“Dear Donald … I Am Scared”

Source: constitutionparty.com

This letter, written by a sophomore at UC San Diego, may never reach the chosen recipient, but the message is powerful — and I so wish he would read it. While it’s extremely doubtful it would do any good, maybe, just maybe, it would strike a chord.

One of the core comments:

… no matter whether or not I choose to wear a hijab or to pray five times a day and to fast in the month of Ramadan, this country is built on allowing me to make those decisions without interference from the government or other citizens.
(emphasis mine)

One can’t help but wonder if, in all his scholarly learning, the Donald missed the study of the U.S. Constitution. Could it really be that he has no knowledge of the First Amendment? It would seem so … and, sad to say, many who listen to and support him are also in the dark.

I know my blog is just one of a plethora of others related to the issue of “The Donald.” But perhaps if we keep yammering away, someone, somewhere, will read it and recognize the “solutions” he offers to solve the problems of this U.S. of A. are not only creating divisions among people, but are extremely dangerous. There is already an existing “us vs. them” mentality in many parts of this country. To constantly reinforce it will do nothing but stir the pot and eventually cause the malcontent to attack the object of their prejudices and phobias.

Terrorists don’t originate only in mid-eastern countries.


16 thoughts on ““Dear Donald … I Am Scared”

  1. Could it really be that he has no knowledge of the First Amendment? It would seem so … and, sad to say, many who listen to and support him are also in the dark.

    Lincoln once said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time…,” and these would seem to be the ones the Donald has designated as his target market.

    The Republicans are afraid to give him the boot, as they fear he will simply run as an Independent, splitting the Conservative vote, and assuring a Democratic bloodbath next year.

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  2. Trump, a few days ago, said he doesn’t mind being compared to Hitler. Why would he? He’s running his campaign the same way Hitler ran his before Germany was handed to him on a gold platter. The Republicans, by continuing to allow this, are, IMO, as bad as Trump is. Shame on them. I just did another dandy post on Trump. Writing them makes me feel SOOOO good. 🙂

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    • If I’m not mistaken, Hitler based his political proposals on national socialism, that is, an extreme-right but rather good-sounding ideology. One of the aims was … to unite all Germans as national comrades …blah blah blah. Of course they are despicable ideas, but I can understand that they deluded many [ alas, too few! ] good-willing people for a long time, and they are not that repugnant as Trump’s thoughts. –

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      • True. Trump is much more selfish than Hitler was and not as crazy. Trump’s motives are greed and self interest, but he uses the fear generated by terrorist attacks and such to work his minions into a fevered frenzy the way Hitler did with his. Blame all of Americas ills on “those people”, proclaim you want to “wipe them out”, and you’ve got Trump’s recipe for a power grab. I truly despise him, though he’s good fodder for satire.

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        • …..though he’s good fodder for satire…. Right so! another comparison: Hitler’s ideas and speeches were farfetched and repulsive but not ridiculous, as Trump’s certainly are.
          Have a nice weekend!

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