And a Child Shall Lead Us?

Watched the Republican Debate last night and could not believe how childish these men, who claim they are POTUS material (!), behaved. tRump (surprise-surprise) was the worst! Out of the entire time, only two or three of his comments made any sense (tRump sense, that is). The majority of the time he was attacking (and interrupting) his fellow candidates.

(Picture this scenario: tRump meets with an important foreign leader. The leader says something tRump disagrees with. He rudely interrupts to tell him how wrong he is (“Excuse me … excuse me”). The dignitary tries to explain his position but tRump will have none of it because HIS perspective is the only right one. Can you say World War III?)

And the bickering between Cruz and Rubio wasn’t much better!

Glenn Beck (whom I cannot stand, but must agree with in this instance) said this about the debate:

Tonight’s debate is the most uncomfortable, angry, hate-filled 2 hours I have ever experienced.”

He went on to say this was “not a presidential debate,” but “a combination of WWE, a cheap game show and the worst of Jerry Springer.”


Yet, for all his theatrics, tRump’s hard-core supporters will never leave him. And that is downright scary!

One of the primary reasons I watch these Repug debates (besides the entertainment factor) is to see which of the candidates I might be able to “live with” should a Repug happen to win the election (Thor forbid!). Of course, the worst scenario would be tRump, but I cringe (and even get a little sick to my stomach) when I consider Cruz (God’s Special Choice). And Rubio or Bush are no better.

Kasich has a more tempered approach in that he urges cooperation, but while his platform has merit, he’s still a Repug. Further, it’s obvious from the polls that he’s not “showy” enough to garner much support. And the doctor? He’s a no-brainer.

All I can say at this point is “Feel the Bern!”

33 thoughts on “And a Child Shall Lead Us?

  1. I must admit, President Trump is truly a frightening prospect.

    I was set on Hillary, but am seriously considering Bernie now. I’m doing lots of research on both. In the end, it’s going to have to be the one who can win the election, particularly if Trump wins the Repug nomination. (The Horror!)

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    • “The Horror!” is right, Susan.

      I appreciate that you’re taking the time to research. So many don’t (especially those who support tRump). At least when you get ready to put your “mark” on the ballot, you’ll know you have made a considered choice.

      (BTW, Bernie may have his faults, but at least he’s honest.)


  2. What a circus side show these oafs are putting on. I’d have to say Cruz is a tad more dangerous than tRump as he actually believes he will be President to usher in the end of days and will have access to a nuclear arsenal to speed it along. However, I find tRump and Rubio to be equally awful, and insulting to my intelligence. A Republibutt in the White House is something the free world should be terrified of. These are “bad” men with horridly self-aggrandizing agendas, none of which benefit anyone but them.

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  3. “And the doctor? He’s a no-brainer.”

    I see what you did there. 🙂

    Kasich is the only relatively normal specimen among them, which guarantees that he won’t get the nomination. He is also completely unpresidential in his demeanor.

    I’m sorta enjoying the GOP farce, thinking to myself, “Yep, that’s the cream of your crap… I mean, crop.”

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  4. The R lineup is a clown car load of not funny. They are all wackos. I can’t stomach a debate. I can’t stomach a news sound bite on any of them. I can’t remember in my lifetime such a pathetic bunch of weasely squirming vermin all vying to be top rat. Disgusts me that they are considered electable, when they lack so many qualities one would think to attach to the human condition.

    I’m not real sure what to think of their supporters either.

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  5. Even Kaisch isn’t that far from crazy, it’s just the sea of crazy he is in that makes him feel normal.

    The Republicans are reaping the rewards of over 30 years of fear mongering towards the religious right such that you have a large sea of voters who are full of emotion, but little critical thinking. All must pander to this group or lose the primary. Then even if someone reasonable were to win the primary (like Romney, and I use the word reasonable cautiously…but you almost wish Romney was there now) they have spent so much time pandering to this base that they can’t help but look even more ingenuous and like a flip flopper when the general election begins.

    It’s a beast of their own making, and while I don’t feel sorry for them, I feel sorry for the citizens of this country who have an increasingly large population who could use some help and who have been brainwashed and made fearful to the point that many even vote against their own best interests. It’s a bad scene. I honestly think the best way out is for the Republican party to fracture and find a more sensible conservative field which would appeal to moderates and independents. While they might lose the general election more often, in the near future, in my opinion they risk that anyway, and then the dems and a new republican party can more effectively silence the voice of those that would support Trump and Cruz and maybe, just maybe government could actually work again, instead of non-stop obstructionism.

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