Who Really Deserved the Thanks?

“Thank you, God! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Oh, thank you, thank you God. Glory be!”

And on and on and on.

This was the reaction of the mother of the victim in the recent cop shooting as she met the guy who took the video. Not once (at least as shown in the news clip) did she thank the individual. All she did was utter a steady stream of praise to you-know-who.

I wanted to scream — it wasn’t some invisible entity than held the camera! It was the real live person standing in front of you!


9 thoughts on “Who Really Deserved the Thanks?

  1. God is quite the bastard for not having each of us born with a camera to film the crimes he allows to happen cause he’s too friggin’ lazy to stop them in the first place. I also guess that god dislikes the victims of crimes where he doesn’t have someone with a camera film them. Strange fellow, this omnipotent, all-knowing fellow. Glad he isn’t real, cause these actions are those of an adolescent son of a bitch, and who’d want an adolescent son of a bitch as their “real” god?


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