An Urgent Request

trump2 tRump in his usual open-mouthed pose

PLEASE pray … sacrifice … beg … count beads (whatever it takes to please the “god” of your choice) that tRump will NOT win the Iowa Caucus.

And then pray also the TV cameras will graphically show his reaction BEFORE he has had the opportunity to compose himself and begin his incessant bragging on how he’s not bothered because he’s “leading the polls” in New Hampshire and people love him and this is just a minor setback because he’s going to win the Repug nomination … because that’s an image many of us would love to witness.


199 thoughts on “An Urgent Request

  1. No! He must win. Un like George W who thought he was ”God’s Gift” I am convinced Donald Trump really doesn’t take himself that seriously and that will be good for the US of eh?


        • If you are, you’re a naive fool. This guy takes everything he says with the utmost seriousness. Things like, walling off Mexico, banning Muslims from ever entering the country, carpet bombing the Middle East, non-specified areas, of course, to rid the world of ISIS. He’s NOT joking. He means it. That’s why he’s in the lead. I take you you don’t live here? You truly are misguided in this. I guess, Hitler was a knee-slapping riot too, from a certain point of view.


      • Doesn’t take himself seriously??? That’s the ONLY person he does take seriously. In his mind, HE is the answer to all the world’s ills. White, rich, and has a head of (fake) hair. The elements of greatness in the US of eh.


        • With that, I agree. He’s the puss that’s sitting in the head of the pimple that is the Republican Party. Hopefully, he won’t win the general election. If he does, it isn’t just America that will suffer, it will be the planet. Hitler, at least, didn’t have access to nuclear weapons. tRump will not hesitate to use them, and use them repeatedly. Other than that, he’s a helluva rotten prick. 🙂

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            • I hope to “god” you’re right because if not, this country is in serious trouble.

              Altho’ I do agree with the circus clown part as evidenced by his hair.


            • No.

              I’d only be speculating, but I’d have to guess that being the first Black man in the White House, in the beginning, he may have felt that he had to walk on egg shells in order to pave the way for future Black Presidents, but I expected to see a lot more than I did. He had a Democratic majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, for his entire first two years, but did not take advantage of that. Of course he lost that majority in ’08, and has had an uphill battle ever since.

              I had also hoped he would take Bush Junior and his war machine to task for Black Site torturing and other war crimes, but that didn’t happen either. I guess you could say he’s kept the seat warm. I expected more than he delivered, but I could always rationalize by saying to myself, ‘At least it’s not Romney –!’

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            • It seems that in the end the Big Issues ( War, Welfare and Oil) never really get ”touched”, do they?

              The US still seems to want to assert itself at the world’s policeman yet so often comes across as little more than a schoolyard bully while ranting on about ”Freedom”.
              Sometimes the ”country” comes across as an ignorant arrogant twit.

              Maybe there is a need for a real Arsehat like Trump to cause a major wake up?


            • Again …. you’re having bit of a rant.
              I’m sure one of your local friendly assassins would out sort any nonsense like this way before he even reached for the Red Telephone.


            • Again …. you’re having bit of a rant.

              I’ve SEEN you rant! Imagine what that would look like if you had a Trump running for President of YOUR country! We just happen to have one we’d give sell you —

              How did that assassin thing work on Hitler?


            • Aahh ….well there you go,see? Takes a country like South Africa to show all you clever clogs Up North how to really do things.

              However, our lot in guv’ment still ”Rock” when it comes to corruption, ignorance and crass stupidity.


            • That seems to be part of an epidemic that plagues the entire continent – you can always go home, I’m stuck here.


            • Come live here. Become a citizen, and vote for idiots like tRump. You’ll fit right in. When the arm of America is tickling the lining of your belly as it reaches up through your rectum, don’t say you’ve not been warned. And, most importantly, don’t whine about. The world gets the leaders it deserves. Methinks, my friend, you deserve a tRump stopping in your backyard. Maybe he’ll start his carpet bombing campaign against ISIS in your area. Now, that would sure be one helluva a change, eh?


            • Where are you getting the impression that tRump is NOT the biggest, richest, foulest, bully the American schoolyard ever produced? This is not a person you want near a nuclear arsenal. Your way of thinking about this oligarchical, petulant, spoiled brat of a man, is exactly the same as the idiots here who want him to win. Before insulting America, which, it deserves, btw, look at your own thinking on this matter. America is what it is because of people who foolishly think as you do about the idiots they elect. It is a sad, scary way of thinking. But, seeing it, here especially, most others in the free world do not, thankfully, make the ill-informed arguments you make, tells me the bullying and bombing by America of other lands has just begun. Deeply, sadly foolish to think this creature of hate and venom would do anything but violate other lands and spread the fist of America as far up the world’s ass as it could reach. Never have I more understood how fascist dictators gain power than now. To support tRump, or to not see the vile, xenophobic hatred he wishes to unleash on the world if elected, is akin to walking around with ones eyes shut and claiming, “I’ve no idea why I can’t see.”

