Of Gods and Myths

It’s hard to argue with this reasoning.

A Humanist's perspective

The discussion of deities addresses matters which are seemingly beyond human comprehension. Such discussions are communicated and related in terms of concepts and symbols as narrated in that which is known as the myth.

The myth itself has typically been culture based, hence there are a variety of concepts and symbols systematically depicted in such cultural narrative. The gods then have naturally been relative to any given specific culture, and the symbols so utilized would consequently reflect the values and everyday concerns of the people of each such society.

And so mythical tales have historically given people connection to matters seemingly beyond the grasp of comprehension, and have furthermore given people a sense of control where they otherwise feel somewhat helpless and hopeless.  The daily struggle to survive, ongoing battles between good and evil, the dread of bodily decay and death are among the primary concerns which relate to all…

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2 thoughts on “Of Gods and Myths

  1. Thank you for sharing this. While my own religion has Creation myths and others, they were designed and written as metaphors never to be taken literally. I guess because of that, when I see so many people taking old primitive myths as if they were real, literally true statements of how things were or are, I guess I just get outraged. Oh well. Thanks again!


  2. You’re welcome. It’s lengthy and he has a fairly verbose way of writing, but I felt the message was spot-on.

    And yes … I agree. It is rather outrageous. 😉


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