Taking A Break


Not that anyone is all that interested … but I’m taking a short break from the blogosphere.

As evidenced by most of my posts, religion is my favorite subject — and pretty much every blog I follow encompasses this topic as well. But lately, it seems everyone is saying the same thing over and over again … just in different ways. Even me.

It’s gotten to the point it almost feels like work (Thor forbid!) to write postings … or even to check in on my favorite blogs. So before I experience burnout, I’m taking a short vacation and pretty much going into silent mode.

My curiosity probably won’t allow me to completely stop visiting and/or commenting on the blogs I follow, but you’ll most likely only see the “Star Stuff” avatar on an occasional basis.

I WILL be back — hopefully refreshed and ready to fight the good fight against the shackles of religious superstition — so don’t drop me from your “follow” list.

P.S. I’ll probably even have a new theme when I return!


23 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. Yes, I totally get that. That’s probably why I only post once or twice a month – I only feel inspired to write when I have something to say that isn’t already being said a dozen times on other blogs. (And then I usually take a long time on each post!) So take all the break you need.

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  2. …lately, it seems everyone is saying the same thing over and over” – I suppose you could change it around and write about flowers, or bugs, or cakes – THAT oughta keep everyone awake! (he said sarcastically)

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  3. I can relate, I haven’t been in the blogging mode in a while. Things just haven’t been hitting me with the strong feeling to write anything up for it. I was tossing around the very idea of posting something along the lines of what you just did here.

    …heck I didn’t even have the gumption to do that.

    I will get going again soon I am sure. I am sure it will sneak up on you too. 🙂

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  4. Hope you won’t be gone for long! I can understand. I’ve been pulling back a little, and taking time to focus on other things.

    I am also trying to make a shift away from discussing religion. In fact, odds are you won’t see whole articles based around religion anymore unless I really feel it’s relevant. I have not been an atheist for very long, but I recognize that my focus is turning to positive humanism and philosophy. I want to drop the topic of religion so I can free myself up to pursue my dream, which is becoming a leader in the humanist movement, either by starting a humanist community or joining one. Or if none of that works I may just be an author. But either way it requires a new, positive approach.

    In fact, I’ve been planning on buying your book on Google Play (I’ve got it in my wish list). But I only have hesitated because I made a commitment to stop studying religion and read other topics.

    Love you Nan!

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  5. Beautiful dog. Great idea to take a break. I like to write silly stuff about a lot of different things. Otherwise, the ole religion thing gets quite tiresome. If I ain’t makin’ folks smile, then I’ve gotten too serious. I think I missed this post originally. I’ve unfollowed and refollowed you now, so that should be fixed. 🙂


  6. @Jeff,

    I thought the image fit perfectly with my posting. And since you’ve commented before about dogs, I just knew you would appreciate it. 😉

    Your silly posts definitely make me laugh … and you’re right. Us non-believers do get a bit hung up on the “religion thing.” Thanks for providing the comic relief.

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