Liberty University Insanity – Let’s Allow Guns

Insanity indeed!

Life After 40

jerry-falwell-jrAs a Liberty University alumni, I wanted to avoid writing about this. I really did. But damn.

President Jerry Falwell Jr. made the recent announcement that students could carry concealed guns on campus, which will now include the option to have them in the dorms. Wow. It’s pending Liberty board review, but as president, it’s highly unlikely that Falwell would have made the announcement without having already obtained majority consent.

If more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those’ Islamist terrorists. (Jerry Falwell Jr.)

Liberty University has allowed students with concealed-carry permits to have guns on campus since 2011, something that Falwell indicates was in response to the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech, located roughly 90 miles away. However, campus residents have been required to store them in their cars. Falwell indicated that this policy was going to change so that students could now store them in…

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