Life … and Death

This is an excerpt of a comment I made on another blog. I felt it needed repeating here.

I think the primary reason behind why nearly every Christian believes in God/Jesus is because it’s just too difficult for some people to live in this world on their own. Rather than rely on their own natural-born source of power, they must turn to an invisible “supernatural” being to help them handle life.

The thing is … this “being” is really all in their mind. And if they could/would just recognize and accept that, they might discover the pure joy of living and being part of this magnificent universe … no strings attached.

In addition to those who are unable to face life on their own, many find death even more fearful and must seek solace in an imaginary afterlife.

Certainly, none of us know what’s happens at life’s end, but why does it matter? Why is it so difficult to accept that this is the only life we have? We didn’t know anything before we were born … why must it be different when we die?


13 thoughts on “Life … and Death

  1. Though I run the risk of ruffling the panties of theists who arrogantly claim all atheists group together like chocolate bunny eating christians at Easter time, I must say, well said and good post, Nan. Now, I’m off to the store to get my ham, lamb cake and christian infant stew to celebrate with other atheists in my building. By the way, not only do all atheists cling together like fundie christians on a gay hating binge, we also all look alike. Sucks, but true. $Amen$

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  2. While I can understand why some might find an eternal after life appealing – If I knew there would be Boddingtons Beer , Jimi Hendrix and my family I might consider it as well – but why oh why must these poor ”souls” be ”crucified before hand? Why do they have to abase themselves with the whole sin package?
    Of what possible benefit is this to anyone?


  3. Nan, something ocurred to me, which I would like to comment, related to your observation:

    …’s just too difficult for some people to live in this world on their own…..

    In my very very Catholic environment, I notice that they are willingly leaving everything in the hands of the Lord. It doesn’t seem a problem, on the contrary, they are happy to do so, and even proud of it (and they let me know that God also cares for me, how could I otherwise be healthy and content?). Personal efforts are appreciated but they always remind themselves (and others!) that all endeavors are only possible with the help of the Almighty. They are sorry for my lack of trust and faith, and they do not stop praying for my conversion. The day will come, don’t you worry… they wink to one another. – Like the stories that tell of atheists whoy pray to God in the last minutes on their deathbeds.-


    • Notice I said nearly every Christian.

      In many ways I can understand their thinking since the Catholic faith has probably been part of their life for many, many years and they find great comfort in it. But there are many others who actually “need” their faith to get through life … and to face death. And I find that sad.

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  4. This post made me realize there is a lot Christians could learn from Atheists. No, not the part you want us to. But the part where you appreciate what time you have here instead of wasting it all waiting for “someday.”

    Now if you will excuse me, I have to go put Ark on my church’s prayer list.:)

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  5. I have often said that religion is a security blanket for those who are afraid of the dark.

    This post sums up my feelings. No need to fear the dark people. Live to your fullest, appreciating every day you get. Let the deluded fools cringe in the corner with their blankies.

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