Trump Follower?

A Muslim man who was involved in a minor traffic mishap tries to apologize to the other driver … and this was her reaction. (The incident was recorded on the man’s phone.)

You can read more here. The article says the incident occurred in Alaska, but one of the people who left a comment said it happened in No. Carolina.

88 thoughts on “Trump Follower?

    • I’d seen this one before, but it’s been awhile. I totally agree with what the You-Tuber wrote … “that’s the mentality that keeps us from progressing.”

      Even though this attitude has been there all along, tRump has brought it to the surface by spewing his own bigotry and racism — and this has given people the idea that it’s A-OK to do the same.

      I know I’m pretty much “preaching to the choir” when I add these posts about “him,” but it scares me sh__less to think he might one day be in control. This country is already torn apart and divided (primarily since Obama was elected … and we all know why that is). Imagine how much worse it will be if tRump is elected and brings his intolerant and prejudicial attitude to the Oval Office!

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  1. The person I refer to as That Fat F***** (censored since this is your blog not mine@ has a lot to answer for. But in reality all he’s doing is bringing to the fore other people’s deep seated prejudices.


  2. Did I miss something…did she have a Trump bumper sticker? I tried to look but didn’t notice.

    He should turn that video into the police and she should be arrested for saying that she was going to kill him and run him over.


    • You’re correct … there doesn’t seem to be any indication of a tRump sticker. However, her reaction falls right in line with the rhetoric he’s putting forth so I would say it’s not too big of a leap to make the connection.

      There have been protesters at his rallies that have actually been physically harmed and nothing has been done, so I doubt this video would even create a stir. JMO.


      • Then I feel it’s wrong to post this video and say she is a Trump supporter. I find her actions horrible and I most people I know would too. It’s your blog and obviously freedom of speech is protected, but I feel this feeds into the continuous bickering between the two parties. I noticed you wrote tRump, I’m not sure why that’s needed. Just my opinion.


        • Sally, notice the title of my post. While I do tend to think she IS a Trump supporter because of her reaction and words, I did not say this is so many words.

          I have no respect for him, thus I write his name as you see. I’m sorry if it offends you.

          Further, I don’t see where this feeds the bickering between the two parties. While I definitely do not care for the “politics” of the other Republican candidates (nor do I care for Hillary), I am primarily focusing on Trump because I truly and deeply feel he will be VERY bad for our country.

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          • It still lumps Trump supporters together as that imbecile you posted. And so when I try to talk to people in a logical way, I’m called many names. If you’re posting videos that suggest maybe she’s a Trump supporter and others are as well… Then u are a part of feeding into a frenzy to label Trump supporters as a bunch of vicious racists. It gets us no where.

            I don’t care when either side changes a person’s name, tRump, Killary , Faux News… I don’t see how this helps two sides to come together to find common ground. Are u going to want to have a nice debate if I’m calling Burnie names and said all supporters are lazy because they want free stuff.

            I think Bernie would be bad for our country, but I don’t have to cut down his character or make fun of his name or post videos saying this must be a Burnie supporter… I feel it works better if I give reasons. Again, your blog lol

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        • I noticed you wrote tRump, I’m not sure why that’s needed.

          If I had to venture a wild guess, it would be because he’s an ass, something which he has more than amply demonstrated. Of course there might have been another way of saying that —

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            • Frankly, I don’t expect to be having any dialogue with Donald Trump in the near future, so I really don’t see that as an issue.

              As for a dialogue with those opposed to Trump, such as one would find here, I’m certain the term is self-explanatory and understood by all.

              As for a dialogue with a Trump supporter – what could possibly be the purpose?

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            • Well if you only want to hear one side, then go for it. I did that with my religion for 30 years and it closed me off. I enjoy talking to people from other political parties, countries, religions… That’s just me.


            • I did that with my religion for 30 years and it closed me off.

              Obviously they exist – (“s0me of my best friends, etc., etc….”), but I can’t even imagine the gullibility of one who buys into a delusion for thirty years without question. Raised on religion, I began investigating other religions at a very early age, and by twelve, decided that they were all nonsense.


