Finding Support When Leaving Christianity

lonely-guyThere are horror stories galore on the internet about the pain, anger, rejection, guilt, grief, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, relational issues … experienced by those who want to or have left their faith.

A husband and wife may find themselves unexpectedly on opposite sides of the faith divide, struggling with what to tell their children. A college student may hide her doubts at home for fear of being cut off emotionally or financially, and then feel like she is living a lie.

Many have been so pushed down they have sought therapy in hopes of putting their lives back together. But for some, this has led to even more suffering. The reason? They chose the wrong therapist.

This is why, when I came across this article, I felt it needed to be shared.

When Your Therapist Tries to Save Your Soul

There is nothing shameful about seeking help when things seem out of control. On the contrary, therapy has, quite literally, saved lives. But when it comes to religious counseling, it’s vitally important to talk with someone who understands the unique challenges you face.