And the winner is …

Letter to the Editor, local paper:

If Hillary Clinton wins the election in November, the Republicans have already made arrangements to have Steve Harvey announce the winner.



22 thoughts on “And the winner is …

  1. He’s an American comedian whose mouth looks like a piano keyboard – game show host, talk show host, and obviously host of the recent Miss Universe beauty pageant, where he called the wrong name for the winner.


    • He’s also not very nice. Oh, and his hair is direct evidence Satan is real and living on his head. Also, the orange tint to his skin indicates he’s most likely an extraterrestrial of some sort, probably one from Hell. “And there shall rise from the abyss a thing so foul, so crude, so ugly and orange, that it shall be called, Republican Candidate for President. When this comes to pass, vote not for it, or suffer the fires of Hell for all eternity.” Jesus to Peter, circa 31 AD

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    • Did you watch CNN last night? Anderson Cooper had a brief segment when he talked to Glenn Beck about tRump. I can’t stand GB and was amazed (but gratified) when he spoke so negatively about the D. He said he was “wildly vindictive,” is “all about himself,” and is “a very dangerous man.” He added, ” … if you disagree with him, he destroys you.”

      One of the things he pointed out that I don’t think most of his supporters even notice is how tRump never says “we” … it’s always “I”. Example: “I will make America great again.”

      A dangerous man indeed.


      • Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil, Mien Fuhrer tRump! Sieg Heil! Man, if Glen Beck is dissing this guy, and he has “problems” debating on FOX FRIGGIN’ NEWS, his minions really, truly are like Hitler’s followers pre-WW2. He’s a very, very scary man. Shame on those in the Republican Party who are supporting this. What an embarrassment.

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