            • I’m sorry you don’t understand. Why don’t you send Matt Dillahunty an email asking him that… Or others here that were believers for decades. Instead of acting like you are so much better than those of us that believed longer than you, you should be proud that people like myself and Matt were able to break free despite believing in God for most of our lives. I hope my words and my attitude always encourage people to look and search, don’t be afraid.. If I can do it.. So can they. Sadly, your words above give atheists bad name. U came off as patting yourself on the back for being far more superior and intelligent.


            • …you should be proud that people like myself and Matt were able to break free despite believing in God for most of our lives

              I can be happy for you, but hardly proud that it took you 30 years to accumulate the knowledge that religion was unsupportable, that only tells me you didn’t try very hard to substantiate your beliefs with evidence. But better late than never —


            • I stand by my statement. I’m glad you found your way out sooner, but you come off that you’re superior for doing so. Being an ex believer, that won’t deconvert people. Personally, I want people to see I still have compassion for them. When I discuss my non belif with believers, I try to not come off as I’m so smart and you’re so dumb.

              Listen to the Thinking Atheist and the Atheist Experience. I love how Seth and Matt treat believers and new deconverts. I believe my words and my tone have been respectful.


            • I’m simply amazed that believers, for the most part, seem to never make any effort to research the Bible, looking at who wrote it, when, and for what reason (agendas are all-important) – it would seem to me, that if I were to hold a particular belief, I would want to know everything there was about it, applying the scientific method to determine if in fact, it was falsifiable.

              I can speak to at least three people, in the past year or so, that came on boards Christians, convinced that they were going to convert the heathen, and went away realizing that their belief systems were invalid. One of the reasons for their change of heart was that I respected them, if not their beliefs.

              In your case, you rubbed me the wrong way when you began here by being critical – had you actually applied your contention of not coming across as, “I’m so smart and you’re so dumb,” we likely would not have ever butted heads.


            • I’ll reply why it took me so long to leave my faith when I have more time.

              I asked first if I missed a bumper sticker saying Trump. When the answer was no, then I moved forward saying I felt it was inappropriate. I still do. The woman was vile and disgusting and to attach her to someone without any proof I felt was in poor taste. I can handle Trump jokes just as I can blond jokes, but there is a line.

              Maybe that was meant to be a joke amongst friends and I walked in and shouldn’t have. I’ll stay away from further Trump/conservative topics and only read those that are atheist related so people in this blog can feel free to mock people like myself.


            • Personally, Sally, I don’t want to see you go, if that’s what you’re saying – a blog where everyone agrees with everything is nothing more than a mutual admiration society. I would like to know more of your views, and yes, I can be sarcastic (it’s usually self-evident), but in this case, I’m sincere.


            • OK – I read too fast, you didn’t say you were leaving, only choosing to which topics to respond – much better. I can’t imagine you being mocked, we usually reserve that for those who come here to ‘save’ us.


            • There are several other atheist blogs you might enjoy as well (can’t guarantee the topic will never turn to politics, but you can certainly use your discretion), but it will take me a bit to dig up the URL’s, and the WordPress default is two URL’s per comment (otherwise the comment automatically goes into moderation for the host’s approval) and it’s a beautiful day outside, so I have some trees to trim, but I’ll flag this comment and post them this evening as time permits.

              Our senses of humor sometimes range beyond normal, so be prepared.

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            • Please excuse typos, I’m on my phone. I feel if we had the Internet 25 years ago, I would have left my faith earlier . I was at the library with my husband and found a book about stories in the Bible that didn’t match up. I wanted to check it out, but my husband discouraged me. Said the Bible has no errors. Being only 20, I didn’t go back. But if I had a phone… Curiosity would have gotten to me. I did read the Case for Christ. I didn’t feel it was the best explanation, but left it at that.

              Secondly… There is this fear that God can read our brain. And to even doubt him is sin. I know that sounds silly to you… But it’s really scary to think God can read your doubts. After this struggle, I thought.. God gave me a brain and why would he care if I need to look up more proof. He’s God and the evidence should be overwhelming in his court. That is a huge hurdle to get over… That its ok to look elsewhere besides the Bible or Christian authors.

              So I get how you’re thinking.. How could they be so gullible for so long…but when u live and breathe a religion, it changes how u think. It’s like being stuck to those glue mouse traps… And to get out is a struggle, u even have residue that u have to clean away…. It’s hard. And now I’m all alone in my atheism. That’s hard too, but I’m definitely not going back to that glue trap and I am proud that I fought for my freedom.