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            • I reiterate, I don’t believe he has the balls to do any of these things; he is essentially a showman and he would be shunned as a leader from top to bottom.
              Thus, it might make the electorate take a step back and think.
              And if not, then maybe those outside of America might prefer not to deal with them as much as they do now?

              The old saying about giving a man enough rope fits Trump perfectly.


            • You are a naive fool if you do not take the threat this man poses to not only America, but the world. He’s a complete idiot, governed by hate, rage, and an ego the size of Canada. I assure you, nothing is funny about this man or the threat he poses. Bush, both of them, are liberal, leftist, hippies compared to this piece of shit. Like I said, I’m certain in the 30’s, before he was handed Germany, Hitler was the subject of many laughs and knees slapped in humor. Some people simply never learn from history.

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            • Ego, yes. Hate etc? That’s just for show.
              The only thing more risible than an ignorant talking head like Trump are those that elect him to office.

              As de Maistre wrote: Every nation gets the government it deserves.


            • We’ve already had “I am not a crook” Nixon, “I don’t recall” Reagan, and “Heckuva job, Brownie” Bush Lite – just how many clowns do you think they can fit in that car?

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  2. Cruz is unelectable – Romney Lite –! Yay!

    Sanders is the wiser candidate, but less electable – so Sanders or Repubs –? I have to go with Hillary.

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  3. With all due respect to the blog hostess, who is not a Hillary fan, the worst Democrat is preferable to the best Republican. Think Creationism in the classroom —

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  4. Latest: Ted Cruz is projected to win.

    Anyway I am actually rooting for Trump to be the GOP nominee. This guy is as divisive as it gets. He may get the hardcore GOP votes but lose all the middle.

    Ted Cruz on the other hand has a better shot with the moderates.


  5. Stop! Stop that right now! We can’t allow such thinking to exist! Thor will punish you (or at the very least, thedivine1 will send bad things your way).


  6. I just came back online (finally gave up last night … I’m not a night owl like some of you) and thought I’d start a new thread since the old one is getting “pushed over.”

    In answer to Ark re: Obama:

    His biggest problem coming onto the political scene was that he’s black-ish, i.e., white mother, black-skinned father. However, to the prejudiced a-holes that live in certain parts of this country, he’s B.L.A.C.K. and therefore garners NO respect. (I think you’d be amazed at how many would like to bring back slavery.)

    As for his policies and lack of action, I tend to think a lot of that during his first term was due to inexperience, so he let his “advisors” run the country. Essentially, he didn’t want to rock the boat.

    During his second term, as Arch said, he lost his Democratic partners in Congress and the Repugs (mostly because of the reason I mentioned above) dug in their heels and stopped pretty much everything he put forth. You’ve no doubt read about “Obamacare.”Even though MANY praise the plan, the Repugs want to blow it up for the primary reason it’s related to the man they hate. (You might want to read this article to learn more .)

    Now, towards the end of his second term, he’s starting to get tough on his own. It’s like a “what have I got to lose” attitude. But unfortunately, it’s too little, too late.

    As for tRump, you could be right in your assessment, but let me put it this way: I don’t want to take the chance! Read this for more detailed reasons why he’s such a danger to the U.S.


  7. There must be God, Nan. Your prayers have been answered. 😉

    On Sunday, there was an NPR program about Trump supporters. One surprising (to me) finding: a majority of them are women.

    Another interesting fact: they tend to be only loosely affiliated with particular political ideologies. IOW, they are not necessarily conservative and in the past may have voted democratic. One dude who was interviewed for the program said that if Trump won’t get the GOP nomination, he’d vote for Bernie (if Bernie is the Dems candidate).

    These are people who are fed up with the status quo and are in love with Trump’s brashness because it represents such a dramatic break with that status quo. It feels fresh and honest. His no-filter posturing translates in their minds into courage and strength. The less powerful they feel, the more impressed they are by his ‘brave’ willingness to ‘tell it like it is.’ One of the common themes among his supporters was anger over what they perceived as a stifling climate of political correctness, and as PC is something that Trump brazenly disregards, it must mean that he is ‘one of us.’ He speaks ‘our minds.’

    And he surely does.

    The man is a walking id, and as such he taps directly into people’s primitive emotions, including those ugly fears and hopes that must remain unspoken (like the fear and hatred of immigrants, for example, and the hope that we can either get rid of them or put them in their place). That darn PC. Thank heavens God has given us a leader who is not afraid to break it (and spit on it; and call it names; and, if needed, pour gas on it and set it on fire — or rather have his people do it for him).

    This man *is* dangerous and supremely unqualified to be a leader of any organization that involves human (or any other living) beings. He is a petulant narcissistic psychopath with sadistic features, whose only goals in life are self-aggrandizement and accumulation of power. Sadly, this makes him alluring to too many others like him who feel thwarted in the expression of their own psychopathic urges by those pesky social conventions. If those conventions are removed — and he promises as much — then god (ha) help us.

