Become An Inventor

Some of you may have seen this challenge, but just in case …

If You Could Invent A Religion, What Would It Look Like?

The lead line is: “If you could start a new religion that would change the world for the better, what would it look like?”

From my perspective, the problem with this question is the word “religion.” To many (most?) people, religion is associated with Christianity. Although the article uses the words “new” religion, I tend to think most Christians would simply try to offer what they might consider a “better” version of their faith.

Further, the word religion itself is defined as “A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; An institution to express belief in a divine power.”

However, I will concede the sponsors of the contest did expand the question thus:

Imagine a religion or philosophy that cuts across boundaries, strengthens our sense of community and acts as a force of good. Design a new philosophy to live our lives, a framework for a new belief system — or a reimagining of an existing one.

(Emphasis mine)

So, using the more expanded version — and just for fun (sorry, I can’t match the reported $5000 being offered for the “winning” suggestion) — what would your invention look like?