What Would YOU Do?

For those of you who live in the States, the Powerball estimated jackpot has reached over One Billion Dollars ($1.3 at last report).

Whether you play or not, whether you live in the states or not …

What would YOU do if you won that much money?

Buy a home? Travel the world? Donate it all to charity?

This is “just for fun” so you can be as outrageous as you want. πŸ™‚



27 thoughts on “What Would YOU Do?

  1. I admit, it’s fun to dream. I sincerely worry what an enormous amount of money would do to me and those close to me. Everyone says they would give to charity, and help others, etc., but when we hear about those who lives were absolutely destroyed by sudden wealth — it scares me. And yet, I still want to play! Crazy.

    But for me, the usual… Pay off all current debt; buy a new home; find investment opportunities; help all my kids with any debt and get a good start; find charitable organizations I trusted and believed in.

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    • Clay, if you had that much money, why would you want investment opportunities? I mean, they’re essentially designed to make you MORE money, right? If you already have millions, why would you need more? Just curious.

      BTW, your answer actually seems rather conservative. Let’s get a little crazy here!

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      • A big ass yacht! With big name music groups providing live entertainment for me and my guests. An endless supply of wine, champagne and premo food served by world class chefs. The yacht would be making regular trips to a private island where clothing is definitely optional. And often discouraged.


  2. I’d declare myself Emperor of all I survey, which ain’t much as I live in a tiny apartment, and buy my dog a diamond studded winter coat. Oh, I’d probably buy a few things I don’t really need too, like a fur covered sink, a platinum bathtub, and a lightsaber toothbrush. Also, I’d have to get one of those cars the Pope drives around in, or at least used to, with the big bullet proof bubble over the top of it. One can never tell when an assassin will take a shot at you, especially when you’re rich.

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    • I knew I could count on you for a crazy reply, Jeff. πŸ˜€ (Although I do like the idea of the bullet proof bubble car … one never knows who’s out looking for the latest jackpot winner).

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  3. Nan – I couldn’t resist. I used to play this a lot. The first thing I’d do is pay off my best friend’s mortgage. Second is buy a trip to Italy for a month where I could restfully decide what to do with the rest. Third, maybe buy an extremely large, heretofore undiscovered, uninhabited island somewhere, pay for the infrastructure for electricity and internet, and transportation for all refugees of any nation to go and live in peace. πŸ™‚

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    • Where do YOU fit into this picture, Susan? It’s commendable to want to help your best friend and the refugees, but let’s get real. This is your chance to do the fun things YOU have always wanted to do.

      Don’t forget … we’re talking SEVERAL million dollars here. Your BF’s mortgage? Maybe a few thousand. A trip to Italy? A few more thousand. An island? MAYBE a couple of million (depending on where it is and who owns it).

      Let’s go off the charts here!


      • Y’know, I might just buy a REALLY big house for myself and hire a maid, a gardener and cook. Oh – and some kind of awesome, brand new, hybrid convertible.

        But truthfully, I’m at the age where I pretty much have everything I want and need. Frankly, I just want to be comfortable and help out a few friends and family so they can be comfortable, too.

        I’ll leave the “off the charts” to a younger generation. πŸ˜€

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  4. Are you kidding me? I’d invite my whole family saying that I’m gonna give them money now that I have a lot, then I’d give them a penny each, then run away and buy a remote castle, and a nice zoo. I’ll pamper my two bulldogs, buying them cool stuff. And then I’d pay for my own premium plan! And buy a ton of icecream. Then, when I get old, after leading up to my grandkids how rich I am, I’d give them 20 dollars in my will. To share. And I’d have an awesome tombstone positioned near the home of someone I hate. I would put mirrors on it so that it set their roof on fire every day. Any money still not used would go to a small business of my choice.

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  5. Most people who come into a lot of money find that it’s gone after a very short time, and they may be worse off than they were before. People who haven’t built wealth are often really bad at managing it.

    So, for the first six months I would park the money in some safe accounts. I’d quit my job, pay myself the equivalent of a little more than I would have made in that time, and just sit on the rest. And I’d talk to several financial planners and figure out how to set things up so the money sticks around for a long time. I’d want to figure out how much I could blow each year without exhausting it. Because money gives you clout.

    I think I might spend another year going to talk to famous and interesting people about what I should do with the money. Because that kind of money opens doors, and all those interesting people would take my calls and be willing to meet with me, even if I don’t give them any money.

    And then?

    THEN I would build a huge stupid house full of towers and turrets, and secret doors and hidden passages and tunnels and special effects. And I would hire Adam Savage and Teller as consultants on how to set it up.

    I’d have plastic surgery to have my extra chin removed, and every bulge gone with no dieting. Then I’d wear lovely gowns from earlier historical periods to social events because they would invite me, and because nobody tells you that you can’t when you have that much money.

    I’d set up a foundation like Todd Stiefel’s, so that I could fund whatever worthwhile project that caught my attention.

    I’d get the Atheist Experience crew a proper studio. And buy them time on a national TV network. And hire whatever band is hot right now to be their musical guests.

    And I would NOT spend any of it on designer label handbags, or limited-edition sports cars, or expensive watches, or any of that other conspicuous consumption stuff. With that kind of money I’d spend it on stuff I like, not stuff to show off to rich snobs how rich I am.

    And then I’d fund a new season of Firefly.

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  6. Hello. Ron and I, with one of our friends, want to buy a big amount of land in an area in the country that needs a veterinarian school/ hospital / clinic. At this same space we would have a kennel for boarding pets for people who need it. We also would like to set aside space, facilities , and staff for a no kill shelter to rescue animals that have been abused or have no where to go. So if we had the money we would fund a school, an emergency hospital, and a vet clinic and take care of animals who need our help, in an area where one doesn’t already exist. If it seems we are thinking more of the animals than people, well we wouldn’t turn away someone hungry, but people can speak for themselves, it takes a lot for a human to hear the needs of an animal.

    As you know now we did not win the big money, but part of our plan we are already in the planning stages for. We have a business plan for the kennel and boarding , and we are in the process of looking for the right chunk of land in a country area in need of that service. The sad things is we can’t do the vet clinic yet. But it may happen. Life is full of grand surprises. Hugs

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