6 thoughts on “Oldest Game of Telephone

  1. …just more of those persnickety facts for x-ians to conveniently ignore. Them damn facts are always being so shrill and strident to the faith. If they could just make the facts go away somehow. Like putting themselves in charge and killing anyone and everything that might be perceived as a threat. Oh…wait!

    Enlightenment may be a slow crawl, but it is still crawling. Damn shame that faith is still killing people today.

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  2. A New Look on an Old Game!
    Impressive number of (re)writings, (re)editions, (re)translations, (re) oral transmissions mentioned in the post. I didn’t know the “book” had be manipulated so many times. Are we to take the number seriously? However, only the first re-repetition and cherry-pick editing would be enough reason for me to reject it as a guidance for my life. Even before having read the text itself!
    Best wishes for 2016.

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    • We probably can’t really “know” how many changes there have been (and are still going on), but does it matter? The whole story is a mess. And the number of people who actually believe that it’s “God’s Word” is dumbfounding!

      Hope 2016 holds many good things for you as well, Federico!


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