liberty in his endeavor to win over the evangelicals, he made a laughing stock of himself. Here’s a brief excerpt from an article about his speech:

      But Trump, who has eagerly targeted evangelicals — a key voting bloc in the first caucus state of Iowa — in his quest for the presidency, tripped over himself Monday as he attempted to quote from the Bible to connect with the crowd of students at one of the most prominent Christian universities in the country, and the largest in the world.

      “Two Corinthians, 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame,” Trump said, drawing laughter from the crowd of students at Liberty University who knew Trump was attempting to refer to “Second Corinthians.”

      His attempts to be “Christian” are so transparent when one pays attention to the type of speech he uses at his rallies. Plus his “loving” reactions to those who disagree with him. Yet the “great leaders” of the faith gather together and pray for his success. SMH

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  5. That was worth sharing, Charles. I was pleasantly surprised by the cheers of support for his stand. I’ll just say that I think Bernie ROCKS!!! 🙂


    • Arch, Cardinal Pell is a very easy target in the Australian media. I feel sorry for him in an odd way, I suppose a bit like I might feel sorry for CS. Some folk are their own worst enemies. When a guy is staggering around, punch drunk, is it really sport to continue hitting him when he can’t effectively defend himself.

      I doubt that Pell was behind any sort of conspiracy, I think incompetence is a far better explanation for a lot of what went on rather than a Machiavellian plot. I am not denying that some very bad decisions were made but having seen something of the decision making process of institutional churches from the inside on these issues there was an incredible amount of naivety involved and a sort of hope that it would all go away if it could be kept contained.

      But it really points to the Church being a very human institution.


  6. More good stuff …

    This was written by Andrew Seidel, a civil rights and constitutional attorney:

    “The rise of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate stopped being funny a few months ago. It’s serious. This man, who is too thin-skinned to hear an insult, will have control of our nuclear arsenal. He will have a presidential podium to hawk his steak, wine, and other infomercialesque products. The lives of every American serviceman and woman will be in his tiny hands. Put simply, we have a duty stop bullies from attaining political power and Trump is nothing but a scared bully. When he started claiming his First Amendment rights were being violated by protesters fed up with his vitriol and dishonesty, I couldn’t let it go.”

    Here is how Andrew answered tRump’s tweet related to the Chicago protest shutting down “our First Amendment rights”: “The First Amendment protects citizens from the government, not from unfriendly audiences.”

    And in answer to tRump’s (false) claim that it was the police that shut the rally down, Andrew tweeted: “The protesters were exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly. That’s why the police didn’t shut them down.”

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    • So it is a form of protection racket.

      If it was not so tragic it would be funny. It seems that the movie Idiocracy was indeed prescient. This is the Presidential address from that movie:


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