5 Tired Religious Arguments

From time to time, I come across articles that I like to share with my blog followers. This is one of them.

5 Arguments Religious People Should Quit Using

The author makes this statement:

As society continues to change at a pace that can often be scary for some people, conflicts will often arise over questions of religion and its place in our secular culture. After observing many of these debates online and in person over the past few years, here are five common arguments that some people of faith often use that really don’t work. They’re not convincing, and don’t appear reasonable to anyone who doesn’t embrace the same ideas about spiritual matters.

(emphasis mine)

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7 thoughts on “5 Tired Religious Arguments

  1. The moral argument irks me so bad because those who advance it never use any statistical evidence to prove they are correct. Or they will name atheist totalitarian leaders of the last century and forget that the Nazis and Hitler were fairly religious, and that pretty much every brutal world power pre-20th century was religious.

    Aside from the glaring holes in the argument, it is the horrible stereotyping that makes my blood boil. Don’t insinuate that we are more dangerous. And if you have the guts t do that, back it up with some decent evidence.

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  2. Pascal’s wager annoys the hell out of me. Because this is what is really happening:

    I assert an idea (one about God, heaven and hell)

    I have no proof for this idea

    Because this particular idea involves eternal damnation you are safer believing this idea is true.

    This implies that anybody who puts an idea forth no matter the evidence, we are better off believing that idea is true if the consequences are negative. That’s a hell of a bad way to uncover knowledge about the universe.

    I would also like to say that if the believer is wrong than they have just wasted a hell of a lot of time on this earth belittling people for not believing what they do and proselytizing when they could have been out there making the world a better place and shut the hell up!

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