To Evangelical Parents of an Atheist Child

I don’t know about anyone else, but I picked up on a lot of “hidden messages” in this.

Life After 40

father-sonWhat do you do when your child tells you they’ve stopped believing in God?

As a father of five, I want to empathize with you if you’ve recently learned your son or daughter has declared that they are no longer a Christian; or even worse, that they are now an atheist. It’s a devastating feeling.

I’ve been there too. In 2007, my oldest son told us that he was now an atheist. It was gut wrenching. How could such a thing happen!?! We were there when he prayed to receive Christ! We took him to Bible drills and witnessed his baptism with tears in our eyes! He had Christian friends that he fellow-shipped with. But now he’s an atheist!?!?!?

Do you relate to those feelings? If so, I understand. At first, you don’t even want to believe it could be true. I remember wanting to deny it for a while.

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3 thoughts on “To Evangelical Parents of an Atheist Child

  1. It’s interesting that the best defense as a christian parent is NOT to use the Bible or Church or even prayer.


  2. Oh hey, I meant to ask that when you said “…I picked up on a lot of “hidden messages” in this. ”
    What did you see? I was just curious.


    • I doubt the writer actually intended it this way since from all indications he’s a christian but, to me, much of what he wrote sounded like it came from a non-believer. I mean, how many christian parents in this position are actually going to follow some of these suggestions?

      Examples: Don’t tell them to read the bible, pray more, attend more/all church services, or threaten them with the consequences of leaving the faith. I would daresay that in most cases, these are the exact things a believing parent would do.

      Also, how many devoted, Jesus-following parents would be willing to follow the suggestions he makes under “What can you do?”

      Naturally, I think the offered suggestions are spot-on, but it left me wondering …

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