TV Special About Atheists

Did anyone watch the CNN Special last night — “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers”? I did and my considered opinion of it was “What a bunch of crock!”

Firstly, the interviewer was, at least to me, a believer. Her questions might have been legit, but it was often the tone in which she asked them that gave it away — at least to me.

And the time spent with the family of the first atheist. Awwww. Poor Christian family who has a son that identifies with atheism. What really galled me was their comment about how they feel they’re talking with a “dead person” when discussing his non-belief.

And the preacher-turned-atheist who still “holds church” (albeit an atheist church) made me think the guy really has an ego problem. He apparently loved the attention and adoration when he was preaching the Christian message so now he’s hoping for the same from his little group of non-believers. (Did anyone notice the collection plate?)

I was hoping for a more serious discussion of WHY people have turned to atheism, but all I got was a bunch of people who claim the title … along with a bunch of fluff.

This is not to say there weren’t a few good parts. But overall, I found it sorely lacking.

Maybe because I’m biased?

Patheos talks about it here. As the author said: “I’d love to say this was a comprehensive look at atheism, but it didn’t even come close to that.”

Your thoughts?


14 thoughts on “TV Special About Atheists

  1. Haven’t seen it, but I’ll check it out. Here’s a quote that stands out to me: “What really galled me was their comment about how they feel they’re talking with a “dead person” when discussing his non-belief.” My response would be that it’s better to talk to a corpse than idiots who believe in invisible boogey men and follow writings in a bronze age book every day just so that they can feel superior to other humans. I’m disappointed in CNN for not presenting a better more rounded view on who unbelievers are and why they are not believers. I’ll check it out, if I can find it. Thanks for making me aware of it.

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    • You know, this just seems like it fits in with the recent obsession with Bible-related stuff. NBC has a show starting soon, “A.D.: the Bible Continues,” and NatGeo is doing a “Killing Jesus” mini-series. Plus the other recent shows. It’s disappointing.

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      • I agree. The shows you mentioned are being presented as if they’re historical re-enactments of events that truly happened. In fact, they are totally fictitious programs illustrating the christian myth. There’s no balance. Stations fear christians protesting them, I suppose, if they were to present a few programs illustrating that not everyone believes in christian fairy tales.

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    • I’m disappointed as well.

      I feel certain many Christians felt the whole program was in bad taste — yet as you (and someone in the documentary) pointed out, several of the networks show in-depth Christian-oriented programs during Easter and C’mas. But of course … that’s different.

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  2. …..What really galled me was their comment about how they feel they’re talking with a “dead person” when discussing his non-belief…..
    It had the sameimpact on me, Nan. But what I find really incredible (no pun intended) is the father’s unprejudiced explanation: “It doesn’t matter what we think, the Scripture says so”.
    Is this man is the author of the Scripture, the boy’s biological father, or just an actor?


    • Believers reveal time and again how they have lost all thinking and reasoning abilities once they become Christians. To them, there is nothing that carries more credibility than their holy book. To this family, their son became a non-person once he left the faith. So sad.


  3. I didn’t see it, but have heard about it. I’m too lazy to check it out, and I trust you are correct in your appraisal of it. I don’t think we’ll be given a fair shake in the media anytime soon.

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