What’s Your Answer?

blue_questionIn a post written by Neil Carter at Godless in Dixie, he asks  …

Why is it bad for [non-believers] to say the universe “just is,” and wasn’t made by a person, but it’s fine for [Christians] to say there is a Giant Invisible Person who “just is,” and wasn’t made by anything or anyone?


13 thoughts on “What’s Your Answer?

  1. We live in a world of causality, so for me everything has to have an external cause. Of course, human nature being what it is, everyone has a different opinion. That said, who cares about the opinions of those who believe in a Giant Invisible Person?


  2. Excellent question. I like the part about the goal posts moving all over, that is so right on! Ironically, the answer is actually in the Bible! But no one who would need to be asked such a question would probably ever be able to find it. I love it!


  3. This is a rather old question. It would be better phrased as “…there is a Giant Invisible Person who “just is,” and wasn’t made by anything or anyone … who created the universe.” The comparison is between a universe that just is and a “god” who created it.


  4. Oh my god that logic is perfect! “There is no possible way the universe magically appeared one day, however a huge invisible guy who can make things magically appear is totally logical.” Actually, that logic is freaking insane. I sympathise with Christians, but not their logic.


        • Fireballneko, If you visit my blog very often, you’ll find Arch pulls no punches in his comments. They can (and probably will in some cases) rile you up but he, along with others who visit my blog, have strong (and often emotional) feelings about the damage that christianity does to its followers.

          ARCH — no, I hadn’t seen that particular article. A quick scan, however, tells me that the writer and I are in total agreement. 😉 If only believers were more open to learning the truth about Paul …


        • I don’t think Fireballneko and I have any problems, Nan, but thanks for trying to be the peacemaker – that role promises you’ll be a child of god (never said which one).

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