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            • I’m proud of you too, Sally!

              And yes, there is residue. Guilt was a biggie for me. But what can you expect after a constant stream of indoctrination (or my favorite, brainwashing)? It’s just like anything in life. When something is repeated often enough and with enough force, it slowly but surely gets embedded in your psyche.

              Anyway, glad to see you made it out all in one piece.

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            • There is this fear that God can read our brain.

              I’ve been there. Imagine a teenage boy’s mental conflict when a pretty girl walks by in a short skirt —

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            • You might begin here, Sally —

              ‘Disillusionist’ is a married minister who has left his faith after many years, yet cannot leave the pulpit (or obviously, reveal his identity) until he finds a means to replace the income he will lose. His wife supports him entirely.

              More to come later today.

              (SEE, Nan? We’re playing nicely! You just jumped the gun!!!)

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            • (SEE, Nan? We’re playing nicely! You just jumped the gun!!!)

              Geez, MOM! You find ONE girl in my room, and you go postal!


            • I gave you a specific URL, Sally, to a specific blog post, but I would suggest that you browse his site to learn more of his back-story. He’s an interesting man. I like interesting people.


            • His wife supports him entirely.

              Understand I didn’t mean his wife supports him financially, only emotionally – I don’t want him sounding like a bum. (I did mention finances, so it was open to misinterpretation –)


            • I knew what you meant. Is she still a christian? Is it hard for her? I feel that I have betrayed my husband by turning my back on our faith. But, I am so much happier and feel like me! My husband will never leave Christianity. He is a very intelligent man. But he believes in God and Jesus with his whole heart.


            • Is she still a christian?

              No, she supports him in that as well.

              If you browse down the page of the URL I gave you, you will run across a ‘Violet,’ that I referenced on Disillusionist’s blog as being one that I helped ‘cross over‘ – her husband seemed all for it until she actually did it, then he changed. They almost divorced, and they have this incredible autistic son who has made remarkable progress in the past year, to the point where his autism is barely noticeable. I’ve heard no more about it, though we stay in touch, so I can only assume they worked it out.


            • Here’s one, Sally, that you might enjoy, although I think you’ll find it a bit off-beat:

              It’s owned by my good friend, Ark (Arkenaten), and although most of the blog entries are about religion (though Ark himself is not a deconvertee, never having been religious), because he is an excellent photographer (don’t tell him I said so), some of his entrees are about the incredible variety of insects that he finds in his rather large garden, and on occasion, pastries created by his daughter, an absolute artiste with cakes.

              I might warn you that we rather enjoy sniping at each other, and there are some who visit just for the entertainment value, to see what we’re going to say next, but it’s all in good natured fun – as ‘Hawkeye Pierce’ once said in ‘M*A*S*H,’ “You gotta go a little crazy some of the time, to keep from going a lot of crazy all of the time!“.

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            • OK, Sally, I know what you’re thinking – “Oh goodie! A blog that has entries about bugs! Who could resist THAT! I’ll rush right over!

              But most of the topics are, as I say, about religion. But even the ones about insects are for the most part fascinating. Did you know that little crab spiders can change their color to match the color of the flower they are using to catch food? Ark didn’t either, but after he had shown, on various occasions, crab spiders whose color perfectly matched that of their flower of choice, I told myself, “These little guys don’t know what color they are, they don’t have little spider-mirrors, so how could they choose a flower that so perfectly matched their own color?” The answer was obvious, they couldn’t – some other mechanism had to be at work – you’ll never know how hard I resisted the temptation to assume goddidit —

              I mentioned this to Ark, who decided to photograph this one particular white crab spider that had chosen to sit on a deep yellow flower. For five days in a row, he took a shot of this little guy (or gal), and as they say a lot in the Bible, “Lo!” – each day, the spider was a little less white and a slightly more yellow, until finally, at the end of the fifth day, it perfectly matched its flower! Maybe you don’t, but I think that’s fascinating!

              However I can’t explain this little guy [one of Ark’s greater shots], unless he’s been sitting on a candy cane —


            • Here’s a blog, Sally, that the author, my friend Matt Barsotti, calls ‘Jericho Brisance‘. It isn’t as active as it used to be, but if you can read the story of his daughter, Paisley, with a dry eye, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Dinn.

