LaPierre Says Obama Has All the Gun Laws He Needs

stock-photo-dangerous-man-with-a-gun-225563929Just listened to a video on Facebook made by the darling of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre. He was adamantly claiming the “carnage” in the U.S. would stop if Obama would simply enforce the current U.S. gun laws. (I’m not posting the video itself as I don’t want to give LaPierre any more publicity than necessary.)

President Obama has all the laws he needs to stop the bloodshed now …

Coincidentally, just a few hours before listening to this message, I had typed in Google search: “Gun laws in the U.S.”

Here is what I found on Wikipedia:

Most federal gun laws were enacted through one or more of these acts:[1][2]

Maybe I’m missing something, but does anyone see something in here that confirms LaPierre’s statement that Obama has all the laws he needs?

The laws talk about taxes, interstate trade, interstate commerce, guns that contain less than 3.7 oz. of metal content, gun-free school zones, background checks, and negligence liability related to manufacturers and dealers. The only Federal law that resembles any kind of gun control is the background checks — and we’ve seen the effect they have had.

Please. Someone enlighten me.

I’m aware there have been cases before the Court that addressed the various use of guns (mostly, it seems, related to state laws), but the above are the “Federal Gun Laws.”

It is important to note that state gun laws do vary considerably, and are independent of existing federal firearms laws. They can be broader or more limited in scope than the federal laws.

Also note that the one law that could have made a difference EXPIRED in 2004.


35 thoughts on “LaPierre Says Obama Has All the Gun Laws He Needs

  1. If we have all the gun laws we need, one has to then question whether they are truly being enforced. And if they are not being enforced one has to wonder why they are not being enforced. And then one has to wonder if the influence of the NRA isn’t also behind the scenes to make sure that gun sales continue to soar by making sure heads are turned while laws are being violated. There is also a great deal of laws that vary from state to state. In PA for interest it is illegal to privately sell a gun on craigslist, but as the video you posted in a previous post by the southern gun owner states, that in his state that seems to be allowed. Or perhaps again for some reason the law in those states turn the other way to those kinds of sales for some reason.

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    • Yes, gun laws vary by state — which I personally think is part of the problem. If you check the link I provided, it’s mind-boggling all the different ways the states look at gun ownership and use.

      But what got me is LaPierre makes it sound like the FEDERAL laws (which would be the only ones Obama has any control over) are being ignored. Yet most of these laws (as listed in my post) have little to do with actual gun ownership.

      Someone said on Facebook — and I agree — it’s a cultural issue. And people like Trump aren’t helping matters any by fostering the “us vs. them” atmosphere. We already have enough of that on an international level without encouraging it within our own boundaries.

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  2. Swarn Gill wrote: And then one has to wonder if the influence of the NRA isn’t also behind the scenes to make sure that gun sales continue to soar … I’m sure you’ve heard that gun sales have skyrocketed (AGAIN) since San Bernardino. It would appear LaPierre’s message did just what he hoped it would.

    In my neck of the woods, there was an article in today’s paper that talked about the “State of Jefferson.” It’s a group of counties in No. California that want to form a 51st state and they’re asking So. Oregon counties if they want to join in on the effort. One of the leaders made this comment (and I just sighed in disgust as I read it):

    Is it justice when you can’t control your own property? Is it liberty when they try to take away your Second Amendment rights?

    (emphasis mine)

    Gawd! Sometime I wish we didn’t even have a constitution. Look at what Australia accomplished — and it happened because they didn’t have a “second amendment.”

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  3. That’s right, Swarn Gill… and I learned this last year that one of the ways that existing gun laws go unenforced/underenforced is because of lack of funding. The NRA works to make sure that BATFE funding is kept as low as possible. What matter lots of gun laws, if staffing is so low that there’s little enforcement?

    I’m not anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment. But I am strongly in favor of having common-sense gun laws (including closing existing big loopholes), WITH the necessary funding for robust enforcement. And not just laws, but societal awareness (the “care factor”), without which laws won’t matter either. I believe there’s a lot we could do to reduce deaths from gun violence (similar to how we’ve reduced drunk driving deaths)… without taking away people’s right to bear arms.


      • Good for quail hunting if you’re interested in disintegrating the bird as you shoot it. Also useful along the Texas/Mexican border to keep undocumented Hispanic folks from entering the U S of A. In addition, it’s being studied for use in discouraging Muslims of multiple skin tones from entering the country for any reason. God bless guns and God bless America. 🙂

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