You’re Never Going to Believe This — And Then Again You Might


23 thoughts on “You’re Never Going to Believe This — And Then Again You Might

  1. OMg, I am dying laughing. Was on their website. Decided to have a browse.

    Under their “News” page it reads:

    Sadly, our church has closed it’s doors. Its been an honor and and a privilige to bring Christs’ message to the West Dubuque community for all these years.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you always, dear friends.

    Under the “Leadership” page it reads:

    Coming Soon…


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  2. The comments are atrocious.

    “Get over yourself black people, you made the word sound [‘]cool[,’] so deal with the consequences.”

    I mean. I just don’t know what to say to that. Part of me thinks that maybe Facebook is becoming the repository for stupid on the Internet.

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  3. I actually think this was awesome. It’s fundies who would hate on it. I think their humor and comedic timing were spot on. And I don’t think they were going to save anyone this way. But I do kinda wish I could have visited that church…

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  4. I definitely lolwtf’ed (& ehrmagerd), but hate to think that the creator is scamming us with it. (Victoria’s links seem strongly suggestive, though not quite conclusive.) Seriously, creators should just be honest about satire/parody! I think this could still have gone viral.

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