Be Grateful


10 thoughts on “Be Grateful

  1. Humm. I don’t know about this one. These kinds of videos always show disabled people as the unluckiest on earth. As a seriously disabled woman I’ve have far too many people say to me, “I’m just thankful I’m not in your position.” That’s not really affirming or helpful to someone struggling with disabilities. Though I do understand the point of the video and what it’s trying to say, I don’t like the way it’s presented. 😦


    • “I’m just thankful I’m not in your position.

      Response: “Oh, I agree, ‘patronizing condescendence’ is SO much better – I’ll have to try it sometime if I can find anyone worse off than I am —

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      • Hey arch, good to see you! Ark was throwing around the word di*k on Mak’s blog, and you missed your cue. Been incognito lately or having computer problems again?


        • Not at all – I’m largely on Ark’s blog, sometimes here – I keep waiting for you to email me an update, but so far, crickets.


    • I’m truly sorry if this seemed offensive to you. My primary reason for posting it was the “Be grateful for what you have” phrase. So many people go through life complaining and being unhappy because they don’t have something they think will make their life better.

      BTW, anyone who makes the comment you mentioned is most likely suffering from their own “unseen” disability … the one they keep hidden deep within themselves for fear others will think less of them.

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  2. Hey Nan! I had some time today and decided to watch The Life Of Brian. In this clip the guy hanging from the wall is giving Brian a lesson in thankfulness, which made me think of this post. The entire show is hilarious if you ever have time to watch it, but here’s the clip that applies:

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