A Message for Gun Owners


9 thoughts on “A Message for Gun Owners

  1. My idea builds from this one. If we can’t get “we the people” to do this, let’s work on the cops.

    Every firearm has a registration number engraved on it. So once a gun related murder or criminal wounding takes place, take the gun, read off the registration number, and work back to who originally legally owned the weapon.

    Then figure out if it was stolen, or if sold, who it was sold to until you get it into the hands of the murderer.

    Take that data and figure out exactly how these weapons are getting into the hands of the murderers.

    Then try and fill in the holes one by one. Band if the NRA has a problem with that, screw them sideways.


    • Might work if the gun is in the hands of the wrong person. But many times (as in the Oregon shooting), the gun actually belongs to the person using it.


      • As the gentleman in the video says @we have to do something”. Even if it doesn’t change the world, it would be a start and in a way that wouldn’t freak out the NRA folks too badly. Would be good to use the registration numbers on guns for something. Right now they’re just keeping tool and die workers in business. 😀

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  2. One of the inaccuracies in the video (I don’t know how old it is) is that it was in 2010 where SCOTUS just did away with needing militias to own weapons. As it is, people have a right to own firearms. The only reason why felons can be discriminated against is because felons lose certain rights upon conviction or pleading guilty or no contest to felony charges. The mentally ill can be discriminated against because nobody cares about them.

    That said, I think the main thrust of his point that loopholes in background checks and reporting possession/loss/theft of firearms needs fixing is quite doable if the voters actually do something about it. This would require, though, keeping onto one’s representatives in Congress about the matter rather than just when casualties hit the news. I don’t know if that’s going to happen in today’s day and age of getting miffed and then whisked along to the next manufactured outrage.


  3. Thank you, thank you very very much for this post. I know that you will get some bad feed back on it, and I am sorry. However as a person who was required by my job to carry for years, and had to have my duty weapon at home and a private one also, I know the training he spoke of. It was constant. We had to prove our knowledge of the laws, we had to prove our skills, and we had to show our judgement. Yearly we tested on the range for hours, and if you screwed up, it stopped your work right then, they took it seriously. Today I get the feeling they do not. Thank you for helping an old man remember when those of us charged with “to protect and serve” really did. Hugs

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