Random Thoughts on Current Stuff

Ran across these in blog land (and elsewhere) and thought I’d share:

“rautakyy” asked the following question (slightly edited for clarity and spelling) on violetwisp’s blog:

[W]hat is wrong with people who find it perfectly acceptable that the allegedly all-mighty god can help them find jobs, parking spaces, or even cure their cancer — while at the same time this same entity seems totally unable (or worse, unwilling) to help people in refugee camps, war zones, or in natural catastrophes.

Here’s a couples of messages from “Jesus Christ”:

Something that many people miss or are not aware of …


Me …

It’s simply ridiculous for congress (mostly Republicans) to deny the Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. (or delaying their entry) when there are such strict screening processes. I mean, c’mon. The U.S. Government is the one that put these processes in place to begin with! Don’t these politicians know their own laws? Of course they do, but it’s more than obvious that public opinion rules … as it does in so many cases.

From Zoe’s blog:

I fear for refugees that do get into western countries because when I think of how we have treated one another (Christian to Christian) under the banner of Christian love, I shudder at how they will be treated if and when after years of assimilating most won’t convert to the chosen religion and as a result will still be feared and looked down upon.


8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Current Stuff

  1. I think you need to reconsider your statement “Don’t these politicians know their own laws? Of course they do” I suspect that they are too busy doing “other things” than to have research such things so tey can go to school on them. Rather they blithely move along quite ignorant of what the laws say. These are the people who invented Death Panels and other phantasms of Obamacare.

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    • You’re probably correct, Steve. They leave the “law-reading” to their helpers and just pick up on the parts that matter in any particular circumstance.

      And I do agree with your suspicions about them being too busy doing “other things” (like pleasing their constituents) than to actually do the job that’s expected of them.


  2. “Don’t these politicians know their own laws?” I agree with Steve on this statement. I do not believe many elected officials know the law. Some politicians, or potential politicians, like Donald Trump, are not even aware of what century we’re living in. Others, who push for things like the Bible being their state’s official book, have no clue what separation of church and state even means. So, to suppose that the Republicans who are screaming to ban Syrian refugees from coming into the country are aware of our country’s screening process for foreign refugees is to give them FAR more credit than they deserve, or have earned. I, personally, only give them credit for being very wealthy (because they inherited it from mom and dad), arrogant, self-righteous, greedy bastards who want America for themselves and no one else.

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  3. I waffle all the time about whether politicians know these things and intentionally lie, but I think in the end it doesn’t matter. There are a ridiculous amounts of laws and I don’t expect every candidate for president to know everyone of them. What I do expect however is for them to say, “Hey I don’t know the answer to this, so before I speak about it, I should learn about it. I have this entire staff to look the answer up and brief me on it. This way I can make an informed decision on this issue”. I know, I’m such a dreamer. lol But my point is that whether these educated people are intentionally lying or not, makes no difference in regards to them acting immorally. To me it is just as bad to intentionally mislead people as it is to mislead people out of ignorance when the answers are obtainable.

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