    Even some conservatives realize as much, and oppose him on those grounds.

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      • Yes. These men, like so many of their followers, are psychopathic. I use this term in the clinical meaning and not as an insult.

        As long as people will continue to elect psychopaths for leadership positions, any human progress will be tenuous at best.

        Unfortunately, psychopaths are drawn to power and dominance like flies to, um, honey, so they tend to grab people’s attention and engender their trust through such means like displays of decisiveness, toughness, lack of inhibitions, flaunting (subtle and not) of their success and wealth, etc., all of which should always be treated with suspicion rather admiration. Alas.

        And it does not even take much intelligence, as Trump’s example shows.

        It is as fascinating as it is scary. This is not just a political game of the American election we are witnessing, but a replay of the eternal morality tale whose lessons we, humans, are either unwilling or unable to grasp.

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    • Wasn’t Cruz the one that started his speech the other night with “To God be the glory”? Ick! I agree he’s a bit more “polished,” but when push comes to shove, he’s a “God-loving Republican” who wants to “fix” this country with the help of his god. NO THANKS!

      I actually saw this video of tRump attacking a guy at the WWE and it wasn’t in the ring. The guy was just standing on the floor and tRump walked up to him, tackled him to the ground, hit him a few times, got up and walked away. What a JERK!

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      • “Wasn’t Cruz the one that started his speech the other night with “To God be the glory”?”

        To which a Muslim woman twitterer responded: “This is Republican for Allahu Akbar.”

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      • I believe that, like everything else on WWE, was staged. Still, this is our future president. The best, classiest American president evah.

        I wonder if he would put gold TRUMP on the White House? It would fit.


            • I have a story about the evening I spent in Chicago, on the South Side (home of ‘Bad, Bad Leroy Brown’), on the onramp to I55.

              I’m a bit unusual (you may not have noticed that), and it has been my custom, on specific birthdays, to give myself a gift. I’m afraid of heights, but only vertical heights – since a kid playing Tarzan, I could climb to the uppermost branches of a tree, because the climb was not vertical, it was angled. On my 21st birthday, I climbed a 3-story vertical ladder, fighting fear with every rung, to the upper reaches of the theater of my college, carving my name and the date on an AC pipe.

              As it happened, on another milestone birthday, I had flown to attend a business conference in Traverse City, Michigan, and with the conference over, dressed in a 3-piece suit and overcoat and carrying a briefcase, with a return airline ticket in my pocket, I decided to hitchhike (something I had never done) to my residence at the time in Kansas, in a snowstorm.

              I had a great time, but learned in the process that it is illegal to hitchhike on an Interstate highway, that a potential hitchhiker could only stand on an onramp, in the hope of being picked up.

              I made it as far as I55 in Chicago (this was February), with a cold north wind blowing off of Lake Michigan for a full two hours before a car with a couple of well-dressed guys stopped to pick me up.

              It turned out that this was a minister and his associate pastor, who made sure that I understood that they saw me from the Interstate and had to go two miles forward and four miles back in order to pick me up, but it was OK – Jesus told them to do it.

              They gang-preached to me for an hour and a half as we traveled south through the length of Illinois, and dependent on them in the middle of the night for a ride, I was all, “uh-huh, yeah (whatever),” until finally I had had enough, and quite politely told them that I had always has a few questions about the Bible. I referred them to Genesis 6, about the ‘sons of god’ getting it on with the ‘daughters of men’ (I may not have actually used, ‘getting it on’). I told them I was confused (my favorite ploy), that I was under the impression that god had only the one son, yet this passage implied a plethora of male offspring. They quickly agreed, god did indeed have only the one son, that the ‘sons of god’ referred only to humans, as we are all children of god. I followed with the query (ever so politely, you understand), that if that were the case, why did the chapter refer to ‘the daughters of men’ – why not also the daughters of god? Did not ‘daughters of men’ differentiate the ladies from ‘the sons of god’?

              A few miles later, they told me that they had to go in a different direction, and dropped me off in a one-horse town that had a single service station that stayed open all night, where I slept sitting upright in a wooden arm chair until the sun rose and I was able to resume my sojourn.

              Moral: if you really want a ride, don’t confront a preacher with the fallibility of his Bible.

              I made it home in time for my birthday.

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  8. As an outsider I am curious as to what happened to Ben Carson. At one time he had been leading in the Iowa polls, but come the actual vote it seemed he had dwindled to a non event.

    But then again after his comment about the Pyramids in Egypt having been built by Joseph for storage of grain I realised that being a brain surgeon did not necessarily make a person sensible. Did other people reach the same conclusion?


  9. OMG! I guess I should have sent out another “prayer request” since tRump won New Hampshire. Yuk!!! I’ll be sure and remind everyone for the other states. We simply CAN’T have him getting the upper hand.

    Yea Sanders!!

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