“It’s days like this … “

Starbucks Red Holiday Cups

“I might be a Christian, but it’s days like this I pray to be Atheist. I wish my people had the empathy, intelligence and levelheadedness of most non-believers I know. The world would be a much happier and peaceful place — matter of fact, if those of us who believe in Christ acted more like those who don’t, it would almost create Heaven on Earth. (ok, that might be a stretch… but it sure would be something to behold)

You see the thing about most Atheists is, they see this as their one and only shot. (espresso pun intended) It’s something about this ideology that creates a mindset to live a life, which those of us looking in, appears more Christlike than those of us that are just doing the least we can get away with down here. Yet still make it through those pearly gates.

We deny science, we are destroying this planet, we mock what we do not understand, we as a religion are the creators of war and famine, we stand over everyone else and shame them for their disbelief or different belief, and we are never HERE… we are not living in the “right now.” We are always thinking “when will we finally get out of this place?” The “rapture” and “afterlife” failsafes are not serving us.

It’s like your high school teacher telling the class, “don’t worry if you almost fail the midterm, just make sure you get a passing “D” and I’ll give you an “A” on the final even if you skip school on the last day of class.” I swear to God it baffles me that I am even a Christian. But I am, I can’t explain it, and I don’t feel the need to. But I am also grateful I have a brain that allows for critical thinking… one that says “this might be it.” So take a note from the Atheists’ playbook and live your life like it is. Isn’t that what Christ would ask of us anyway?

Or would he be pissed at the red cups at Starbucks?

– k. neven, senior staff writer for American News X



17 thoughts on ““It’s days like this … “

  1. I don’t think christ would be pissed at the red cups. He’s dead. If he ever lived.
    As far as this guy’s rant about christian stupidity, ignorance and unintelligent rantings about paper cups diminishing the message of christ? One only need look into the paper pages of the bible itself.


  2. It has always puzzled me why the religious fundamentalists seem so against climate science and global warming warnings. But the fact that they are so adamant about denying that is perhaps just further proof that they place dogma and world view above reality.

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