And the Next President Is …


They Haven’t Been Wrong Since 1975
And They Say

Our Next President Will Be…


16 thoughts on “And the Next President Is …

  1. You know I like Sanders. I think he is the progressive candidate with the right ideas. However I still think we will have a Hillary in the White House. Either one will suit me. I just hope they don’t close the borders if/when they elect one of these frigging R clowns.

    Pack your bags, grab the kids honey. We are outta here!

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  2. As a non American, I’ve been watching this election with fair level of trepidation and horror. I simply struggle to accept some of the guff I am seeing.

    This does give me hope though. Bernie is the man I’d most like to see America vote in.

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      • I have some very conservative American Christians in my Facebook friends list (thanks to a missionary upbringing we all had in common). None of them have said anything nice about Trump, which leaves me wondering, ‘who is it who is backing him?’


        • Limey, financially, he’s backing himself … and counting on the media (which is definitely cooperating) for his promotion and publicity.

          Voter support is coming from people who are easily swayed by rhetoric and who have a deep-seated fear and frustration (which he feeds) about the direction of government. Few of these people do any research (except to watch Fox News) and are easily swayed by anything or anybody that they believe sees things the way they do.

          Those of us who approach life more moderately recognize that bluster and boasting do not solve anything.

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