              I would suggest that you also go back and read his About page, just as an introduction (it’s brief).

              Matt is an excellent wordsmith, and I believe you will enjoy his prose.


            • Finally (for now) Sally, here’s a man who hasn’t been so lucky – upon his deconversion, he lost his wife and children, and eventually his job as a teacher in a Southern state, still he perseveres and lectures across several states – Godless In Dixie. The site contains numerous articles that he puts out weekly on average, that I would suggest you browse.

              Those should keep you busy for at least a month or more. I wish I could turn you on to the blog of my friend, the former ‘Ain’tNoShrinkingViolet,’ who has since changed her name simply to ‘Violet’ (I have no idea if that means she has begun shrinking again –), but Vi quit blogging when she had to go back to work full time to keep her autistic son in the special school that has caused him to make such incredible progress in the past year, as she no longer has time to blog (and at a very young age, is afflicted with excruciating Rheumatoid Arthritis), though she does drop by to comment every now and then (and may well be reading this!).

              Good reading –!

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            • Well, you know what Deuteronomy 22:10 says, it’s in the list of thou-shalt-nots: “Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together.

              I’ve always been careful to obey that one.


            • Here’s a site – not a blog – that you may like to subscribe to:

              You can peruse the site at your leisure and see what all Dr. Mattei has to say, in addition to which, every so often, as he has time, a new contradiction will be sent to your email account.


            • I have a great deal more information, from my former blog (long story –), but it seems to ruffle Nan’s feathers (sorry for the bird analogy, but hey – proto-bird here – I tend to think in bird terms) when anyone goes off-topic.

              I read your ‘About’ page, but couldn’t find a blog link or any contact information – if you would care to create a disposable email account, I would be glad to send it to you in readable installments – feel free to contact me at

              (No, I don’t fear posting my email address – that’s what my Spam folder is for)


            • Instead of acting like you are so much better than those of us….

              Actually, you’re the one who came on this blogsite, criticizing the blog hostess’ choice of terminology – that certainly smacks of superiority. Personally, I don’t use the phrase, ‘tRump,’ but I don’t criticize those who do.

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            • Apparently we don’t disagree on at least that – I saw no evidence that she was a Trump supporter either, although she clearly was a lunatic, which simply proves that to the best of evidence, not all lunatics are Trump supporters.

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            • Lol I’ll give u that!!!

              I was disgusted by her behavior… I think she must have a mental defect to behave that way. I’m glad that the young man wasn’t hurt by her… She could have hit him with her car or pushed him into oncoming traffic.


            • Actually, ‘the Donald’ and I are in complete agreement – just watch the 2 1/2-minute video above, in which he favors immigration, Pro Choice, and thinks Republicans are nuts!

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            • So if you’ve been taken in by Trump, the Great Pretender, I can only suggest, Sally, that the experience of your 30-year sojourn into religion has taught you nothing, clearly you remain gullible.


  3. Awright youse guys & gals. Enough! Arch, you know better than to get into tiffs on my blog. Sally has expressed her viewpoint, you’ve expressed yours. So now let it be or I’ll have to moderate.


    • What tiff? We’re having an intelligent discussion – surely you know the difference.

      Nan, if you start moderating, I’ll never again be able to tell Colorstorm that none of us that I know of, moderate – want to be the first?


      • No, I don’t want to be the first. In fact, only under the most dire circumstances would I moderate.

        Having said that, I just don’t like conversations that go on and on and essentially accomplish nothing — whether on my blog or elsewhere. In fact, when this happens on other blogs, I get to the point where I just delete the email notification because I’m tired of reading comments where people are essentially repeating their opinion but in slightly different ways.

        I have no problem with back-and-forth discussions so long as they contain substance. IMO, the one between you and Sally was gradually degrading into sniping and I wanted to stop it before it happened.


          • I agree … it was becoming more “friendly.” As they say — timing is everything — and my comment posted while things were smoothing out.

            BTW, this last comment of mine was primarily to explain myself so you (or anyone reading this) wouldn’t think I’m a blog ogre. 🙂


  4. I owe you a big-time apology, Sally – after saying what I did about theists not researching their religion, I read your ‘About’ page, in which you said:
    I feel stupid that I have not researched things to the depth that I should have to support my faith.

    Clearly you’ve already been kicking yourself, you really didn’t need my extra bootprint.


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