42 thoughts on “The Ideal Place for Sarah Palin

  1. I suspect that by endorsing Trump, Palin was hoping for another shot at the VP spot – she’s too dumb to understand that Trump is a user, he’ll get all of the milage he can out of her, with her Tea Party idiots, then toss her aside like a used tea bag.

    John Cleese, of Monte Python fame, once remarked of Sarah, “ And here I’d always thought that Michael was the funny Palin —

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  2. Actually, Nan, this disrespects each individual sheet of paper and their respective purpose with that printed image…almost crappy I must say…but, in a more positive sWIPE, this proves: Gov Palin is full of sheet! 🙂

    And, the best thing: we don’t have to hear that voice…ugh.

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      • Yep, and perhaps you would enjoy just as much the same image of o-bama or rosie odonnell……………or is your laughter reserved for the believer………..

        or is your humor partial to the ungodly…………


        • Partial retraction, CS – you may well share that title with Sarah Palin, followed, of course, by Donald Trump.


        • Tkx that you deem me worthy enough to occupy your mind with such a fine insult.

          I should consider myself honored. And let’s remember that great mind and heart Saul of Tarsus then Paul the apostle, was cited as a madman.

          So I suppose you have written things far better than that unequalled work, the book of Romans……yeah, uh huh, sure.


        • The same Paul who wrote of dogs and evil workers…………yeah him.

          Paul who as a Jew was circumcised the eighth day, Paul of the stock of Israel, Paul of the tribe of Benjamin, Paul a Hebrew of the Hebrews; Paul as touching the law, a Pharisee;

          Paul as concerning zeal, Paul as persecuting the church; Paul as touching the righteousness which is in the law, yeah, THAT Paul: blameless.

          and oh yeah, the same Paul who stoof by and said ‘amen’ at the stoning of Stephen. That Paul.

          Tkx for allowing me to prove your petulance for all to see. Even your friends will be embarrassed for you, but will of course cloak it.


        • You’re such a easy mark. Did you REALLY think I didn’t know who you were referring to? Or did you just want to “show off” your vast knowledge of the bible?

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        • Knowledge of the bible? Ha.

          Of course I knew you were being facetious. And I supplied you with an answer that was even better.


        • Paul, who fell down in the dirt and flopped around like a carp, due to an epileptic seizure, then got up, then got up and claimed he had been visited by an invisible sky fairy. That Paul?

          Paul, who believed that evil spirits were able to enter into people through their heads, and that women were more susceptible to their influence than men, thus he instructed all women to cover their heads. That Paul?

          Paul, who believed it was a woman’s place to sit down and shut up, and take instruction only from men. That Paul?

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        • And let’s remember that great mind and heart Saul of Tarsus then Paul the apostle, was cited as a madman.

          Only by the astute and perceptive.

          So I suppose you have written things far better than that unequalled work, the book of Romans……

          Actually, there are FAR greater pieces of literature than Paul’s epistle to the Romans – he was sucking up, hoping for a handout for his upcoming trip to Spain, which, fortunately for the Spanish, he never got to take.

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        • No archx, what have YOU written greater? What has NAN written greater, or will you continually feast on another mans food?

          Faith, hope, charity, and the greatest of these is charity.

          If I give my body to be burned and have not charity……….I am nothing.

          Yeah, good luck with your literary ‘work,’ if when found, be sure to credit the Creator for supplying the inspiration.

          Will you not cease to be a perpetual embarrassment to common sense…………….

          Now you need to borrow more peas to try to sink the submarine……….good luck with that as you exhaust your lungs.

          Now back to your regular programming and advertisements for Charmin.


        • Intellect, education and curiosity, and the greatest of these is curiosity – What’s over the next hill? How high is up? Why? How? When? These are the impetus that spur Humankind on to discover how the world REALLY is, rather than assuming that some imaginary being created it.

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        • Ouch archx, be careful there. MANkind? Isn’t that sexist to your friends around here…………….Are you sure you also do not want to change HuMANity to Peopleanity?????????

          After all, God did create Man and WoMAN………. busted again, let God be true.

          Every argument of yours falls apart when weighed against truth.

          Back to your Charmin ads.


        • I said Humankind, not Mankind, Dipstick!

          After all, God did create Man and WoMAN……….

          Humankind began and evolved in Africa, you Ditz – read a book!

          …let God be true.

          You wish! Even ‘Let god exist’ falls flat.

          Every argument of yours falls apart when weighed against truth.

          You’ve spent so much of your life believing fables, you wouldn’t know truth if it bit you on the ass!

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        • hey ark-
          No not a typo. You are identical in slurs, and ignorance, as in misinformed or unknowing.

          Read a book? Hilarious, as you deny He who gave MANkind the ability to understand the ALPHAbet…………

          Back to your Charmin ad


        • You are identical in slurs, and ignorance, as in misinformed or unknowing.

          Not so, my slurs are much more sophisticated – Ark would have just called you a Dickhead by now, and been done with it. I know no one more slur-worthy than you.

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        • To think these wonderful words from you and your friends all began from the inspiration found on toilet paper.

          Well done. The host and all who ‘like’ should also be proud to display such fine intellect coming from the godless mind. Just awesome

          What wonderful examples of the ‘progress’ of the human spirit. Can you see the hyenas even laughing…………..


        • You want to talk ‘progress’? A man who wants to keep things the way they were 3000 years ago? No wonder even the hyenas are laughing, the kookaburras too!

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        • You are identical in slurs, and ignorance, as in misinformed or unknowing.

          “If you can doubt at points where other people find no impulse to doubt, you are making progress.”

          — Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) —


        • misinformed or unknowing”?

          I already know more about your religion and the Bible than you would if you read that conglomeration of claptrap another hundred times, because you’ve never tried to peek at the men behind the curtain. It’s little wonder you think of yourselves as sheep.


  3. Yep, what’s funny is the fact that if it read ‘let’s talk bout o-bama, or clinton, or ssm, or bigfoot, or the devil…………….no body would care, and he would have neighbors sitting right next to him.

    But maybe the guy just wants to be left alone pete.

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  4. Actually Nan wrote a great book, one I really enjoyed and thought far superior to your myths that you favor such as contained in the book of Romans. I have serious doubts you would have read her book, or have the capacity to enjoy it, but you really should give it a try, it may open your eyes a bit. Her book shows clearly just how silly the Christian bible myths really are.

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  5. CS wrote a post recently, mourning the death of Judge Scalia, late of the Supremes, calling him, “THE pillar of the court.”

    He went further, to quote from Scalia’s dissenting opinion regarding DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act):

    We might have covered ourselves with honor today, by promising all sides of this debate that it was theirs to settle and that we would respect their resolution. We might have let the People decide.

    But that the majority will not do.

    I immediately fired off the following comment, which still, after more than 24 hours, sits in moderation, so I decided to bring it over here, to let it air out (it gets really musty in Colorstorm’s “Litter Box”):

    archaeopteryx1 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 15, 2016 at 5:24 am
    “We might have let the People decide.”

    We might have let the heterosexual population of America decide if gay people can marry?

    “A report published in April 2011 by the Williams Institute estimated that 3.8 percent of Americans identified as gay/lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.”

    Hey, here’s a plan, let’s let the 86.8% of the American population decide if Black people (13.2% of the population) can vote, drink from their water fountains, eat at their restaurants! Oh wait, we did —

    Maybe if you ever read something besides the Bible, you would have learned that one of the purposes of the Constitution, is to protect the rights of the minority from the power of the majority.

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