Man with a Mouth

Letter to the Editor in the local newspaper:

My husband has been reading about World War II. The first of the set is “Winds of War” by Herman Wouk. This is a quote from the second book, “War and Remembrance,” page 1082:

“Nobody made the Germans follow Hitler. He wasn’t a legitimate ruler. He was a man with a mouth, and they liked what he said. They got behind him, and they let loose a firestorm that’s sucking all of the decent instincts out of human society.”

Are You a Hillary Supporter?

As it is looking increasingly likely that tRump will be the Republican Presidential nominee, this article outlines some excellent reasons why you should NOT be tempted to vote for Hillary and instead put your support behind Bernie.

The lead line: “Democrats need to seriously and pragmatically assess their strategy for defeating Trump. A Clinton run would be disastrous; Bernie Sanders is their only hope.”

From the article:

Every one of Clinton’s (considerable) weaknesses plays to every one of Trump’s strengths, whereas every one of Trump’s (few) weaknesses plays to every one of Sanders’s strengths.

[Trump] will attempt to crucify her. And it is very, very likely that he will succeed.

Couple of things we already know …

[Trump] deals almost entirely in amusing, outrageous, below-the-belt personal attacks, and is skilled at turning public discussions away from the issues and toward personalities (He/she’s a “loser,” “phony,” “nervous,” “hypocrite,” “incompetent.”) If Trump does have to speak about the issues, he makes himself sound foolish, because he doesn’t know very much.

The article writer further comments, “This campaigning style makes Hillary Clinton Donald Trump’s dream opponent.” Be sure to read WHY he says this.

One of his final comments:

Donald Trump is one of the most formidable opponents in the history of American politics. He is sharp, shameless, and likable. If he is going to be the nominee, Democrats need to think very seriously about how to defeat him. If they don’t, he will be the President of the United States, which will have disastrous repercussions for religious and racial minorities and likely for everyone else, too.

Overall, it’s an article NOT to be missed.

“Feel the Bern”

Will Love Win?

I just want all of you reading this to know that I know a lot of people. They live in New Hampshire and Nevada and Texas and Florida … and they all love me. And I love them. They’re great people. I mean, really great. And the polls are showing how much they love me. I’m leading in all the polls. By a lot! It’s because I’m loved, you know. Really loved. 


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