Pray Tell – #2



6 thoughts on “Pray Tell – #2

  1. I don’t know anything about this newspaper, but I thought they were pretty brave to run this headline. . are they known for promoting secular thinking??


  2. Last night on Chris Hayes’ show, All-In (MSNBC), he interviewed Igor Volsky, director of video and contributing editor at This is an excerpt of what he had to say:

    It is good to think and pray. But these folks only want to think and pray. And the NRA only pays them to only think and pray about gun violence and not to do anything else about it. You know they spend some thirty million dollars in the 2014 election independent expenditures, making sure that all certain lawmakers do is think and pray and nothing else. I am all for thinking and for praying and for having these very serious moments where we reflect on what happened, where we remember the victims. But I think the country is ready for action, for actually something to be done, not just the thinking and the praying.

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